8 air purifying tips for cleaner air in your home

The air inside your house is 2 to 5 times more saturated with pollutants that can lead you to a massive health problem. Your kitchen produces heat, gas, smoke, and allergens; the trapped dead cockroach or mice also has its role in making you sick. The worst part is, you cannot push them all out of the house if you want to because the air is not circulating like the outside. You must take action to keep the air inside clean, especially if you have kids and elderly in the house. You must ensure good air circulation inside the house, and a cheap air purifier under 100 can boost that process. Stick to the article to know how you can keep the air inside your house by purifying it mechanically and naturally.

8 air purifying tips for cleaner air in your home

The toxic gasses found in your daily household items like shampoos, glues, shaving cream, and paint are enough to develop cancer. Here are the tips that will come in handy if you’re up to achieving a clean environment inside your house:

1. Know the toxins in your house

You must know what kind of toxicity you’re living within your house to fight against them effectively. Carbon monoxide is a widely found toxic gas that your kitchen and your garage are producing in a great amount. Ammonia is another toxic element that your sofa, cleaners, dyes, and other textile materials produce.

Benzene, Acetone, Trichloroethylene, and other Volatile components pollute your house from paints, nail polish remover, cleaners, and electronics. You’re not even safe from the floor of your house as the floorboards and other particle boards produce formaldehyde! Apart from these materials, the airborne bacteria and the mold spores in the narrow spaces cause pollution.

2. Increase the ventilation

As you now know, there are too many things in your house to make you fall seak; the first step is to increase ventilation. You cannot live without the things I’ve mentioned in the house, and they won’t stop the emission of the pollutants. The best way to prevent your house from polluting the air is to push the pollutants out of the house. If you have good air circulation in the house, new air can come inside and push the polluted air to go away. You must have windows in your house in a planned manner where a window can take in the air, and the other one exhausts. If you do that, the pollutant inside your home won’t stay inside and pollute the air.

3. Have houseplants

Some of the houseplants are very good at absorbing carbon dioxide in your house. Toxic gases and particles like formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, CO2, and others are available every moment. Peace lily, Broadleaf lady palm, Bamboo palm, Barberton daisy, English ivy, Devil’s ivy, spider plant, and other plants are very well-known for their contribution as houseplants. However, make sure you’re studying the plant’s behavior and how you should take care of them.

4. Activated charcoal

One of the best natural air purifiers is activated charcoal, as it can effectively reduce carbon emissions. It can be a great way to fight the carbon dioxide in your house without any high cost. The charcoal doesn’t cost much, and they don’t have any sort of odor, smell, or anything that may bother. A handy way or a good alternative to having charcoal is using bamboo charcoal as well. They also work just fine at keeping the carbon dioxide level to the lowest in your house and make the environment better.

5. Use an air purifier

Using an air purifier can be a great addition to your house environment safety as it works for all pollutants. Even a cheap air purifier can get you a great service, especially if you have less air circulation. They will come with multiple layers of filters, such as HEPA, activated charcoal, UV ray filter, etc. The fan inside the machine will suck the air in, and these filters will filter the air as it comes through. Be sure to get an air purifier under 100 to ensure the closed room has good air circulation.

6. Use Beeswax candle, essential oil lamp

Beeswax candle a popular natural air purifier, especially in reducing the emission of allergens and removing dust from the air. If you love using scented candles, stop using them; they come with paraffin as they are petroleum-derived, and release benzene. Essential oil is also a great element that works as an antibacterial agent you can use. While cleaning your house, mix in an essential oil like tree oil to make a solution and to wipe the appliances.

7. Clean with non-toxic chemicals

Keeping your house clean will help you stay out of most of the big pollutant sources in your house. Get rid of the mold spores and the dead fly or rotten fruit trapped in the narrow spaces, especially in the kitchen. Make sure you’re using non-toxic chemicals to do the cleaning job because toxic chemicals also themselves pollute the air. Never use toxic sprays to kill the flies and bacteria in the narrow spades; rather, keep the place dry and clean.

8. Pets and shoes

Pets are one of the most common sources where the allergens come into your house. Never leave your pets ungroomed for long; groom them properly and regularly. Pet dander and hair can be dangerous, especially if you have asthma or any other respiratory disease. Another great way to have pollution is the shoes that you wear outside the home. Never take your outside shoes inside the house, or you may end up bringing severe problems.

Final words

Keeping the air inside your home is very important as you and your family members spend most of the day inside. Know the sources causing the air pollution inside your house and eliminate them as soon as possible. Air out the new furniture before you take it in, plant good plants inside that can absorb the pollutants. Get a cheap air purifier under 100 to boost the purification process and give your family a better environment to breathe in.

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