5 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs an Air Purifier

According to the United States EPA, the air inside your house is 2-5 times more saturated with pollutants. If you imagine which part of your home is the primary source for the contaminants like smoke, bad smell, rotten bio elements, the answer would be the kitchen. Most of the American kitchens are full of Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, CFC, and other hazardous Particulate matters. All these elements are well capable of putting cancer, asthma, and so many other chronic health issues.

Besides ensuring proper ventilation, the best way to fight the pollutants is to get an air Purifier for Kitchen. I’ll talk about the reasons why you should consider getting a good air purifier for your kitchen. Stick to the article to know the things that are happening to your body because of the pollutants and how an air purifier can keep you safe:

Reasons why your kitchen needs an air purifier

Getting an air purifier for your home, especially for the air in your kitchen is must-have equipment for your home. Here are the reasons why I strongly suggest you get an air Purifier for Kitchen:

1.   Neutralizing the food’s odor

The kitchen is the place where all your food and eatable products get stored and stay for a long time. When you keep food for a day-long after cooking it in the morning, the smell isn’t as pleasant as it was at the beginning. The scent spreads around, and all the furniture and clothes may get the smell of the food. They keep the odor of the food, so it is harmful to health and not as pleasant for the respiratory system either. An air purifier will effectively suck the smell in and keep your kitchen fresh and clean all the time.

2.   Making the environment healthy

The fridge in your kitchen has a significant role in producing pollutant agents like chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), which are hazardous. Whenever you open up your refrigerator, it may smell terrible because of the bacteria in the frozen food. Its odor and the pollutants spread around the environment of the kitchen every time. Furthermore, the bin in the kitchen is another significant source for bacteria, smell, and other pollutants. If you have an air purifier in the kitchen, it will suck in all the pollutants inside and produce a healthier environment. However, try to get a purifier with a smart pollutant and odor detector that triggers a boost.

3.   Stay safe from the smoke

The smoke is the most hazardous element that you have to produce in your home every time you cook. When you cook in the kitchen with an air purifier on, it will keep sucking in the smoke and won’t let it spread around. The smoke from your kitchen is a significant source for the pollutant that causes respiratory diseases. Air purifiers come with activated carbon filters in them, which is dedicated to reducing the smoke from your home. It doesn’t only work for the smoke in your kitchen; it also works excellent for smoke from a cigarette and other sources. If you get an air purifier with an activated carbon filter, you’re safe from more than 4,000 hazardous chemical compounds.

4.   Relieve from respiratory problems

As I mentioned earlier, the air inside the house is more polluted than the air outside because of various sources. PM2.5 is one of the most hazardous elements found inside a home that causes severe respiratory problems. Almost 4 million people die because of respiratory problems like asthma, allergies, and other lung diseases. Your kitchen can be a significant source for these pollutants that you must eliminate before they strike your family members with such problems. It won’t just keep them out of the contaminants, but also provide them fresh air to breath in. For this particular reason, you should get a purifier with a smart schedule system to start and shut down on its own.

5.   Producing clean air for kids and elderly

If you have an elderly family member or a kid who has respiratory problems, getting an air purifier is a must for you. Kids and elderlies don’t have as much antibody as you may have; they are prone to all the pollutants in the house. With an air purifier in your home, you can keep them safe from heavy air pollutants like carbon dioxide, PM2.5. These are the main reasons why your kid or your granny may get ill often. Their lungs aren’t healthy enough to ignore the pollutants, so you have to make sure they are breathing in a fresh environment.


Here are the most commonly asked questions about air purifiers that you should know about:

Where should I place my air purifier?

You should place it 2-3 feet away from the walls and 6-7 feet away from your body.

Can I sleep with the air purifier turned on?

Yes, with the smart filtering features of the air purifiers, you can sleep and inhale fresh air.

Is it OK to leave the air purifier turned on all night?

With a schedule setting and putting it in a safe place, you can leave it turned on overnight.

Do air purifiers kill germs?

Air purifiers come with HEPA filters that kill and filter the microbes and germs in the air.

Do air purifiers make the air dry?

No, air purifiers don’t dry the air; all it does is cleaning the harmful components from it.

Bottom line

Getting rid of the pollutants isn’t a piece of cake as you’re regularly cooking in the room, producing them continuously. You’re constantly getting exposed to the contaminants frequently to develop the deadly diseases in your body, and that’s suicide. If you seriously consider your family member’s health issues and get an air Purifier for Kitchen, it can help you big time.

Furthermore, the air purifier also will work for the rest of your house, filtering the pollutants and producing the best air quality for you. However, whenever you’re planning to get your purifier, make sure you have all the features you need. Not all the purifiers come with all the filtration technologies such as true HEPA, activated carbon filter, and others. Make sure the filter has proper certifications and clearances from the relevant agencies.

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