Futura 2L Compact & Portable Mini Dehumidifier Review

The Futura 2L Compact & Portable Dehumidifier is an excellent mini dehumidifier for those with mould or damp problems but who don’t need the power of a full size dehumidifier.

As expected this Futura mini dehumidifier rates very well on Amazon at 4.8 / 5 stars. We have previously reviewed a Futura air purifier and were pleasantly surprised by its quality and features.

The Futura 2L mini dehumidifier is suitable for many applications including within the home, office kitchens, attics, loft conversions, caravans and any other mildly damp areas.

Important: You will probably compare the Futura mini dehumidifier to the AirPro and Dihl mini dehumidifiers. Please be aware that the Futura 2 litres mini dehumidifier is an automated dehumidifier which features a timer. The AirPro and Dihl units are manual units which do not feature a timer system.

The Futura compact dehumidfier is therefore a vastly superior dehumidifier than the AirPro or Dihl mini dehumidifiers.

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Futura 2L Mini Dehumidifier Features

The Futura 2 litre mini dehumidifier is a great little dehumidifier which even boasts a timer system amongst its features. Here is a listing of the main features which will be expanded on below.

  • 600ml extraction
  • 2 litre water tank
  • 3 timer settings
  • Uses only 90 watts of power
  • Automatic pre-set humidistat
  • Manual humidity mode
  • Auto tank shut off
  • Water tank full warning light
  • Measures L 25cm X W 15.5cm X H 35.3cm

Futura Extraction Rate and Water TankFutura 2L compact dehumidifier review water tank container byemould mould mold damp

The Futura 2 Litres Mini Dehumidifier extracts 600ml of water per 24 hours. This is 100ml more than other mini dehumidifiers such as the AirPro and Dihl mini dehumidifiers.

Note that the AirPro and Dihl dehumidifiers are the same unit but with different branding. These two mini dehumidifiers also don’t feature a timer system which the Futura 2L mini dehumidifier does.

Due to space-saving technology Futura is able to fit a 2 litre water tank into their mini dehumidifier. A 2 litre water tank is standard for a full size domestic dehumidifier. Fitting such a large water tank into a mini dehumidifier means that you only have to empty the water tank around every four days or so.

Futura Mini Dehumidifier Timer Settings

The timer settings show just how much better technologically Futura is than its competitors. You can leave this unit on while you go to work or to bed and it will turn off automatically. It goes without saying that this is a very handy feature for winter mornings when there is condensation on the windows.

The timer options include 6, 8 and 12 hour settings.

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Low Energy Usage

The Futura 2L Compact Dehumidifier uses only 90 watts of power in its operation. Although this is higher than the touted 60 watts used by the AirPro and Dihl compact dehumidifiers we think that the extra extraction rate is worth it. We also think that the Futura Compact dehumidifier is better quality than the AirPro and Dihl models so the extra running expense (less than 5p per kilowatt used) is worth it.

Automatic Pre-Set Humidistat

This pre-set feature is an amazing piece of technology for a mini dehumidifier. basically how it works is that you can pre-set the humidistat and when the relative humidity in the room falls below 55% the unit will turn off. When the relative humidity rises to above 60% the dehumidifier will turn on again and work to bring the relative humidity back down to 55%.

This type of technology is usually found on top of the range full size dehumidifiers. As you can see using this features will save you quite a lot in operating costs over the medium and longer terms.

Manual Humidity Mode

The other operating option, apart from the automatic pre-set mode, is the manual humidity mode in which you just change the settings manually.

Most dehumidifiers on the market today are manual type dehumidifiers where the operator has to change the settings themselves. We are surprised, but delighted, to find the auto pre-set mode on this Futura dehumidifier as this feature saves money over the medium term and longer.

Auto Shut Off and Water Tank Full Light

An important safety feature of all dehumidifiers is that the unit turns off automatically once the water tank is full. The dehumidifier will only operate again when the water tank has been emptied.

You will know when the water tank is full as a warning light will light up on the control panel.

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Futura 2l mini dehumidifier review byemould control panelControl Panel

The control panel is a soft touch panel which is very easy to understand and operate.

As can be seen in the image on the left the control panel consists of the ‘on’/’off’ button, the ‘auto pre-set’ or ‘manual mode’ option button and the timer button. Very simple.


The Futura 2 L mini dehumidifier comes with a 12 month guarantee which you can register easily on the Futura website.

The company states “We guarantee that all of our products are excellent quality and are sold exactly as described. However, in the unlikely event that your purchase has a fault or defect, you could be covered by our guarantee”.

At ByeMould we urge anyone buying electrical appliances to register their warranty or guarantee. In many cases extended warranties are available and purchasers should consider this option as well.

Final Thoughts

We are very impressed by the Futura 2L mini dehumidifier and think of it as a cross between a mini dehumidifier and a full size dehumidifier with its 600ml daily extraction and massive 2l water tank.

There is no doubt that our favourite feature is the automatic pre-set humidistat as this feature will save you in operating costs.

We are also impressed that this Futura dehumidifier features a timer system with 3 timer options.

If you are looking for a mini dehumidifier that you can store away easily then you must check out the Future 2L compact dehumidifier.

Reviewsfutura 2l mini dehumidifier review water tank rear container byemould damp mould condensation

Currently the Futura 2L mini dehumidifier has a rating of 4.8 / 5 stars on Amazon giving testiment to the quality of this dehumidifier. Here is what purchasers are saying:

  • “Very happy with this product, low noise and good efficiency”
  • “The amount of water it takes from the air in that time is staggering!”
  • “Slightly noisier than I expected but as people say not particularly bothersome”
  • “Lovely and compact – ideal and does what it is supposed to do. Quite quiet when running”
  • “working well on the auto setting (which is a very handy feature). It has a neat, attractive appearance”
  • “The slight hum the item makes does not disturb you as it is so quiet. Recommended. Really happy”
  • “we had condensation in our bedroom window as it is a big bay window and it is doing a good job”

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Futura 2L Compact Mini Dehumidifier Video

Here is our Futura 2L Compact Mini Dehumidifier Video which summarises the above points. Feel free to share the video to those that might be interested in it.



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