Hygrometers and Damp Meters

hygrometers damp metersAs mentioned in our dehumidifier size guide the best method for determining the amount of moisture in the air is by using a hygrometer as unfortunately most dehumidifiers lack a digital screen showing the relative humidity (RH) reading on their control panel.

While this is not a very serious matter if you are like me you would probably like to see the RH level as the dehumidifier is working.

Now, you might believe that hygrometers are fairly expensive tools but that certainly is not the case.

Top of the range models such as the Brennenstuhl 1298680 MD Moisture Detector costs less than £15 with many cheaper versions being available for just a few cents.

A great example of value for money is the popular LCD Digital Temperature Humidity Meter Thermometer which at time of writing costs around £0.50 brand new!

It is probably only essential to buy a more expensive damp meter if you are in the trade. For example you can buy 4 in 1 damp meters which cost three figures! However there is no need to purchase these expensive units for purely domestic purposes.

It is paramount that you buy the right sized dehumidifier for the area which you want to control as the wrong sized dehumidifier will not only cause you headaches but will give you a much higher electricity bill as well!

Therefore spending a little money on a good hygrometer will only save you money in the long run.

Take a look at the range available on this Hygrometers page and you will be amazed at the value that you can get.

Remember that you can get free shipping if you spend £25 or more so combine your hygrometer with another purchase that you have been planning on making anyway.

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