Delonghi DEX12 Dehumidifier Review Energy Class A

delonghi dex12 dehumidifier review byemouldDelonghi is a popular appliance brand which has a good reputation for delivering quality household products.

Our experience with the Delonghi Dem 10 dehumidifier has confirmed that Delonghi dehumidifiers are certainly a quality product. In fact the Delonghi Dem 10 has been on the market for many years but is still one of the best selling dehumidifiers out there.

 With this in mind we are keen to see what the Delonghi DEX12 brings to the table.

The Delonghi DEX12 is a small and compact dehumidifier that has a good extraction capacity. Despite its small size, the dehumidifier can remove the moisture from a large room preventing mould formation and other damp problems.

Delonghi DEX12 Main Features

 The Delonghi DEX12 is a great little dehumidifier, and it has the following features to prove it.

  • Good Extraction Capacity – This dehumidifier has a good extraction rate. It’s capable of removing up to 12 litres of moisture every day, so it will remove the moisture in a large room.
  • Compact – The Dex12 is pretty compact, and it doesn’t take up much space. It’s roughly the size of a medium backpack, so you can place it anywhere in the room. The compact design also helps with its portability.
  • Quiet – The Delonghi DEX12 is a relatively quiet dehumidifier. Most people won’t have any problems sleeping with a running unit in the same room.
  • Clothes Drying Feature – This dehumidifier has a special feature that will help with drying your laundry. When activated, this feature will dry a regular load of laundry in about 4 – 5 hours in a warm environment
  • Continuous Drain Option – The dehumidifier can be connected to a drain or a sink using the supplied hose. This will enable the continuous drain option, so you won’t have to empty the water tank any longer
  • Easy To Empty – The water tank is very easy to remove and empty. The container has a small handle you can grab, and you just have to pull it out.
  • Full Tank Alert – A light notification will appear on the control panel when the water tank is full. If the tank reaches its maximum capacity, the dehumidifier will automatically shut off to prevent spillage. The dehumidifier also stops working when you take out the water tank, and it resumes automatically when you put it back in.
  • Automatic Restart – The dehumidifier will restart automatically after a power cut. When the dehumidifier restarts, it will run using the previous settings.
  • Portable – This dehumidifier is portable. It has a compact design and a top handle integrated into the body. The device’s small weight will allow you to move it from one room to another with ease.
  • Washable Air Filter – The dehumidifier uses a washable air filter to remove the dust from the air.
  • Electronic Anti-Frost – The electronic anti-frost feature will melt the ice buildups before starting the dehumidifier. This is a good feature if you’re planning to use the dehumidifier in cold environments

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 Extraction Rate delonghi dex12 dehumidifier mould mold damp humidity condensation problem bathroom bedroom living room house home

 The De’longhi DEX12 has a maximum extraction rate of 12 Litres per day. This extraction rate is calculated at a relative humidity of 80% and a temperature of 32 degrees C therefore the actual extraction rate in the UK will be lower than the stated extraction rate.

 Filter And Water Tank

 The dehumidifier uses a washable dust filter. The dust filter is easy to remove, and you should clean it at least twice a month to make sure it works at its maximum capacity. The filter can be vacuumed or you can wash it with hot water and a mild detergent.

The water tank has a maximum capacity of 2.1 Liters. The water level can be easily observed through the tank’s transparent wall. Depending on the humidity levels of your home and the dehumidifier’s settings, you might have to empty the tank more times every day. If you don’t want to empty the water tank, you can use the continuous drain option.

Control Panel

 The control panel is integrated into the machine’s body for an easier access. The dehumidifier is controlled using the two buttons on its front. The light notifications will indicate the current settings and if the water tank is full or not. You can change the humidity settings with a simple press of a button.

 Who Is It For

 The De’longhi DEX12 has a good extraction capacity and a compact design. These features make it the perfect choice for people who want an efficient dehumidifier that doesn’t take up too much space.

The dehumidifier has a very efficient clothes drying feature which makes it ideal for people who have a lot of laundry to dry in the cold season.


 This dehumidifier comes with a manufacturer warranty of 2 years. Obviously Delonghi is a large company so their after sales customer service is great.

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 What’s In The Box delonghi dex12 dehumidifier review byemould mould mold house property apartment flat damp condensation how long run dehumidifier

  •  Delonghi DEX 12 Dehumidifier
  • Instructions manual
  • Continuous Drain Hose

 Final Thoughts

 The Delonghi DEX12 is small but surprisingly efficient. Despite its lightweight and compact design, this dehumidifier is capable of preventing mould formation in a large space. Its clothes drying feature is very good, and it will dry a normal load of laundry in four or five hours.

Other Delonghi Dex12 Reviews

Currently on Amazon the Delonghi Dex12 dehumidifiers has a satisfaction rating of 90% from over 25 reviews. This is testament to Delonghi dehumidifier quality. In fact both the Delonghi Dem 10 and the Delonghi  DNC65 also boast great satisfaction ratings.

 Here are what Delonghi Dex12 purchasers are saying on Amazon.

  • “it really does do the trick and I wouldn’t be without”
  • “Pretty quiet, the low hum when the fan is moving isn’t an issue for me”
  • “It really works…i feel my house warmer without the need of turnig the heat on!!”
  • “Very satisfied with this. Not too loud and collects lots of water in my 17thc.cottage”
  • “Absolutely brilliant the best dehumidifier i have ever had. Use it to dry cloths and is just superb”
  • “I leave it on for 12 hours daily at the second level which always results in the tank being 80% full”
  • “much smaller in size and much lighter in weight, uses only 190watt of power so much more efficient to run”

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