EcoAir DD128 Desiccant Dehumidifier Review Powerful Yet Quiet

ecoair dd128 desiccant dehumidifier review test coverage buy for saleIf you are looking for a great dehumidifier that is powerful yet light and quiet then you’ve come to the right place as the EcoAir DD128 dehumidifier ticks all these boxes and more!

While the EcoAir DD122 Mini is the smallest dehumidifier in the EcoAir desiccant range the EcoAir DD128 is the largest.

Basically the EcoAir DD128 is the larger brother of the EcoAir DD122MK5 which we have allocated our ‘Editor’s Choice‘ award. Therefore the EcoAir DD128 is a seriously good machine that will keep your house etc nice and dry.

Basically the DD128 is the same dehumidifier as the EcoAir DD122MK5 dehumidifier only with the following larger features;

  • Extraction rate of 8 litres (7 litres for the DD122MK5)
  • Water tank of 2.2 litres (2 litres for the DD122MK5)
  • Noise level of 35 dB(A) ( 34 dB(A) for the DD122MK5)
  • Weight 6.1kg vs 6kg for the MK5


There are too many good features to mention but at a push we will list a few:

  • Quality brand name
  • Silver Nano filter
  • Ioniser
  • Laundry mode
  • Timer
  • Continuous drainage facility
  • 2 years warranty with extended terms available


There is very little that we don’t like about the DD128. If we had to say something to improve the unit then maybe we would mention updating the design but that’s really a personal perspective and the unit looks quite good already.

As with all desiccant dehumidifiers there will be a slight smell when initially using the dehumidifier but this soon disappears.

Summary of DD128 Features

• Desiccant Technology
• No Noisy Compressor
• No Harmful Gas
• Compact Design
• Quiet (as low as 35dBA)
• Laundry Mode
• Silver Filter – Kills Bacteria On Contact
• Build In Ioniser – Air Purification
• Light Weight (6.1kg Only)
• Timer 2H / 4H / 8H
• Auto Restart
• Humidity Sensor
• Electronic Oscillating 3D Louvre
• 2.2 Litre Water Tank With Alternative Continuous Drainage Option
• Safety Features Included Tilt Over Protection, Water Full Indicator and Automatic Water Full Shut Down
• Electronic Control

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Extraction Rate

The stated extraction rate of 8 litres per day is quite high for a desiccant dehumidifier and provides a step up from the 7 litre extraction rates of the EcoAir DD122FW Simple and DD122MK5 models.

The 8 litre extract rate is similar to that of the Meaco DD8L and therefore the EcoAir DD128 can be used to dehumidify larger areas than the other DD122 models.

Compressor vs Desiccant Extraction Rates

Again we must warn you about comparing the extraction rates of desiccant dehumidifiers with those of compressor dehumidifiers.

Compressor unit extraction rates are often tested in higher climates of around 30°C and 80% relative humidity (RH) while EcoAir tests its desiccant units at 20°C and 60% RH.

The result is that the actual extraction rate of desiccant dehumidifiers will be closer to the stated extraction rate. For a compressor unit to extract 8 litres of moisture per day you should be looking at a stated extraction rate of around 14l – 16l per day.

Water Tank and FilterDD128 Ecoair desiccant dehumidifier water tank bucket remove indicator light drainage option

Water Tank

The water tank is a large 2.2 litres in size which is inline with the extraction rate increase from the other DD122 models.

The water tank can easily be slipped out from the side of the dehumidifier via a little build-in handle. The tank can then be lifted by a carry handle and once at the sink or drain the cover should be lifted up before emptying the water.

Reverse this procedure to reinsert the empty water tank.

If the tank is not reinserted properly a warning light will show on the control panel and the dehumidifier will not function until the water tank is inserted correctly.

A warning light will also glow on the control panel once the water tank is full. All dehumidifiers will stop operating when the water tank is full to avoid overspill.

Continuous Drainage Option

For those who want to operate the dehumidifier in remote locations or without supervision EcoAir have included a continuous drainage option.

