3 Best Car Dehumidifiers For Under £15


Condensation is always a problem for fogged up car windscreens in winter time……but not any more!

In this article we show you the 3 Best car dehumidifiers for under £15 that we could find to help you maintain your car whether it be a run around model or a classic car.

Note that these dehumidifiers can also be used in caravans, motor homes, mobile homes and in your own home in small spaces (ie underneath stairs, in wardrobes and presses etc).

When you are looking for the best car dehumidifier it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices on the market.

We have selected only the fastest and most efficient car dehumidifiers so you’ll be pleased to know that the following car dehumidifiers will leave your car dry and clean and that each of these dehumidifiers has gotten great reviews.

Which Car Dehumidifiers You Shouldn’t Buy

Before we look at the 3 best car dehumidifiers for under £15 you need to know which car dehumidifiers you shouldn’t buy.

You shouldn’t buy car dehumidifiers that you need to plug into the dash to operate. These dehumidifiers typically contain a water tank that fills with the collected water. As such you would need to empty or remove these tanks from the car before travelling as spillage can occur easily when the car is moving.

The best car dehumidifiers are moisture absorbing bags as they are easy to use and offer some great benefits.

Benefits of a Car Dehumidifier best car dehumidifier benefits mould mold mildew asthma allergies byemould review

You already know that a car dehumidifier can keep car windscreens free of condensation however there are also a few other car dehumidifier benefits that you might not be aware about.

First of all a car dehumidifier bag such as the Pingi bag (described below) can also keep away smells such as those musty smells that occur if your car interior has already been wet. Combine a Pingi dehumidifier bag with an air freshener and you’ll have a car that’s a pleasure to drive in.

Since a car dehumidifier can bring down the moisture level in a car those with allergies and asthma will have less chance of an attack as the air is drier. So using a car moisture absorber will make the short trip or longer journey more pleasurable for them.


3 Best Car Dehumidifiers Bag Selection Criteria

The criteria used to find these 3 best car dehumidifiers was simple. We wanted to have a decent amount of reviews, say over 50, the rating had to be either 4/5 or more plus the unit had to cost less than £15.

You can see that the Pingi dehumidifier only had 47 review however it rated at 4.5/5 which is higher than the other two dehumidifiers. You will also notice, in the table below that the Pingi is smaller than the other units.

Pingi Car Dehumidifier best car dehumidifiers pngi thomar damp eater mould interior vehicle vintage classic

The Pingi car dehumidifier is a great car dehumidifier bag as it’s small, efficient, easy to regenerate and safe for children and pets.

As the Pingi car dehumidifier is a car dehumidifier bag or moisture absorber rather than an electric dehumidifier it uses no electrical power.

The way it works is that you place the dehumidifier on the dashboard where it will absorb water. Once the dehumidifier bag is full of water an indication light comes on.

You then place the Pingi dehumidifier in the microwave for 6 minutes on high. The microwave absorbs the moisture that the dehumidifier had collected and the dehumidifier comes out of the microwave nice and dry ready to be used again.

But not only does the Pingi car dehumidifier absorb moisture so that you are left with clear windows the Pingi dehumidifier bag also absorbs those old musty odours and other smells.

The Pingi car bag measures 18 x 14 x 37 cm.


  • Indicator full light
  • Regenerate in microwave
  • Absorbs smells
  • Reusable
  • Can buy in two or three pack


  • Some say they are inefficient

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ThoMar 604200 Car Dehumidifier Bag best car dehumidifier bag moisture absorber thoman 604200 byemould

We had initially chosen the ThoMar 604110 car dehumidifier bag however as we updated the article we found that ThoMar is now selling the 604200 Airdry car dehumidifier as this moisture bag has up to 30% better absorption.

The absorption rate is around 80% which is on par with the other car dehumidifiers mentioned here. Absorption rate refers to how much moisture the dehumidifier bag can absorb. For example most car dehumidifier bags weigh around 1kg so they can absorb 800ml of water before needing to be regenerated.

Unlike the Pingi dehumidifier the ThoMar car dehumidifier bag can’t be regenerated in a microwave. Regeneration should only be done on a warm radiator and this process can take a few hours to work.

The ThoMar 604200 measures 12.6 x 9.4 x 27.4 cm.


  • Up to 30% better absorption than previous Thomar model
  • Reusable


  • Radiator regeneration only
  • Some say they are inefficient

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‘The Damp Eater’ Best Dehumidifier For Car best car dehumidifiers bag moisture absorber damp eater mould mold mildew upholstery vehicle

However our choice for best car dehumidifier lies with the 2 x 1KG Car/Home Reusable Dehumidifier for several reasons.

It is known as the ‘Damp Eater’ as it’s fast and efficient when it comes to collecting moisture.

Like the other car dehumidifier bags above it can absorb up to 80% of its weight in moisture. The ‘Damp Eater’ has a life cycle of 3-4 years and features a unique carrying handle.

Regeneration takes place in a microwave and only takes 3 minutes which is the fastest regeneration time of all the car dehumidifier bags featured in this article.


  • Long life cycle
  • Carrying handle
  • Fast microwave regeneration of 3 minutes


  • Some say they are inefficient

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Car Dehumidifier Comparison Table

Here is a table that compares the vehicle dehumidifier bags mentions above.

Click Image For More InformationRating and Number of ReviewsSizeClick To See Latest Price

4.2 / 5 from 554 Reviews.
Amazon #1 Best Seller!
2 X 1KG Bags2 X 1KG Reusable Car Dehumidifier

4.5 / 5 from 47 Reviews340 GramsPingi LV-A300 Reusable Car Dehumidifier.

4.1 / 5 from 118 Reviews2 Bags of 3 x 300 Gram SectionsThoMar 604.110 Air Dry Re-Usable Twin Pack Car Dehumidifier

Car Dehumidifier Tips

Most people place car dehumidifier bags on their dashboard and rightly so! However often what happens is that when you start driving the dehumidifier bag can slip and slide around the place so a great tip is to stick a piece of non-stick matting underneath the dehumidifier so that the bag stays put in one place and you don’t have to place it on the floor everytime you go for a drive.

Also it is advisable to buy at least 2 dehumidifier bags especially if a bag can’t be regenerated in a microwave. This way you can leave one bag in the car while the other is regenerating.

In areas of heavy condensation it might even be worth buying 3 car dehumidifier bags. You can place one on the dash and one in the rear of the car while the third car moisture absorber regenerates.

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Here is our quick summmary video of the car dehumidifiers mentioned above:


Have you used a car dehumidifier bag before? Let us know which brand and model it was and what you thought of it in the comments below.