What Does A Dehumidifier Do? (7 Practical Uses)

what does a dehumidifier do. 7 great uses

The Very Popular Ecoair D122FW Desiccant Dehumidifier

Many people may ask ‘What does a dehumidifier do?’ and receive the reply that a dehumidifier decreases the moisture in the air. Whilst this is certainly true, and is a dehumidifiers main function, there are also other uses for a dehumidifier.

1. Dehumidification

Despite the fact that a dehumidifier decreases the moisture in the air you must make sure that the right dehumidifier is used for the job. Use a dehumidifier that is too small and the application will be ineffective. use a dehumidifier that is too big for the job and you are paying extra for running costs.

Here is a brief list of application and a good dehumidifier to match the job:

I personally own the Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier and can’t recommend it highly enough. Also you will notice that the two full size dehumidifiers are desiccant dehumidifiers not compressor/mechanical types. That is because for UK weather conditions the desiccant dehumidifiers are more efficient to run.

what does a dehumidifier do

The EcoAir range of dehumidifiers is great for domestic use.


2. Drying Clothes Indoors

Drying clothes indoors is vitally important to those with allergies, such as hay fever or asthma, as drying clothes outdoors covers the clothes with pollen. People also often dry clothes indoors during the winter when they don’t have a tumble drier.

To dry clothes indoors you should consider the EcoAir DD122 MK5 Desiccant Dehumidifier or the Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier as both of these dehumidifiers have a setting that allows the dehumidifier to run on high power continuously until the relative humidity (RH) level hits around 35% which is far below the recommended 55% RH for households.

What does a dehumidifier do

The Meaco DD8L Desiccant Dehumidifier. I personally own this model and recommend it highly!


3. Decrease Allergy Symptoms

The Meaco DD8L and EcoAir DD122MK5 dehumidifiers are also great for decreasing allergy symptomsThe reason for this is that both of these dehumidifiers contain an anti-bacterial filter. In the case of the EcoAir DD122MK5 the filter contains ‘silver nano’ technology which basically kills bacteria in the air.

Both the Meaco DD8L and the EcoAir DD122 MK5 dehumidifiers also feature an ioniser which attaches negative ions to positive ions such as dust and pollen. These enlarged particles are too heavy to be suspended in the air. They are then either sucked into the dehumidifier’s filter or they fall onto the floor where they are ready to be vacuumed up.

What does a dehumidifier do

A good quality dehumidifier will do a multitude of jobs.


4. Get Rid Of Musty Smells

We’ve all walked into a house, garage or shed where the musty scent overpowers everything else. Caravans and mobile homes can also contain musty smells when left unattended for some time. Such smells are certainly not pleasant however they are easy to eradicate.

Again, what you need is a dehumidifier with an ioniser as ionisers not only pull down dirt and pollen but they get rid of musty smells too.

What is a dehumidifier used for

An anti-bacterial filter and ioniser are a must for those suffering from allergies!



5. Collect ‘Gray’ Water for Plants and Iron

The water collected by the dehumidifier through its extraction process is called gray water. This water is similar to water collected in sinks, the bath or the washing machine etc. It is not water from the toilet but may contain dirt, food, microorganisms etc.

Gray water is not suitable for drinking by humans or pets and, indeed, some experts recommend this water to be thrown out. I would agree that if you do suffer from allergies do get rid of this water as this water may also contain bacteria and pollen etc.

If you are concerned about saving money due to water charges, such as in the Republic of Ireland for example, then two great uses for gray water is to use it for watering plants and also to put the water in an iron for ironing clothes. Be careful of using gray water on edible plants however as these plants may absorb the elements that you are trying to get rid of.

6) Landlords

One of the uses of my own domestic dehumidifier is that I use it in between lets in my rental properties especially when I am cleaning them after a tenancy. This helps to draw any excess moisture out of the woodwork in case their have been leaks that the tenant fixed without mentioning or if spillages occured.

7) Fast Drying 

It is helpful to have a dehumidifier running when painting walls as it allows the paint to dry quicker letting you paint a second coat much faster.

A dehumidifier is also great for when you shampoo carpets. Obviously you leave the windows open during the day however when the windows have to be closed because of the cold you can simply run your dehumidifier.

So there you have it 7 great uses for a dehumidifier.

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