Is Summer Here?

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Be Sun Smart This Summer

The first day of summer, in the northern hemisphere, starts on different dates depending on who you listen too.

The meteorological definition of summer states that summer states that summer starts on June 1st however in Ireland summer starts on May 1st and ends on August 1st. Trust the Irish to be different!!

Which starting date of summer do you prefer? Personally I prefer the meteorological date of 1st June as the weather in May is often mixed here in Ireland (although the same could be said most years for June – August).

Ending summer on August 1st is a bit premature I think especially with the indian summers that we have experienced these last few years.

I was expecting the sale of dehumidifiers to stop at this stage but people are still buying them which suggests that damp problems are still occuring. Since the best selling dehumidifier  does not contain the best anti-hay fever components it seems like the problems are damp related. This could be especially true in Ireland as we’ve had a lot of rain lately.

I’ve noticed that on this site those suffering from hay fever have looked at the Meaco air purifier but have settled for the much cheaper option which has gotten great reviews.

So with people buying both dehumidifiers and air purifiers there is no clear line being drawn between spring and summer from that perspective. Therefore we should revert to the dates given above to seperate the two seasons.

Let me know when you think summers starts in the comment section below and more importantly let me know if you have any damp or non-food related allergy problems and we can work together to solve them!

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Enjoy your summer…….whenever it may start. 😉