Danby DDR50B3WP Dehumidifier Review – Excellent for Basements

danby ddr50b3wp dehumidifier review byemould usaThe Danby DDR50B3WP dehumidifier, as the name implies, is made by Danby which is a brand name that everybody knows whether through their microwave, or in this case, their dehumidifier.

The DDR50B3WP 24” 50-Pint Dehumidifier by Danby

 To start, it’s worth it to point out that this dehumidifier is both compliant with Energy Star and an R410A refrigerant that is 100% a friend of the environment. This gives it to steps ahead and major brownie points over the majority of dehumidifiers out there, which either only has one of the two mentioned, or none at all.

Depending on the conditions of your home, the Danby DDR50B3WP can clear areas that are up to 3000 square feet in size, which is pretty impressive. It can hold up to 50 pints of water, which also equals to approximately 24 liters, for up to 24 hours.

The controls are completely electronic, which is a bit of an issue for some. Within the review section on Amazon.com a potential buyer asked if the controls would reset should a blackout occur. One verified buyer answered this question stating that the controls would remain in the mainframe and automatically set itself back to the controls that you originally set.

Danby DDR50B3WP Features 

 Unlike most dehumidifiers, the DDR50B3WP is very easy to move, thanks to the easy-roll casters that make moving it from room to room an absolute breeze. Gone are the days where moving one of these was a job for two or more people! The filters are fully removable and very easy to clean.

As previously stated, the entire unit is environmentally friendly, you’re able to adjust the humidity settings as much as your heart desires, and the de-icer automatically removes the build-up of ice to protect the coils from breaking down.

The dimensions of the Danby DDR50B3WP dehumidifier equal to 11.8”x16.1”x24.2”, so you can fit it in pretty much any room that has enough free space and of a medium size in general. A lot of verified buyers have commented on Amazon.com’s review section saying that they are using it in their basement, but you can use it virtually anywhere in your home if the need arises in another room.

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Frequently Asked Questions danby ddr50b3wp dehumidifier review byemould usa basement deep south humidity damp

 A lot of potential buyers came up with questions surrounding the humidifier and how well it actually works. Some of these questions have been included within this review as important sections to ensure that every buyer has a chance to have their questions answered before they can ask them.

Are there vents in the back or on the sides, and can it be placed closer to a wall without blocking the vents or the air intake?

 The vents are located on the sides of the unit to ensure that it can, in fact, be placed closer to a wall without blocking the vents or the air intake. The air intake is actually on the back, so positioning it out from the wall a few inches at least is better for the circulation and will help you to avoid issues.

Can you drain the water using a hose?

 Yes, you certainly can! When you buy this dehumidifier you get an attachment for any type of hose, really, so you can definitely drain it using one.

How much heat does the unit produce if it’s put into a small room?

 If put into a small room, expect quite a large amount of heat. The smallest room you should have it in should only reach the dimensions of 24×30 maximum. Otherwise, a lot of heat is going to be produced and will cause the room the become very uncomfortable to be in.

If I’m emptying the reservoir myself, how many gallons should I expect to find?

 If you don’t plan on using a hose for whatever reason, you’re going to be looking at dumping up to 2 gallons of water. As previously stated, the unit holds up to 50 pints, or close to 24 liters, of water at one time.

How long can I leave it without emptying it?

 To ensure that your unit does not spill over and cause some serious issues, always empty it every 24 hours. You could probably push it to about a day and a half but that should be the maximum amount of time that you wait to empty it.

The DDR50B3WP 24” 50-Pint Dehumidifier by Danby

 Danby has been a quality, reputable brand for many years, and continues its legacy through this humidifier. You can view it for yourself by clicking here.

Danby DDR50B3WP Reviews

The Danby DDR50B3WP has an average satisfaction rating of 92% on Amazon.com. Interestingly enough all the reviews are either 4/5 or 5/5 stars which shows what a quality product this dehumidifier is. Here is what verified purchasers are saying about the DDR50B3WP dehumidifier.

  • “It is very quiet efficient and easy to move around”
  • ” The basement feels good, and the machine is quiet and efficient”
  • “We have a small apartment and it works well. It’s very easy to set up and use and has a clean look to it”
  • “Perfect for under my bar! Quiet and temp is accurate! My first one lasted 8 years”
  • “Does the job well. Good value for the price”
  • “and it is working hard, here in the deep, muggy south.Thanks”
  • “It dehumidifies very quickly and is a quiet running unit”

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