AirPro Mini Dehumidifier ReviewI love reviewing dehumidifiers and was searching for a very good quality dehumidifier in the £20-£100 price range.

I had already reviewed the Prem-I-Air ‘Xtreem 10’ so I wanted to find something reliable at the bottom end of this price range.

Lucky for you I found the AirPro Mini Dehumidifier as it’s a great appliance for eliminating odours and moisture in damp conditions.

There seems to be several mini dehumidifiers on the market bearing the AirPro or Dihl brand names. It appears that both of these dehumidifiers are the same device but with different branding. This is probably due to marketing reasons so when I refer to the AirPro Mini I am also referring to the Dihl dehumidifier as well.

Keep reading this AirPro Mini Compact Dehumidifier review and you’ll see why I like it (and why you will too!).

Extraction Rate and Cost

The AirPro Mini is a much smaller dehumidifier than the other, more expensive, models featured on this site and as such its extraction rate is 250ml per day.

Whilst this figure seems low it is very appropriate for this size of mini dehumidifier.

One reviewer said he uses the AirPro Mini in a conservatory measuring 8.5m x 2.5m and the machine extracts around 250ml per day.

Another reviewer didn’t mention the extraction rate but she did use the Airpro in a room measuring 14’ x  10 ‘x 10’ from 7pm till 7am and the machine did a good job of keeping condensation off the windows.

The consensus amongst reviewers is that the AirPro Mini Dehumidifier is not expensive to run as it only used 34 Watts.

One reviewer said that she had used the AirPro Mini Compact for many months and had not noticed an increase in her electricity bill.

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Filter and Tank AirPro Mini Dehumidifier Review

The tank holds 500ml of water and features an automatic turn-off facility which causes the dehumidifier to stop working once the tank is full.

Should the machine automatically turn itself off once the tank is full the operator will be notified by a green/red LED indicator (‘Green’ for filling / ‘Red’ for full).

The water container is simply removed by pulling it gently out of its place via the track that it rests on.

This mini compact dehumidifier does not have a filter.


The Airpro Mini Dehumidifier measures 26 x 18 x 15cm and its compact design makes it easy to store both when working and when the unit is put in storage over the summer months.

  • Volts 230v
  • Watts 34w
  • Weight 1.8kg

This mini dehumidifier is not battery operated and does not feature a carry handle.

Control Panel

The control panel is as simple as they come and features and ‘on’/’off’ switch as well as a ‘tank full’ indication light.


While not suitable for the bathroom, remember no electrical appliance should be used in a damp bathroom, the AirPro Mini Dehumidifier does feature a 9 volt input from the mains adaptor. This way you could leave the plug outside the damp area, perhaps with the help of an extension lead, and bring the AirPro inside the door.

The adapter can also be used in a car making the AirPro Mini an ideal car dehumidifier.

Unlike larger dehumidifiers there is no continuous drainage facility on the AirPro Mini.

This particular dehumidifier does not feature an ioniser (which is something that traps air particles to clean the air more efficiently). Ionisers typically feature on more expensive dehumidifiers.

Reviewers have said that this dehumidifier does not heat up the air temperature around the device and that the adaptor does not heat up too much, unlike others, after many hours of use.

The 3 pin plug is plugged into the Airpro by the user as it is not wired in by the factory.

The rear of the appliance is smooth and the plug fits into the back. Therefore this dehumidifier can not be wall mounted. The best solution, if you want the AirPro raised, is to put it on a shelf.

Like other full size dehumidifiers the AirPro Mini dehumidifier should not be used when temperatures get very low (just above freezing) as one reviewer said that the his board faulted when the temperature was too low.

It is best to use all dehumidifiers at a temperature of 5°C or higher.

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Noise AirPro Mini Dehumidifier Review

The Airpro Mini operates at a very low volume due to the ultra quiet whisper technology fan.

Perfect For

The AirPro Mini Compact is perfect for areas up to 64 Sq feet. These include single rooms in the house such as a bedroom, kitchen, wardrobe, caravan, boat etc.

Several reviewers have said that they have used the AirPro in rooms of the following sizes with good effect: 6’ x 10’ and 10’ x 10’ and 12’ x 10’ with sloping roof.

The key however is to determine how damp the area is. Personally I don’t think the AirPro will work well in very damp areas.

The AirPro Mini Dehumidifier is also ideal to keep on hand in case of leaks and other water emergencies as its easy to store.


The AirPro Mini Dehumidifier is very popular on Amazon where you can get the best price.

This is what verified buyers are saying about it:

  • “does a marvellous job. Ideal for keeping the windows from streaming with condensation.”
  • “This has pleased me very much indeed”
  • “Great little product, glad I got it.”
  • “Excellent!”
  • “would definitely recommend tis product to anyone”


After reading this AirPro Mini Compact Dehumidifier review you can see that the Airpro is perfect for the job that it is designed to do. People run into trouble, and leave negative reviews, when they place the Airpro Mini in a room that is too big for it.

Remember – the AirPro Mini should only be used in small areas only. If you use the AirPro Mini wisely then you will be happy with it.


Here is a short video detailing the AirPro Mini Compact Dehumidifier.

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