Hysure 1500ml Dehumidifier Review 100% Satisfaction Rate!!

hysure 1500ml dehumidifier review byemouldWe are excited to review the Hysure 1500ml dehumidifier as at time of writing this dehumidifier has a 100% satisfaction rating!!

First of all you should know that the Hysure 1500ml is a peltier dehumidifier which is different than compressor and desiccant dehumidifier types. For the purposes of this review all you need to know is that you just plug the Hysure dehumidifier into a socket and it will work away fine.

Smaller dehumidifiers typically tend to be peltier types rather than the larger compressor and desiccant types.

Hysure Dehumidifier Running Costs

Stated wattage is around 60-70 watts per hour which makes this dehumidifier very cheap to run.

Have a look at your electricity bill to find out your exact rate but assuming that your rate is 15p p/kWh then the Hysure 1500ml will cost around 1 pence per hour to run.

Extraction Rate

Despite the name suggesting an extraction rate of 1500ml you should know that the 1500ml figure relates to the size of the water tank not the extraction rate.

Rather the extraction rate is stated to be around 550ml per day.

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Water Tank 

The water tank is situated on the front of the Hysure mini dehumidifier and as said above holds 1500ml.

The Hysure 1500ml dehumidifier contains an auto shut-off feature which is a standard safety device. What happens is that when the water tank is full the dehumidifier stops operating until the water tank is emptied. This avoids spillage etc.

A LED warning light comes on once the water tank is full to tell you that the tank needs to be emptied.

What is helpful though is that the front of the water tank is see through so you can empty the water tank before the dehumidifier turns off itself.

To explain this benefit clearly you can see that turning off the dehumidifier yourself and emptying the tank will only take around 2 minutes so your dehumidifier looses 2 minutes of running time during which there should be no change in humidity.

On the other hand if you let the water tank get full and the dehumidifier turns itself off then it might be half an hour or an hour or even longer until you might notice. By this time the humidity level will probably have started to rise again.

Operating Volume

Due to the lack of compressor components and its small size the Hysure 1500ml dehumidifier is whisper quiet.

Compressor dehumidifiers tend to be louder than desiccant models while peltier dehumidifiers are even quieter (although they would be louder if the dehumidifier was larger).

Stated operating volume is less than 25 dB(a) which makes this mini dehumidifier ideal for small bedroom use.

Dimensions and Weight

According to Amazon the Hysure dehumidifiers dimensions are 22 cm x 16 cm x 30 cm and the unit weight 2.1kg.

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Return Policy and Warranty 

There is a 30 day standard return policy and a 2 year warranty.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Dehumidifier
  • 1 x DC Adapter
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Amazon Reviews

At time of writing the Hysure 1500ml dehumidifier has a 100% satisfaction rating from 15 reviews which must mean that the unit performs as it should.

The Hysure has a better satisfaction rating than other mini dehumidifiers such as the AirPro, Duronic and Futura (which we love) models.

Here is what Amazon reviewers are saying.

  • “doesn’t use anymore electricity than having the tv on,great device”
  • “We got plenty of water from it for our ironing and it had already paid for itself”
  • “Its not to noisy ,just emits a low buzzing sound which is not really noticeable”
  • “Runs of a 9V plug which is safer due to the wetter conditions it is usually placed in”
  • “Very impressive little machine. Hardly makes a sound, it’s so quiet.Does a great job”
  • “I’ve found it is collecting almost this maximum amount in my room when permanently running”
  • “I was worried about this dehumidifier being too noisy since I am a light sleeper, but it is really quiet! “

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