Dimplex Cadiz Eco 2 KW Electric Oil Free Radiator Review

Dimplex cadiz 2 KW heater winter cold heating radiator radI was looking to review another oil filled radiator but the Dimplex Cadiz Eco 2 KW Electric Oil Free Radiator caught my eye as it is said to be 10% more efficient than oil filled radiators. Of course this means lower electricity bills so it’s worth a look!

For starters the brand is Dimplex and when it comes to heating I do like Dimplex heaters.

The Cadiz Eco 2 KW is a little more expensive than the usual oil filled radiators however it also boasts some great features that make the higher price worth paying.

For example Dimplex states that by using the Dimplex Cadix Eco 2 Kw you will see 35% energy savings for heating a room (see ‘running costs’ below)!


  • Great Brand Name
  • Twin Panel Technology
  • More Efficient than Oil Filled Radiators


  • The price might be prohibitive for some but the efficiency is worth paying more
  • there might be a slight smell when first using the radiator but this disappears quickly

Dimplex Cadiz Running Costs

The Dimplex Cadiz radiator is a 2kW radiator so to calculate maximum running costs simply multiply your kW tarrif (found on your electricity bill) by 2. For exampe if your kW rate is 12p then at full power the Dimplex Cadiz will cost 24p per hour to run.

This might seem fairly expensive but remember that Dimplex states that the Dimplex Cadiz heats rooms faster so that you’ll see a 35% energy saving if the unit is used correctly.

The Cadiz Eco range of oil free radiators offers the latest in innovative heating technology. Using unique micathermic heating technology, the Cadiz Eco heats a room 35% faster* than oil filled competitors and offers up to 30% energy saving (Based on heating a room – speed of warm up 10oC to 22oC – range average – Glen Dimplex test laboratory results 2010).

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Dimplex Cadiz Eco 2 KW Featuresdimplex cadiz heater radiator winter

Twin Panel Technology

The Dimplex Cadiz features twin panel technology. What this means is that you can turn either side of the radiator ‘on’ or ‘off’ independently for better control over heat direction.

Super Fast Warm Up

Dimplex heaters heat up real fast, 35% faster than oil filled radiators, as I explained in the Dimplex FX20V Wall Mounted Heater review video. By ensuring that you receive heat straight away the Dimplex Cadiz doesn’t let you waste power by waiting for the radiator to warm up.

24 Hour Timer

A great feature is the 24 hour timer with which you can preset the radiator to come ‘on’ and ‘off’ for two periods per day. For the working person this means that you can set the radiator to come on before you wake up in the morning and before you come home in the evening.

A bonus feature is that the backup battery will cut in if the power goes out as in a blackout for example. This way the radiator will still function on the set times in times of power outage.

Oil Free

Because the Dimplex Cadiz Eco 2 KW Electric Oil Free Radiator has no oil it is up to 50% lighter than oil filled radiators!

Even so Dimplex has fitted the Dimplex Cadiz 2 KW with elegant caster wheels for ease of transport and movement from room to room.

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Due to Dimplex’ confidence in the quality of this radiator it comes with a 5 year guarantee!

Other FeaturesDimplex Cadiz Eco 2 KW oil free radiator review

  • 2 KW heat output (suitable for a medium/large room)
  • Rotary dial to set heating level
  • Thermostat with frost setting
  • Thermostat can be increased/(decreased) by 1°C increments
  • BEAB approved (British Electrotechnical Approvals Board)
  • Dimensions: 605 x 614 x 250 (mm)
  • Cable Tidy. Cable measures 145cm
  • Integrated carry handles
  • Nice LED display screen


The Dimplex Cadiz Eco 2 KW is selling well on Amazon and with the coming winter expected to be the coldest in 50 years you can understand why! Here is what Amazon purchasers are saying;

  • “Great heater at a good price”
  • ” I’d highly recommend this product”
  • “Great heater for my children’s bedroom”
  • “This heats up my quite large lounge very quickly”
  • “Very efficient on the coldest days and easy to use”
  • “Terrific buy, great controls, heats up quickly, less energy used”
  • “Great economic heater. Heats very quickly. Have recommended it to friends”

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Did you find this Dimplex radiator review helpful? If you have any questions about the Dimplex Cadiz radiator please let us know in the comments below.