Careforair Rainbow Breezer Air Purifier Review

careforair rainbow breezer air purifier review

The multicoloured Careforair Rainbow Breezer Air Purifier


I’m always on the lookout to help ByeMould visitors and one subject that has been noted lately is that of air purifiers. Bearing your wallet in mind I decided to review an affordable air purifier that ranks well. So here then, is the Careforair Rainbow Breezer Air Purifier Review.

It’s interesting, and shocking, to read that 1 in 8 children in the UK have asthma and that 85% of these are allergic to house and dust mites. Keeping the air clean is thus a top priority for many households.

The Careforair Rainbow Breezer Air Purifier neutralizes pollen, smoke, fumes, cooking smells, mould, fungus, paint, solvent fumes, pet smells, stale air and much more. Therefore it is very helpful for sufferers of asthma, allergies and viruses as the Rainbow Breezer keeps mites, bacteria, pollution and dust at bay.

In fact the Careforair Rainbow Breezer is said the be a “Godsend” for Asthmatics, Hay Fever, Eczema & Acne sufferers in addition to those with COPD/Emphysema or other serious breathing related illnesses.

Cool Led Light

The Careforair Rainbow Breezer Air Purifier features a very cool specifically designed led light which can be set to three settings to show:

  • changing colours (approx every 4 seconds – 7 colours in total)
  • 1 colour
  • no colour at all

The lights are controlled by a switch on the lower right hand side of the unit.

How To Use

Don’t worry, the Rainbow Breezer is super easy to use. Simply fill the bowl with the recommended amount of water, add a little essence (supplied) and turn it on. Ideally you should change the water every morning to ensure that your air will remain ultra clean.

Careforair Rainbow Breezer Air Purifier

Revitalise the air in your home!

The bowl is perspex and should not be washed with very hot water or in a dishwasher.

The white top part sits securely on top of the perspex bowl and is therefore easy to remove for cleaning purposes. Incidentally, the white top part is motorized so the lead is attached to this part.

Looking at the unit from the front you will see a ‘on’/’off’ switch on the left which turns the whole unit ‘on’ or ‘off’. On the right hand side you will see another switch which enables you to control the lights.

Where To Use

Obviously the Careforair Rainbow Breezer is best used anywhere inside from the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living rooms to the office, retirement homes, nurseries, creches, gyms, coffee shops, respites, beauty parlours etc.

Running Cost

Using just 16 Watts to run the Rainbow Breezer couldn’t be more affordable to use. According to the manufacturers running costs are only 8p per day – and that is if the machine is running 24 hours a day!


An excellent feature of the Careforair Rainbow Breezer is that when the humidity levels fall too low it replaces lost moisture into the air which, of course, is great for the skin and lips etc.


As part of your purchase you will receive 100ml of Thai Lotus essence for free (usually £9.99). There are over 30 fragrances to choose from when purchasing your own essence.

You will also receive two spare replacement tips that stir up the water.


If there is a slight negative about the Careforair Breezer it is that some reviewers say that it is too noisy to have in the bedroom at night. Other reviewers say it doesn’t bother them at all. The best recommendation would be that if you are a light sleeper then simply turn the Breezer ‘off’ at night time or leave it ‘on’ outside your bedroom door.

One reviewer says that the machine makes a nice hum that you can meditate on!

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What Purchasers Are Saying

The Careforair Rainbow Breezer is a best seller and reviewers are raving about it. Here is what verified purchasers are saying;

  • “I suffer from allergies and I noticed a difference in the air quality within a few days”
  • “its making an AMAZING difference”
  • “recommend this over and over again”
  • “best air freshener iv ever bought”
  • “My Daughter suffers with slight Asthma and this has help her to sleep at night”
  • “wonderful get my vote and five stars”
  • “Very impressed with the product”
  • “Would definitely recommend”

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