By simply inserting a 12mm hose (included) to the drainage connection at the back of the unit the water tank will empty itself so that the dehumidifier can run continuously without supervision.

Obviously this is handy when drying a new build house, a freshly painted house, an investment property, a caravan, a boat etc.

The drainage option is gravity led meaning that you must place the dehumidifier above the drain or sink for it to work.

Some makes of dehumidifier feature a motor led drainage system which can pull water up into the drain however we feel that motor led systems are more liable to break down so purchasing a gravity led system is fine by us.

Silver Nano Filter

The DD128 filter is a Silver Nano filter which is one of our favourite types of filter.

Basically the filter releases silver ions which kills bacteria upon contact both on the filter itself and in the immediate vicinity of the filter.

The result is a cleaner and healthier air than by using a standard dust filter or other anti-bacterial filters. An exception to this would be the 3-in-1 type filtration system which also comes with a Silver Nano filter and ioniser such as found on the EcoAir DC202 Hybrid dehumidifier.


A great feature of the EcoAir DD128 is the inclusion of an ioniser.

We’d recommend that everyone buy a dehumidifier with both a Silver Nano filter and an ioniser as the quality of air improves so much.

There are both positive and negative ions in the air that surrounds us and an increased number of positive ions can make breathing somewhat difficult. This is especially true for those suffering from respiratory problems as well as asthma or allergies such as hay fever.

When you turn the ioniser on it releases negative ions into the air. These ions then attach themselves to positive ions which include mould spores, pollen, dust mites and dirt particles etc.

The positive/negative ion then becomes too heavy to stay airborne and will drift down into the dehumidifier’s filter or onto the floor where it will be vacuumed up.

The new air will make breathing easier and will aid relaxation as well as reducing stress and anxiety. Such clean air will be beneficial to everyone but especially the elderly, infants, sports men and women and those suffering from air-borne allergies.

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DD128 ecoair desiccant dehumidifier control panel laundry mode dry louvre settingEcoAir DD128 Control Panel

The electronic soft touch control panel is nicely laid out and can be understood very easily.

Water Full and Check Indicators

On the top left of the control panel you will find the Water Full Indicator.

This light will come on either when the water tank is full or when the water tank has been reinserted incorrectly after emptying or after transporting the dehumidifier. To rectify simply slide the water tank out and reinsert correctly ensuring a nice snug fit.

The Check Indicator will alight if the dehumidifier needs attention such as:

  • Filter needs cleaning
  • Dehumidifier is too hot (simply turn off and leave for 30 minutes)
  • If the air temperature is too high (over 40°C) or too low (under 1°C).

Below the Water Full and Check Indicator lights are the LED lights, laid out in a row, which correspond to the main function buttons which in turn are laid out in a row underneath the LED light indicators.

The main function buttons moving from left to right are:

Ioniser Button

The ioniser button turns the ioniser on and off.

Timer Button

The DD128 can be set to run for 2, 4 or 8 hours with the timer function. Simply press the timer button as many times as needed to set the appropriate time. One push sets it for 2 hours, press it twice to set it for 4 hours of operation etc.

When set for 4 or 8 hour operation the LED lights will count down the time remaining.

If the timer is not set then the dehumidifier will run continuously until it is turned off manually.

Louvre Swing Buttondd128 ecoair desiccant dehumidifier louve adjustable blow hot warm air diy paint laundry clothes

The adjustable louvre is situated at the top of the unit and this is where the warm air comes out of the machine.

The benefit of the louvre is that you can blow the air in a particular direction which is handy for drying wet or freshly painted walls, ceilings or laundry.

There are 3 main louvre settings:

  • Up swings louvre in upward range of approx 100°
  • Front swings louvre in forward range of approx 50°
  • Wide incorporates both Up and Front ranges for total reach of approx 150°

Simply press the Swing button until the LED is off to hold the swing.

It is also possible to set the louvre to pinpoint a particular position or to use a wide flow of air. This way you can really focus on a particular spot on the wall or the wall as a whole.

