7 Top Industrial Dehumidifiers That Will Kill Mould

best industrial dehumidifiers byemould review guideIf you need humidity control for larger areas then a heavy-duty industrial dehumidifier will  protect your premises from water and moisture damage. Industrial dehumidifiers typically extract over 70 litres of moisture per day and can be used in places such as museums, warehouses, storage areas, art galleries, libraries, restaurants, bars, offices, florists, funeral parlours, sporting facilities and swimming pools as well as marine and spa environments.

The industrial dehumidifiers listed below are solid in construction, have a good temperature range and feature high extraction rates at low costs. When buying an industrial dehumidifier you need to take into account the features as well as the area the dehumidifier can cover. By taking account of these points you are sure to buy the correct dehumidifier for your needs.

Great Power, Protective Coating and Continual DrainageEcor Pro DSR12 110L swimming pool warehouse industrial dehumidifiers commercial dehumidifier

1. Ecor Pro DSR12 110 Litre Warehouse and Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

The rotary compressor Ecor pro DSR12 industrial dehumidifier can extract a massive 110 litres of moisture per day!

The unit is protected by a special coating which makes this unit ideal for swimming pool use. The filter is reticulated and the unit features two manual fan speeds.

The Ecor Pro DSR12 110 litre dehumidifier stands on 4 feet and features a gravity led drainage system. Of special note is that this unit can be used with ducted heating systems!

There are two optional features and these are that the unit can be ducted into circular ducting with a ducting kit and that you can also use a low voltage external humidistat. There is a jack plugged connection to the external humidistat.

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Huge Heavy-Duty Dehumidifier For The Biggest Jobsrefine industrial commercial dehumidifier byemould best buy uk

2. Refine Industrial Dehumidifier

This is the largest dehumidifier on our list by far as it features a massive 240 litre extraction rate. As such the Refine industrial dehumidifier can be used in stadiums, ships, yachts, agriculture, oil rigs, warehouses, laboratories, museums and many other places.

This unit covers 12,000 sq ft and comes with gravity drainage, an automatic defrost system and a stainless side plate on the epoxy coated coil.

There is a multi-filtration system consisting of  HEPA, carbon and G3 filters as well as a pre-filter. Other features include a timer, an adjustable control humidistat, smart touch buttons and an intelligent control system which allows for energy-savings.

If you are going to buy an industrial dehumidifier this is the one to buy.

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The Smallest Industrial Dehumidifier Which You Should Sealey SDH70 70 Litre Industrial Dehumidifier byemould best buy reviewBuy

3. Sealey SDH70 70 Litre Industrial Dehumidifier

If you are looking for a dehumidifier that is a bit bigger than the largest domestic dehumidifier but at the same time smaller than the two large industrial dehumidifiers lited above then the Sealey SDH70 could be the ideal dehumidifier for you.

The extraction rate of 70 litres per day is much smaller than the extraction rates listed above and will eliminate mould in areas of up to approximately 4,500 sq ft.

The unit features wheels for easy transportation and soft pronged feet for standing on the ground. There is an automatic defrost function which is standard to all compressor dehumidifiers. The filter is a carbon filter which provides a cleaner air than a standard dust filter. The filter is washable.

As is typical on industrial dehumidifiers there is a gravity led drainage facility which lets the collected water drain out of the unit automatically.

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Wall Mounted or Free Standing With Digital DisplayEcoAir D950E Commercial Swimming Pool Wall Mounted Free Standing Dehumidifier 76 L industrial commercial byemould best buy review

4. EcoAir D950E 76 Litre Dehumidifier

EcoAir not only make the most popular domestic dehumidifier, they also make a pretty mean industrial dehumidifier.

The EcoAir D950E can be wall mounted or free-standing depending on how you would like to use it.

The unit extracts 76 litres of moisture per day and boasts numerous features such as a digital display (which we love), electronic touch controls, a humidity sensor, a continuous drainage facility, 2 fan speeds and washable air filters.

For a larger compressor dehumidifier the unit is relatively quiet too at just 58 db(A).

Be sure to check out the EcoAir D950e when buying an industrial dehumidifier.

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Powerful Coverage of 7,000 Sq Ft And Looks GreatRefine Dehumidifier for Cleaning and Restoration 70-125 Litre byemould best buy review industrial commercial

5. Refine 125L Industrial Dehumidifier

The Refine 125L Industrial Dehumidifier looks like a domestic dehumidifier but with a 125 litre per day extraction rate this is one mean machine.

Suitable for areas of up to 7,000 sq ft this Refine industrial dehumidifier contains roughly the same features as the larger 240 litre Refine dehumidifier listed above.

Some of the features are an automatic digital humistat control, a timer, a hot gas valve defrosting system, epoxy coated coils with a stainless steel side plate and a heavy-duty condensate pump. There are ducting options as well and the large wheels make the unit very easy to transport.

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Super Tough And Ideal For High Traffic PlacesEcor Pro D1100 dehumidifier industrial dehumidifiers byemould best buy top guide review

6. Ecor Pro D1100 91 litre Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

The Ecor Pro D1100 features a super tough metal case which is so strong that an adult can sit on the unit without cracking or damaging it!

In addition this unit has been specifically coated for use in swimming pools although the unit is ideal for other industrial and commercial applications as well.

There is a wall mount option or you can place the unit on the ground using the 4 feet. Other features include simple electronic controls, 2 fan speeds, a built-in humidistat, gravity led drainage with 4 points to connect the hose.

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Very Versatile With Dual Voltage Industrial Rhino RD48 Compact Portable Dual Voltage 48 Litre Dehumidifier byemould industrial dehumidifiers review best buy guide ukDehumidifier

7. Rhino RD48 Compact Dual Voltage 48 Litre Dehumidifier

The Rhino RD48 dehumidifier can be used for very large domestic work or smaller industrial and commercial work as the unit can extract 48 litres of moisture per day.

This Rhino dehumidifier is a dual voltage dehumidifier capable of operating on 110-120v or 220-240v so it is an ideal unit for use in different locations.

The Rhino also contains some killer features such as an automatic condensate pump, interchangeable 16 amp cord, double width coil spacing and many more.

If you have an import/export business with locations in different geographies then the Rhino RD48 dehumidifier could be ideal for you.

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7 Top Industrial Dehumidifiers 

Ecor Pro DSR12 DSR12  75L industrial commercial dehumidifier White byemould best buyThe above list contains a great variety of dehumidifiers and features. There are very reputable brand names as well as a variety of extraction rates.

These units are also ideal for use after flooding. As these units are very powerful they can not only suck moisture out of floor boards but also out of the internal wooden framing of houses and offices.

An important note that we make with domestic dehumidifiers is that compressor type dehumidifiers are often tested in an extreme climate of 30°C and a relative humidity of 80%. Obviously such a climate is a dream for UK residents and therefore the actual extraction rates are likely to be far lower than the stated extraction rate.

Industrial dehumidifiers may differ as the indoor climates where the dehumidifier is used may vary significantly. Some commercial premises such as warehouses may be unheated where as other premises such as offices will be heated. The extraction rate therefore will vary when using these dehumidifiers in different environments.

We hope that this guide will allow you to select an industrial dehumidifier in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days.

If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear them so please let us know in the comment section below.


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