Meaco DD8L Dehumidifier Water Tank

Meaco dd8l dehumidifier water tank

The Meaco DD8L dehumidifier’s water tank

Continuing on with ByeMould’s coverage of the excellent Meaco DD8L dehumidifier we will now cover thewater tank which comes in this unit.

First of all you should know that the Meaco DD8L also comes with a continuous drainage option this ensures that the water tank automatically drains water without the user having to drain the water tank manually. This is handy for applications in caravans, mobile homes, motor homes and boats etc.

Since the Meaco DD8L is a desiccant dehumidifier you can start the dehumidifier as soon as you unpack it. Compressor type dehumidifiers need to stand for an hour or two to balance their refrigeration after transportation.

Be aware however that the hose which is provided for the continuous drainage function is stored in the water tank. Therefore before using the Meaco DD8L you should remove the hose from the water tank.

The tank itself holds two litres of water which is an ample size for a domestic situation. If using the Meaco DD8L and the tank is full then the dehumidifier will stop operating until the water tank is emptied. This is a safety feature found on all dehumidifiers to avoid spillage and other accidents. When the tank is full a warning light will be seen on the control panel and an alarm sound will commence.

Being located at the bottom rear of the Meaco the operator must bend down or squat down to remove or insert the water container. This, however, is not a problem for any able person.

As the video above shows the removal of the water tank is very easy as you just pull it out. In the video I pull out a near full water tank with one hand so removal is, indeed, very simple.

The water container comes with a removable cover which has two air holes and one drainage hole. To empty the water container into the sink simply remove the cover and empty the water or hold the cover with your other hand and tilt the container slightly so that the water runs out of the large hole. Again, it’s very simple.

When reinserting the empty water container into the rear of the Meaco DD8L you just give it a gentle push and it should slide in very freely. If there’s a slight feeling of obstruction just give the water container a little wiggle while giving it a very gentle push. The water container will then slide in very easily. Again, in the video I demonstrate this with a near full water tank and only one hand.

If you have reinserted the water tank and the ‘water tank full’ light is still in the ‘on’ position on the control panel then you have not reinserted the water tank correctly.

A great feature of the water tank is that the front and rear of the water tank, and dehumidifier, contains clear plastic through which the user can keep an eye on the water level. This way the user can empty the water tank before it is full and the machine stops operating. Therefore there is less down time for the dehumidifier then there would be if the dehumidifier would cut out automatically.

Also the water tank handle, which you hold to remove and insert the water tank, is nice and deep ensuring that you get a nice firm grip to avoid slippage when removing, inserting or walking the water tank to the sink.

Once again I must mention that I can’t recommend the Meaco DD8L enough and that I am very happy with my own model!