Popular Dehumidifiers, Radiators and Other Gear

ecoair mk5 popular best top dehumidifier uk irelandTowards the end of each year Byemould takes a look at which dehumidifiers, radiators, moisture absorbers and moisture detectors etc have been most popular with the Byemould community.

The following are the most popular items purchased on Amazon by the Byemould community.

Top 10 Dehumidifiers

It is no secret that the EcoAir range of dehumidifiers are the most popular dehumidifiers on the UK market at present and as such the brand features heavily in our list. EcoAir dehumidifiers take 4 out of the top 10 positions and a rough calculation shows that the brand makes up around 65% of dehumidifier sales.

  1. EcoAir DD122 MK5
  2. EcoAir ECO DD122 Desiccant
  3. Prem-I-Air 10 Litre Xtreem 10
  4. EcoAir DC12
  5. EcoAir DD122 Mini
  6. Meaco DD8L
  7. Pro Breeze Mini
  8. De’Longhi DEM10
  9. Ebac 2650e
  10. AirPro Mini

Top 3 Moisture Absorbersunibond aero 360 moisture absorber trap best popular selling seller

There seems to be one brand most popular with shoppers looking for a moisture absorber and that brand is Unibond. As with the EcoAir brand above the Unibond brand accounts for more than 65% of total moisture absorber sales.

  1.  UniBond Aero-360
  2.  151 Hanging Wardrobe Dehumidifier
  3. Unibond Humidity Absorber

Top 3 Car Dehumidifiers

pingi car dehumidifier best most popular seller uk top irelandPingi is the most popular car dehumidifier brand however its sales are only around 50% of total car dehumidifier sales which is lower than the EcoAir and Unibond figures above. As can be expected at this time of the year car dehumidifiers are popular so its well worth to try one out.

  1.  Pingi LV-A300
  2. Seal Products 2 x LARGE 1KG
  3. ThoMar 604.110

Best Damp Moisture Detectors

brennenstuhl moisture damp detector most popular best top estate agentOnly 2 damp detectors are listed below as these 2 models make up the vast majority of sales. THe Brennenstuhl moisture detector is a favourite at Byemould however the LCD Digital is available at a much lower price (but obviously lacks the features of the Brennenstuhl).

  1.  Brennenstuhl 1298680
  2. LCD Digital Temperature

Best Mould Spray

Currently the best mould spray on the market is HG Mould Spray. Got black mould on bathroom silicone? Got mould on tile grout? No problem, just spray on HG Mould Spray, leave and rinse off after 20 minutes. No more scrubbing grout mould with toothbrushes! It’s simply amazing!

  1. HG Mould Spray

Most Popular Air Purifier

air purifier rainbow breezer best seller most popular in uk irelandThe most popular air purifier by a mile is the Care For Air Rainbow Breezer. It’s a mini air purifier but seems to work especially well especially for those suffering from hayfever and asthma etc.

  1. Careforair Rainbow Breezer

Best 5 Radiators 2015

honeywell hz-510 fan heater radiator most popular best seller selling ireland ukI had heard of Honeywell heaters previously but did not realise how much people like the brand. I though brands such as De’Longhi, Dimplex and Prem-I-Air would outsell it however the Honeywell HZ-510 leads the bunch.

  1. Honeywell HZ-510E
  2. Prem-I-Air 2.5kW EH1364
  3. De’Longhi Dragon-4 TRD4 1025E
  4. Delonghi Dragon-4 TRD4 1025T
  5. Dimplex Oil Free Baby

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