7 Signs You Need Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

Just like any machine, air conditioners can sometimes temporarily malfunction. For instance, if you hear a whistle-like sound from your air conditioner, it might just be a temporary noise. However, the problem can be severe in some cases. Sometimes the cause can be as severe as a fuse failure, so you must know when to appoint air conditioner maintenance work. To help you decide whether you need to call for emergency repairs of your air conditioner or not, we have created a guide, especially for Dallas residents. Here are the signs that you require emergency repair for your air conditioner.


7 signs indicating that your air conditioner needs emergency repair in Dallas 

Anyone living in Dallas is well acquitted of the extreme heat conditions of summer days. If you notice your air conditioner is not cooling the room enough, you might have the impulse to call for professional assistance in the greater DFW area. But before calling for Dallas air conditioning repairing service, look for the signs mentioned below to figure out whether an urgent service call is necessary or not.


  1. Unusual noise: Air conditioners make a buzzing noise, especially when the model is old. Yet odd sounds from the air conditioner are alarming signs that it needs repair. Damaged coils, broken vents, or loose parts and screws create strange noises that will undoubtedly grab your attention. So, before things get out of hand and your HVAC setup breaks down completely, call for AC repair to find out the reason behind the weird sound.


  1. Hot zones in your home: Air conditioner generates cooling for your house. But a faulty system will fail to ensure adequate air conditioning. Unless you keep a window or door open, hot spots in certain places indicate that the AC is not working properly. 


  1. Hot air blows from vents: If your cooling system blows hot or warm air, your A/C is definitely not working as efficiently as it should. The AC may require filter cleaning or technical repairs to fix the weak cooling.  That’s why you should call for emergency service as you notice warm or hot gushes of air.


  1. Uncommon electrical occurrences: You might have already noticed a pattern in the monthly electrical bill in different seasons. For instance, during autumn in Dallas, you might use your AC for only a few hours per week, and in summer, the usage is much more. Depending on your usage, the bill may differ but when your HVAC system is faulty, it draws massive amounts of energy that will increase your electrical bills drastically. So, whenever you notice drastically fluctuating power bills, make sure to fix an appointment with an HVAC repair company.


  1. Foul smell exhibiting from AC: If you smell a pungent odor like a melted plastic smell then it is a red flag that indicates your AC needs to be repaired immediately. The smell might not always be there; rather, it might only smell foul when the AC is switched on. Burnt wiring is one of the main causes of the foul odor. Another cause can be accumulation of harmful microorganisms in the system vents. The mold gathered in the duct produces a musky smell that is hard to ignore. In any of these cases, you need to act as soon as possible to remove the horrible odor from your home. The experts will fix the wiring if any of them have melted. 


  1. Leaks from your AC: If you see any moisture or liquid puddling near your cooling unit, you must act immediately to fix the problem. At times, the condensation part of the air conditioner is broken that produces leakage. One of the possible hazards can be if Freon leaks from the system. It is one of the most common problems in old AC models. Good news is that nowadays Freon usage is banned as a manufacturing component in most countries. The experts can fix the leakage problem easily. If required, they will replace the antique condensation unit. 


  1. Outdated air conditioner: In Dallas, it is a necessity to install air conditioners in apartments and houses. If your air conditioner has aged, then you should consider consulting repair services to determine the condition of your AC. From prolonged use, the cooling systems start to work inefficiently. In order to extend the life of the air conditioner, regular maintenance and repairing is a must. The professionals will ensure proper functioning by checking different parts, and if any part requires repairing, they will fix it quickly. If your cooling system is repaired immediately then you will not need to worry about your old air conditioner getting damaged beyond repair. 



In Dallas, air conditioning is a must for surviving the intense heat. If you need emergency AC repair, Dallas has several HVAC companies that offer 24/7 service. Repairing your air conditioner before the situation worsens is the best way to avoid major problems like replacing your air conditioner entirely. So, schedule an appointment whenever you notice the aforementioned signs. 



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