5 Best Dehumidifiers For Under £100

Best Dehumidifiers Under £100Buying a dehumidifier does not have to break the bank. Cheaper dehumidifiers can still be quality products with some great features.

Granted these dehumidifiers won’t treat a whole house but if you want to dehumidify a room or other smaller space such as a car then these units will do the job no problem.

The key to perfect efficiency, in both extraction and running costs, is to use the correct sized dehumidifier for the job.

We have personally tested a few of these units and we will indicate where we have done so.

Loads of Features Which You Will Love Home Treats Portable Dehumidifier Control Panel Mould Damp Condensation

1. Home Treats 12L Portable Dehumidifier

We were kindly send a Home Treats 12L Portable dehumidifier for review and were very impressed with the unit.

For a unit that costs less than £100 there are a number of great features on this dehumidifier. The features include a 24 hour timer, continuous drainage, a LED display which shows the rooms humidity level and castor wheels.

This dehumidifier rates 4.8/5 stars on Amazon from 15 reviews and those high ratings should continue as this is a very impressive dehumidifier for the price.

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A Super Energy-Efficient Automated Dehumidifier futura 2L compact portable mini dehumidifier byemould best buy under £100 reviewAvailable At a Bargain Price

2. Futura 2L Compact and Portable Dehumidifier

This is a great little unit although the heading on Amazon is a little wrong. Typically you would expect a 2L dehumidifier to extract 2 litres of water per day however in the case of the Futura the 2L describes the size of the water tank not the extraction rate which is 600ml per day..

The heading misguide aside this unit is definitely superior to other mini dehumidifiers such as the AirPro, Dihl and ProBreeze units which are basically the same unit rebranded with a few minor alterations.

Check out these features; automatic pre-set humidy stat, 3 timer settings, manual humidity mode and best of all it only uses 90 watts of power.

This unit is much smaller than the Home Treats dehumidifier mentioned above so it should only be used in very small areas.

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Ideal For Getting Rid Of Moisture In Your Car! car home moisture absorber review byemould best under £100 dehumidifier

3. 2 x 1kg Large Car and Home Moisture Absorber

The advantage of this moisture absorber is that there are 2 in a pack. This means that you can place one moisture absorber in the front of your car and the other in the back.

These moisture absorbers absorb up to 80% of its own weight and are regenerated simply by placing them in a microwave for a few minutes.

Seal Products claim that this unit is a ‘dynamic moisture eliminator’ and they also supply a bag for storage when the units are not in use. When the moisture absorbers need recharging you will simply see the colour change in a window on the unit.

This is one of the best sellers on the market so you are in good company if you buy it.

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A Great Dehumidifier Brand Name! ecoair essential 12l dehumidifier review byemould best uk 2017

4. EcoAir Essential Compact 12L Dehumidifier

EcoAir dehumidifiers are very popular especially the larger DD122FW Simple model.

The EcoAir Essential is a smaller EcoAir dehumidifier but it still boasts some incredible features for the price.

These features include Smart Mode, Laundry Mode, castor wheels, continuous drainage and many more.

On Amazon this unit rates 4.4/5 from 17 reviews and we are sure that the EcoAir Essential wil lbe a top-selling dehumidifier for the EcoAir brand.

Warranty is 2 years and because it’s EcoAir you can buy with confidence.

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Ideal For Hay Fever and Asthma Sufferers (as well as pet owners) home treats 12l dehumidifier ioniser byemould review best under £100

5. Home Treats 12L Dehumidifier with Ioniser

There are so many good things to say about this dehumidifier that we really should have started this list with it!

Home Treats send us a sample 12L dehumidifier for review and we were really pleased with it. There are loads of features such as an oversized LED display screen which is ideal for older people, a timer, a continuous drainage feature and many more.

However this is the first time that we have seen an ioniser on a dehumidifier for under £100. Basically an ioniser adds negative ions to the air and these ions bring down positive ions which makes breathing easier for people who suffer from hay fever and asthma etc.

Note that this dehumidifier will not cure problems such as hay fever or asthma but it can ease the symptoms somewhat. Ideally an ioniser should be combined with an anti-bacterial filter but you would need to pay an extra £60-£70 for that option.

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5 Best Dehumidifiers For Under £100

Home Treats Portable Dehumidifier Control PanelThis short guide should make it much easier for you to select a dehumidifier for under £100.

It is interesting to note that all of the dehumidifiers, barring the moisture absorber and the Futura mini dehumidifier, are all compressor models.

When buying dehumidifiers you can choose between desiccant type dehumidifiers and compressor dehumidifiers. Compressor dehumidifiers contain a compressor part sort of like a fridge. This compressor part makes compressor dehumidifiers heavier and more noisier to operate than desiccant dehmuidifiers.

The other thing that you should know about compressor dehumidifiers is that they are typically tested in a climate of 30°C and 80% humidity. Obviously in the UK we can only dream about such weather (hence Spain being a popular holiday destination)!! Therefore your actual extraction rate will probably fall short of the stated extraction.

For example the 12 litre dehumidifiers mentioned above will probably extract around 4-5 litres per day depending on how wet your environments is and how your house is build etc.

Having said all of that you should know that there is nothing wrong with using a compressor dehumidifier. You can look up many reviews of compressor dehumidifiers on Amazon and many people will be singing their praises.

In conclusion we should reiterate that you should match your dehumidifier to the size of the area to be treated. For example the Futura 2L mini dehumidifier should be ok operating in a box room with light moisture problems whereas the HomeTreats and the EcoAir dehumidifiers will easily tackle damp problems in a regular sized room.


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