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Laundry Mode

The DD128 features two Laundry modes.

Laundry mode, as the name implies, can be used to dry laundry. Other uses for Laundry mode include using the dehumidifier in a new property to bring the humidity level down fast, to dry paint, to dry glue or wall paper faster than usual etc.

The first setting, denoted by 2 shirts, is an energy-saving setting and is recommended for summer time usage.

The second setting, denoted by 3 shirts, is the most powerful Laundry mode setting and is called ‘Turbo’ on the unit.

In Laundry mode the unit will work continuously until the humidity levels drops down to a very dry 35%.

Over Dry Protection

As part of the E7 Technology that the EcoAir DD128 boasts there is a feature called Over Dry Protection. This allows the dehumidifier to slip into Fan Only Mode if the air becomes too dry. More on this lower down in this review.

dd128 ecoair desiccant dehumidifier filter silver nano ioniser bactieria viruses mould sporesDry Mode

Dry Mode features 3 separate modes:

  • Economy
  • Hi
  • Auto

In Economy Mode the unit dehumidifies down to a 50% – 60% setting and is the recommended setting for night-time use. Economy mode is the ideal mode once the stronger modes have bought down high humidity levels.

Hi Mode is much stronger than Economy Mode and can be used to bring down humidity levels over 60%. Hi Mode will work until the relative humidity level (RH) reaches 40%-45%. Once these RH levels have been reached you should switch the setting to Economy mode to save energy consumption.

Auto Mode uses the energy-saving E7 Technology to switch between the modes in order to provide you with the optimum setting for the environment. Read more about E7 Technology below.

Power Key

The power key is the ‘On’/’Off’ button which we will assume you know how to work.

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E7 Technology

E7 technology allows the dehumidifier to toggle between settings automatically ensuring that the dehumidifier runs as efficiently as possible.

An important difference between the DD128, DD122MK5 and the DD122FW Simple is that the former two contain E7 technology but the latter does not. Therefore the former are automatic dehumidifiers whereas the DD122FW Simple is a manual dehumidifier.

E7 technology works by having multiple algorithms working together in order to adjust the settings with regards to the surrounding temperature and humidity. Over the longer term this feature will save you a lot of money.

It’s the E7 technology that controls the over dry protection system mentioned previously in this review.

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EcoAir Warranty Features

EcoAir DD128 2 year Warranty Review

Domestic EcoAir dehumidifiers come with a 2 year Warranty

Because EcoAir is so confident about the quality of its dehumidifiers they automatically come with a standard two year warranty.

Extended warranties are available at the following prices:

  • 1 year extra at £45 for total coverage of 3 years
  • 2 years extra at £60 for total coverage of 4 years
  • 3 years extra at £75 for total coverage of 5 years

20% VAT is included in the above prices so does not cost extra.


Since the EcoAir DD128 is a larger version of the ‘Editor Choice’ winning DD122MK5 dehumidifier would you be surprised if we said that we love it?

Those looking for a larger dehumidifier to dehumidify a 3 or 4 bed house should be well pleased with the EcoAir DD128.


Don’t just take our word for it though. Reading what other people say is important to so here are some reviews from verified purchasers of the EcoAir dd128.

  • “Brilliant dehumidifier”
  • “Been using daily for months, really good”
  • “it has quickly become my favourite household item I’ve ever owned.”
  • “Overall, I really recommend this product, you will not be disappointed.”
  • “its amazing how much water the unit collects in the few hours its run each day”
  • “Been using it for a few weeks now and it’s made a big difference to the humidity of the whole house”
  • “I decided to go for Ecoair’s DD128 due to its new design which looks rather nice. My house is very damp with humidity reaching 90%! I put this brand new DD128 in my kitchen when the humidity was 92% and I cannot believe it, after 3 hours on the high mode, it warmed up the kitchen from 16 degrees and humidity at 92% to 20 degrees and the humidity 76%.”

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Did you enjoy this EcoAir dehumidifier review? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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