How to clean air purifier filter?

In today’s time where chemical waste and environmental pollution is really high, it is a tough ask to breathe in the fresh air.

That is why a lot of people decides to install an air purifier in their home. Whose job is to purify the air that goes inside the house.

In case you didn’t know air purifier uses something called air filter, which filters the air. It prevents dust and many kinds of bacteria to enter the house.

You need to either change those filters or clean them regularly.

But you can’t just simply put them inside washing machine or dishwasher to clean them. There is a process that you need to follow. That’s where we come in, to show you guys how to clean air purifier filter.

How often do you need to replace the air filters?

It will depend on the brand you choose. For example, HEPA recommends that you change the air filters at least once every year. Where Honeywell recommends you to change the filters every 6 months to get the best performance.

But there are some exception brands like Rabbit Air guarantees to run a HEPA filter for over 3 years.

Keep in mind that the longevity of a filter will depend on how long you use them each day. You need to run an air purifier in your home for 8-16 hours to get the best possible air.

It will also depend on how many people are breathing in that air. If you got more members in your family or perhaps pets you might need to change your filters quite often.

Some brands use permanent filters. This type of HEPA filter is fit permanently inside the air purifier. They don’t wear out soon like other filters. As long as you keep them clean and vacuum regularly you can go on with the same filter till your purifier dies.

If you are using an activated carbon filter then you need to know how they work. Activate carbon filter can absorb smoke, smell, odors, etc. Which means that you will find yourself changing more often than you imagined.

How to clean air purifier filters?

Now that you know how often you need to change your filters, let’s learn how to properly clean your filters and reuse them

It’s like having a furnace inside the house. Why did I say that? Because if you don’t take care of your furnace clean that regularly, you will end up with tons of dust and ashes inside your house. The same logic applies to an air filter as well, you will end up with unwanted dust and dusty air inside your house.

Most of the time air purifiers use washable HEPA pre-filter. This type of filter is reusable.
You simply can just wash the filter dry it out then reinstall it inside the filter.

*A friendly tip from experts: Replace your HEPA pre-filter instead of washing if you use them for a long time. *

Often you need to clean your air filters with hot water. Not boiling hot just short boiling. If you used the filter for quite a while water might be necessary. Because a simple vacuum can’t clean the whole pre-filter.

Please read your manufacturers guide before you wash them with soapy water.

A lot of purifier does not support washable air filters. But they do support vacuum cleaning. If your manual says don’t wash vacuum only, please don’t wash them. That will result in a destroyed filter and you will need to buy a new one.

You can use a compressed air can to clean the filter or just use a stiff brush.

How to clean air purifier filter Honeywell:

Most Honeywell filters supports soapy water. Meaning you can wash them in warm soapy water. Make sure to dry them well otherwise you are going to breathe in the smell of soap.

Reading the manual is always a good idea.
Make sure your pre-filter supports washing. Otherwise, you going to find yourself in a situation which you want to avoid.

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