Home Treats Portable 12L Dehumidifier Review

portable dehumidifier compact mould humidity fungiWe are pleased to have received the Home Treats 12L Portable Dehumidifier from Home Treats for review.

As mentioned in other reviews we try to get our hands on actual dehumidifiers for reviews so that you get a true overview of the unit. These hand-on reviews set ByeMould apart from other review websites.

Having previously reviewed the Home Treats Dehumidifier with Ioniser we are impressed with the Home Treat dehumidifier range as the range delivers plenty of bang for the buck so to speak.

Let’s see if the Home Treats 12L Portable Dehumidifier is worth buying.

Extraction Rate

12 Litre Extraction Rate

The stated extraction rate is 12 litres per day. However you should bear in mind that this dehumidifier is a compressor model and was probably tested in a climate of 30°C and 80% humidity (the standard test climate for these units).

Compressor dehumidifiers function best in warmer temperatures such as those of around 20°C and higher. This is due to the coils inside the unit which can become too cold to pull water out of the air.

It is important to note that the extraction rate at these higher temperatures are higher than extraction rates at lower temperatures.

It would be fair to say that your actual extraction rate will be well below 12 litres. In fact your extraction rate will probably be around 4 – 6 litres depending on environmental conditions and the quality of your house/room.

The extraction rate is perfectly fine for the price of the unit.

Water Tank and Filter Home Treats Portable Dehumidifier Water Tank Filter extraction rate castor wheels

1.5 Litre Capacity

The water tank is situated in the middle of the rear on the unit and holds 1.5 litres of water.

There is an easy grip handle with which you insert or pull out the tank and because the tank holds 1.5 litres of water this is perfectly adequate. The water tank slides in and out of the dehumidifier very easily.

On the side of the water tank is a circuit diagram sticker if you want more technical information about the dehumidifier.

As with all dehumidifiers the unit turns itself off once the water tank becomes full. This feature prevents accidents and spillage.

The only slight negative is that the water tank doesn’t have a lid.

Continuous Drainage

This Home Treats dehumidifier features a continuous drainage facility which makes the unit ideal for usage in isolated or rarely visited places such as sheds, boats, caravans etc.

A 1 metre hose comes supplied and it is very easy to fit into the rear of the unit. The exact procedure is detailed in the instruction book that comes with the dehumidifier. If you need a longer hose then you can just use a piece of UK garden hose.

The drainage feature is gravity fed, instead of motorized, so bear in mind that the dehumidifier must be placed higher than the drain into which the drainage hose feeds. Gravity fed drainage features are the industry norm and we have heard about reports that motorized versions tend to break down.


The filter is a standard dust filter and is located in the rear of the unit.

Removal of the filter for cleaning is very easy and is detailed in the instruction booklet. Simply run the filter under lightly running water to clean.

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Home Treats Portable Dehumidifier Control Panel Mould Damp CondensationThe Home Treats Dehumidifier Control Panel

We really like the control panel as it features a LED display screen which can show both room humidity levels, the set humidity level as well as the timer data. Perhaps more importantly the control panel is also very easy to understand and operate.

Control Panel Buttons

On the lower left you will find the ‘speed’ button which allows you to alternate between the low and high fan speeds.

Next is the ‘timer’ button  which you can set for up to a massive 24 hours! This is obviously handy if you have set the unit to clear window condensation as you are leaving for work etc.

Moving further to the right of the panel you have the ‘humidity’ button which ranges from 40% all the way up to 80% in 5% increments. The initial humidity setting is 50% which should be the perfect setting for most households in the UK.

When the set humidity is reached the compressor stops working and the dehumidifier switches to fan only mode.

Next is the ‘On/Off’ button which sets the machine to either operate or not.

Indication Lights

At the top of the control panel you will find the indication lights. On the left you have the ‘High and Low’ indication lights and these light up when the fan speed is operating at either high or low speeds.

Moving to the right you will see the ‘timer’ indication light and this light comes on when the timer is in use.

On the right hand side of the LED display screen you will see the ‘full’ indication light. This light turns on once the water tank is full and will remain on until the tank is emptied.

Finally you have the ‘power’ indication light which comes on when the dehumidifier is in use.

Other Features Home Treats Portable Dehumidifier Control Panel led display uk 2016 2017

Carry Handle

This Home Treats Portable Dehumidifier features a nice carry handle which folds open and closed at the top of the unit. Having been more accustomed to inserted handles into the sides of dehumidifiers we find the Home Treats carry handle very easy to use especially when taking the dehumidifier out of the box for the first time.

Castor Wheels

While the carry handle is handy you must remember that this Home Treats portable dehumidifier is a compressor model and therefore weighs more than desiccant dehumidifiers with similar extraction rates.

While it is no problem for able-bodied people to lift this dehumidifier by the carry handle the elderly or infirm may find lifting the unit more difficult. Home Treats have therefore placed castor wheels on the bottom of the unit so that transporting the dehumidifier from room to room or from position to position becomes very easy.


Compact units are great for use in caravans, boats and other smaller areas and this particular dehumidifiers is ideal for all these uses as it measures around 27 x 17 x 48cm.

If using this dehumidifier in your home then it will be unobtrusive if placed correctly (just make sure that the air can still swirl around the machine).


In the low fan setting this unit produces only produces very little noise. The volume is noticeable in the higher fan setting but it is nothing extreme and is actually in line with other dehumidifiers.

Top Flap

There is a top flap just below the control panel. This flap should be left open when the unit is operating for a more efficient airflow and operation.

Power Lead

The power lead is around 180cm long so has great reach. We hate it when dehumidifiers come with a short 120cm lead.

Portable Dehumidifier

The combination of the foldable carry handle, the castor wheels and smaller size make this unit an ideal portable dehumidifier.

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The Box Contains

1 x Home Treats 12L Dehumidifier

1 x 1 Metre Drainage Hose

1 x Instruction Booklet with Diagrams

Final Thoughts

This is the second Home Treats dehumidifier that we have review an actual sample of and again we are very impressed.

Bear in mind that this dehumidifier is not a dehumidifier that can dehumidify your whole house at once however if you want to dehumidify a large room then this unit is ideal.

Features such as the caster wheels, LED display screen, timer and continuous drainage facility are usually found on more expensive dehumidifiers so in our opinion this Home Treats dehumidifier is great value for money.


There are currently only 8 reviews of this dehumidifier on Amazon.co.uk but it comes as no surprise that all reviews rate this unit 5/5.

Here are what the reviews say;

  • “This is a very attractive and well manufactured dehumidifier unit”
  • “All in all we are incredibly pleased with this dehumidifier”
  • “I would be happy to recommend it”
  • “performs extremely well, and would be an extremely good and do an effective job if budget is an issue.”
  • “The power consumption I measured is lower than the 200 Watts quoted (at ‘a steady 143 Watts’)

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