Inventor 50L Dehumidifier Review Ideal For Large Spaces

I have tested physical models of the Inventor 12l and Inventor 30l dehumidifiers and for the price both units are absolutely great as they contain more features than other dehumidifiers for the price.

The Inventor 50L dehumidifier is one of the best compressor units you can buy at this price point if you want to remove the moisture from a large room or office etc.

With a great humidity removing capacity and a functioning water pump, this unit is a great solution for basements, boats, sheds and garages.

Running Costs

Before we look at the main features you’ll be interested to hear that in laundry mode the Inventor 50L dehumidifier uses 775w of power. At a rate of 15p per kW the unit costs approximately 11p per hour to run continuously on full power which for a dehumidifier of this size is pretty good.

In lower fan settings the unit would cost around 5p per hour to run.

Now let’s dive into the main features.

 Inventor 50L Dehumidifier Main Features

 The Inventor 50L dehumidifier is great for large spaces and it’s very efficient. You mill be able to tell the difference in the room’s humidity levels within minutes after you start using it. Here’s what makes this dehumidifier so good.

  • Amazing Extraction Capacity – This dehumidifier is capable of removing up to 50 L of water every day. This is an amazing extracting capacity, and it should be enough to remove the moisture out of large rooms or whole houses even. Note that in UK temperatures actual extraction will be in the range of approximately 20 litres per day.
  • Large Water Tank – The water tank has a maximum capacity of 6L. The tank is easy to take out and drain, and you can see the water level through a window on its front. This way you can empty the tank when its only half full. A much easier task than trying to empty a full 6 litre tank I’m sure you’ll agree.
  • Full Tank Safety – You don’t have to worry about water spilling once the tank is full. The dehumidifier will automatically stop working when the tank is full, and a light will pop up on the display. A beeping sound will also notify you to drain the tank.
  • Continuous Drainage – If the humidity levels in your home are Inventor 50L dehumidifier review byemouldvery high, you can connect the dehumidifier directly to the drain. This will allow the unit to work without filling the tank, so it will be more comfortable for you to use it.
  • Turbo Mode – If you’ve been away on holiday and the humidity is high in your home, you can use the turbo feature for immediate results.
  • Timer – This dehumidifier comes with a timer. You can use the 24h timer to schedule the unit’s operation. This is a great way to make sure the dehumidifier won’t use too much power.
  • Water Pump – The dehumidifier has a built-in water pump. The water pump is capable of elevating the water up to 5 meters. This is a great feature, as it allows you to use the dehumidifier in basements without drainage.
  • Defrost Feature – This unit comes with a defrost feature which allows it to work in lower temperatures than other models. This is another plus for people who plan on using it in the basement.
  • Smart Dehumidification – When this feature is enabled, the dehumidifier will use less power and it will save more energy by turning on only when it needs to.
  • Clean Filters Reminder – A light will pop up on the control panel when you have to clean the air filters.
  • Accurate Humidity Sensor – The dehumidifier uses an accurate humidity sensor. The relative humidity of the room will be displayed on the control panel. You can set the unit to maintain a certain humidity. The humidity levels can be set between 35 – 80% using 5% increments.

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 Extraction Rate

 The Inventor 50L has an amazing extraction rate. It can remove up to 50L of water daily, which should be enough to keep the moisture out of a large space, or even a whole house. This extraction rate will also ensure that your cellar won’t have any mould and moisture problems.

Inventor 50L dehumidifier review museum hairdresser florist funeral parlour shop Filter and Water Tank

 The dehumidifier’s air filter is easy to clean. You just have to take it out the back of the unit, clean it, and place it back in. If you forget to clean the filter regularly, a light notification will appear on the control panel.

The water tank has a capacity of 6L. This is a good capacity for a water tank, but given the unit’s high extraction rate, you might have to drain it several times a day. It might be better to use the continuous drain feature for this model.

 Control Panel

 The control panel is on the top of the unit. The control panel is digital and you can read the room’s humidity and set the desired humidity values. The panel is easy to use, and the small thumbnails make it easy to understand.

 Who Is It For

 Thanks to the built-in water pump and the defrost technology, this unit would be the ideal solution for people who are planning on installing a dehumidifier in their basements. You can also use this dehumidifier with great results for removing the moisture in a large space or even a whole house.

 Warranty Inventor 50L dehumidifier dehmudifier low energy consumption save money

 The Inventor 50L comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

 What’s In The Box

  •  Inventor 50L Dehumidifier
  • Power Cord Buckle
  • Pump Drain Hose
  • Instructions Manual

Final Thoughts

 The Inventor 50L is one of the best large compressor dehumidifiers currently available on the market at this price range. With an amazing extraction rate and a built-in water pump, this model is ideal for basements without drainage, remote spaces such as museums, boats, large sheds and garages or other large spaces.

More Inventor 50L Dehumidifier Reviews

Currently there are just 5 reviews on Amazon for the Inventor 50L dehumidifier and these reviews have an average 88% satisfaction rating.

As I mentioned in the intro of this review I have personally tested the Inventor 12l dehumidifier as well as the Inventor 30l dehumidifier and I can tell you that the are awesome machines. I have no doubt that the Inventor 50L is an awesome dehumidifier too.

Here is what Inventor 50L dehumidifier buyers are saying about it;

  • “I do recommend it for your consideration, especially if you need to dry laundry in a poky flat”
  • “Excellent Customer Service.  I am impressed. It has many useful features”
  • “Excellent machine. My one was used for one month continuously to dry out a damp cottage”
  • “collected a third of a bucket of water in just a few hours! Bearing in mind it is probably not much over 5 degrees C “

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