ElectriQ 10L Dehumidifier Review (Small Compact and Digital)

Electric 10L Dehumidifier review home house property hotel museum flower shop hair dresserThe ElectriQ 10L dehumidifier is a small and compact unit that has a high extraction capacity. Thanks to this capacity, you can use this model to remove the humidity in the air of large rooms such as offices, garages, or even motor homes.

With a good humidistat and an energy-efficient automatic feature, this dehumidifier will maintain the humidity levels at the values you set without consuming a lot of electricity.

Find out more about this model by reading the following review.


ElectriQ 10L Dehumidifier Features

The ElectriQ digital dehumidifier is one of the highest rated units available in 2017, and after reading about its main features, we’re sure you will agree with this affirmation.

  • Quiet – Some dehumidifiers can produce a lot of noise. Thankfully, this is not the case. This model only produces a white noise which won’t interfere with your regular activities, such as watching television, talking on the phone, or listening to music.
  • Small And Portable– This dehumidifier measures only 43.5 cm in length, so it’s rather small. This will help you move the dehumidifier from one room to another when you need to. The dehumidifier is supported by rubber feet for increased stability, but you should always be careful to place it on a flat horizontal surface.
  • Digital Humidistat – You can easily control the digital humidistat’s values. You can set the humidistat values between 30 – 90%. The room’s relative humidity will be displayed on the LCD screen.
  • Auto Feature – When you set the dehumidifier on auto, it will turn on or off to keep the room’s humidity at your desired value. This feature also provides a great way to save energy.
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  • Good Extraction Capacity – This model is capable of extracting up to 10 litres of water each day. This is a high extraction capacity, and it should be enough for larger surfaces. The high extraction capacity will allow you to use the dehumidifier in a 3-bed house all by itself and still remove the moisture from the air.
  • Start And Stop Timer – The ElectriQ 10l dehumidifier comes with a start and stop timer. Using the timer is a great way of reducing the unit’s electrical consumption while maintaining a constant level of humidity.
  • Auto Defrost Feature – This model comes with an automatic defrost feature. You can use this feature to make sure the unit’s in proper working order when you use it during the winter.
  • Full Tank Alarm – The full tank alarm will notify you when it’s time to drain the water tank. The alarm will also automatically shut the unit off to prevent it from spilling water on the floor.
  • Continuous Drain Option – If you don’t want to waste time draining the water tank, you can connect the dehumidifier to a drain.

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Extraction Rate

This dehumidifier has a maximum extraction rate of 10 litres of water per day. This is a good extraction rate, and it will be enough for larger surfaces. This unit is capable of dehumidifying large spaces, such as offices, living rooms, or even whole apartments.

electriq 10l dehumidifier review byemould damp mould mold condensationFilter And Water Tank

The dehumidifier’s filter is easy to take out and clean. You should clean the filter at least once every two weeks if you want the dehumidifier to work at optimum conditions. You should not use bleach or any abrasive detergents when cleaning the filters.

The water tank doesn’t have a large capacity. The tank has a capacity of 1.5 litres, so you might have to drain it several times per day. The dehumidifier will automatically turn off once the water tank is full to prevent spillage.

It might be better to use the dehumidifier’s continuous drain option. Using this option, you will be able to connect the dehumidifier directly to a drain or a sink, so you won’t have to drain the tank.

Control Panel

This unit comes with a digital control panel. All the features can be accessed by simply clicking on the buttons, and every change you make will appear on the LCD display.


Who Is It For

This is a good dehumidifier with a high extraction rate, so it should be perfect for people who plan on using it in larger rooms. You can use it to remove the moisture in your office, garage, or living room.

Warranty electriq 10l dehumidifier control panel review byemould

The ElectriQ 10l dehumidifier comes with a 1-year warranty.

What’s In The Box

  • ElectriQ digital dehumidifier
  • Instructions Manual

Final Thoughts

 With a high extracting capacity and a quiet operating mode, the ElectriQ digital dehumidifier would make a good addition to every home. One of the advantages of using this model is its accurate humidistat. The humidistat will monitor the humidity in the room, and it will turn the unit on or off to maintain the humidity at the value you set.


At time of writing the ElectriQ 10l dehumidifier is a relatively new listing on Amazon with just 17 reviews. However the average satisfaction rating of the dehumidifier so far is 94% which is excellent.

Here is what ElectriQ 10l dehumidifier purchasers are saying

  • ” Well packaged, easy to follow instructions – it was up and running in minutes”
  • “excellent dehumidifier been impressed with amount of water removed from bedroom 10L within 6hrs”
  • “like the digital display, especially reading of humidity level in room. Recommended”
  • “set the humidity at 55%, after the initial running of 24 hrs I now run it at three hour intervals and off for 3hrs”
  • “Works really well and collects alot of water you get what you pay for Easy to follow instructions”
  • “Does what it’s meant to but make sure the fan vent on the top are open before each use”
  • ” work extremely well.Soon extracts moisture.Easy to use and set up. To remove and empty water tank takes seconds”

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electriq 10l dehmuidifier review small compact

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