DeLonghi DNC65 Dehumidifier Review Small, Light and Quiet

DeLonghi DNC65 Compressor Dehumidifier Review Byemould

The DeLonghi DNC65 Compressor Dehumidifier

The DeLonghi DNC65 dehumidifier is a perfect representitive of the De’Longhi white good range with its sleek modern look.

The most popular DeLonghi dehumidifier is the DEM10 and for a budget dehumidifier the DEM10 is quite good. However the Delonghi DNC65 dehumidifier has many more features than the DEM10 so is suitable for a wider range of applications.

You may also find the Delonghi DNC65 dehumidifier being called the Tasciugo AriaDry Light DNC65 as the actual full name of the dehumidifier is the Delonghi Tasciugo AriaDry Light DNC65 dehumidifier.

First of all being a desiccant dehumidifier the DNC65 Dehumidifier weighs just 5.5kg,with a width of just 17cm, and can operate at a very low level of 34dBH.

Desiccant dehumidifiers are eco-friendly as there are no compressor gases used. They are also efficient than compressor dehumidifiers in UK climates.

We will start our review with a quick summary of the features and specifications of the De’Longhi DNC65 dehumidifier. This will be followed by list of pros and cons and an extensive review.

Features of the De’Longhi DNC65 Dehumidifier

  • Pull up carry handle
  • Electronic antifreeze (down to 2°C)
  • Continuous drain discharge.
  • 3 different dehumidification power levels: Auto, Max and Min.
  • Electronic shut off timer up to 8hrs.
  • ‘Tank Control System’: the unit automatically stops when the tank is full.
  • SWING function: 3 position oscillating louvers to optimize the air distribution.
  • Clothes drying function: removes 6 l/d at any temperature condition, even the lowest ones.
  • Separately controlled ionizer
  • Tank capacity: 2 litres
  • Visible tank water level
  • New Technology without refrigerant gas.

Specifications of the De’Longhi DNC65 Dehumidifier

  • Noise Level: 34 dB(A)
  • Colour: White
  • Timer: Up to 8 hours
  • Electronic Controls: Yes
  • Filter: Yes
  • Height: 483 mm
  • Width: 324mm
  • Depth: 187mm
  • Weight: 5.5 Kg

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Pros delonghi dnc65 dehumidifier review mould mold humidity condensation

Too many to list but briefly;

  • Anti-bacterial filter
  • Ioniser
  • Desiccant
  • Movable Louvre
  • Continuous Drainage Facility
  • Timer
  • Soft Touch Control Panel
  • Handle on Water Tank


There are no real cons with this dehumidifier as almost all the features which I want to see are included. If I had to be picky;

  • No LED Screen Showing RH on Control Panel

Filter and Ioniser

The DNC65 features an anti-bacterial filter which purifies the air more than ordinary dust filters.

Those suffering from respiratory problems such as hay fever and asthma should definitely only buy dehumidifiers with an anti-bacterial filter.

Typically filters are pulled out of the back of the dehumidifier but the DNC65 filter gets pulled out to the side. This is no problem however extraction and insertion of the filter is super easy.

In conjunction with the anti-bacterial filter the Delonghi DNC65 dehumidifier also features an ioniser.

An ioniser attaches negative ions to positive ions such as dust and pollen. The enlarged ions become too heavy to stay afloat and fall into the filter or onto the floor where they can be hoovered up.

The result is a double whammy of super clean air via the anti-bacterial filter and ioniser.

These two features, combined with the fact that the DNC65 is a desiccant dehumidifier, moves the DNC65 on par with the EcoAir DD122Mk5 and the Meaco DD8L dehumidifiers both of which are among my favourites.

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Tank and Extraction

The water tank is a standard 2 litres and features a handy tank extraction grip which makes the

DeLonghi DNC65 Dehumidifier Water Tank

The DeLonghi DNC65 2L Water Tank

tank easy to slide in and out.

This unit also has a water level view window on its front so that you can keep an eye on the water level.

When the water tank is full the unit shuts off and the ‘tank full’ light alights until the water tank is emptied.

The tank has both a handle for easy carrying and a lid to avoid any accidental spillage.

There is also a continuous drainage option if you need to run the unit without interference. This option is handy for caravans, boats, garages and sheds etc. A small hose is supplied for this purpose.

The extraction rate is stated as 6 litres.

Control Panel

The Delonghi DNC65 dehumidifier soft touch control panel looks quite busy but it is actually quite easy to operate once you know the functions available.

While most dehumidifier control panels are laid out horizontally the DNC65 control panel is actually laid out vertically with the ‘On’/’Off’ switch at the bottom of the panel.

Above this, on the left, is the dehumidification button which you can press to set the DNC65 to Min (silent operation), Max (rapid dehumidification) or Auto (for maintaining a comfortable level of humidity).

In Auto mode when a relative humidity level (RH) of 55% is reached the unit switches over to fan only mode. This is a great feature which can save a lot of electricity. When the RH gets too high the dehumidifier starts working again in order to bring the RH back down to 55%.

The Min, Max and Auto settings are shown on the right handside of the control panel opposite the dehumidification button.

DeLonghi DNC65 dehumidifier control panel review

The DeLonghi DNC65 Control Panel

Above the dehumidification button is the laundry drying mode button.

You can choose between two laundry functions. The first is the ECON setting, or economy setting, which you should use during the summer during which the unit can operate automatically with low energy consumption.

The second laundry function is turbo mode which is the best setting to dry clothes indoors as in this mode the dehumidifier works most powerfully.

The ECON and Turbo indicator lights are on the right opposite the laundry drying mode button.

Above the laundry drying mode button you will find the swing button which allows you to set the angle of the louvre or deflector. The three louvre settings are forward, vertically and forwards & vertically.

You can use this setting to aim the warm air that is generated to point towards your laundry, painted wall, art work etc. It is a very handy feature.

The three settings are again located opposite the swing setting button.

Next is the timer button with the option of setting the timer for 2, 4 or 8 hour periods.

When utilising the timer the water tank may be emptied when full and the unit will recommence operations with the amount of time that was left when the tank became full and the unit stopped working.

Above the timer button is the ioniser ‘on’/’off’ button. The setting of this is again shown opposite the ioniser button.

On the top right of the control panel is the indicator warning light which flashes when the water tank is full and below this is the alarm light which alights when there is a problem with the machine.

All in all the control panel is quite easy to use.

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DeLonghi DNC65 Dehumidifier Review

The DeLonghi DNC65 Dehumidifier is light and quiet

The Delonghi DNC65 dehumidifier comes with a standard two year warranty.

Box Contains

1 x De’Longhi DNC65 Dehumidifier

1 x Instructions

1 x Drainage Hose


I am really happy to have reviewed the DNC65 as I have now added it to my list of favourite dehumidifiers.

Need I say more?

What DNC65 Buyers Are Saying

Delonghi is a large appliance company who make everything from radiators to kitchen appliances to dehumidifiers. As such they keep a tight eye on quality control. With this in mind and the fact that this dehumidifier boasts a lot of features we think that the Delonghi DNC65 is a great dehumidifier well worthy of purchase.

Verified buyers of the DNC65 agree with what I have to say;

  • ‘Brilliant’
  • ‘Works flawlessly!’
  • ‘I strongly advise it’
  • ‘A very good dehumidifier, well designed and constructed’
  • ‘Quality product quieter than expected and does dehumidify well’
  • ‘we have had this for over a year now and it has performed excellently’
  • ‘Absolutely brilliant, has revolutionised winter clothes drying, as we have SO must that cannot be tumble dried’

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