Prem-I-Air 2.5kw eh1364 oil filled radiator cold damp mould winter

Editors Choice: The Prem-I-Air 2.5kW EH1364

Fancy a bit of heat? You’re in the right place!

With the coldest winter in 50 years looming just ahead why not get prepared by getting some choice heating solutions.

The Dimplex FX20V Wall Mounted Heater is small, effecient, low cost and will keep your bottom nice and warm after having a shower in winter!

Having reviewed many dehumidifiers we are, of course, very familiar with many radiator brands such as Prem-I-Air, De’Longhi and Dimplex.

The best radiators contain the same energy saving features as top dehumidifiers. These features include temperature sensors as well as timers.

The Best Radiators and Heaters

Editors Choice: Prem-I-Air 2.5kW EH1364

ImageNameIdeal ForMore Info

Dimplex FX20VWarm Bathroom in Winter!More Info

De'Longhi Vento V550715Smaller RoomsMore Info

De'Longhi Bambino TRN0505MSmaller RoomsMore Info

Dimplex Cadiz EcoSmall/Medium RoomMore Info

De'Longhi Dragon-4 TRD4 1025TLarger RoomsMore Info

Prem-I-Air 2.5kW EH1364Larger RoomsMore Info

Oil filled radiators can be used in isolation to heat up a room or they can boost your existing heating system.

I personally have the Dimplex FX20V wall mounted heater in my bathroom and I love it! Simply turn it on when going into the shower and the cold disappears. In fact this heater works so well that if you have a prolonged shower you have to turn the heater off otherwise the bathroom will get too hot!

Our star pick is the Prem-I-Air 2.5kW Eh1364 oil filled radiator has the unit contains great features that are very energy efficient. This of course means lower electricity bills which is what everybody wants.

Oil filled radiators are also handy heating units for landlords and tenants to boost the existing heating system in cold winters. For landlords heaters will be tax deductable so it would be worthwhile to spend a little extra money to buy a heater with a recognised brand name and which contains some choice features to keep the tenants electricity bills down.