How Air Purifiers Is Good for the Pet

Considering the lovely charming environment that pets fill our homes with, it is always worth having them as our home-companion. The best of them all is the amazing benefits of mental health and wellbeing that these pets have provenly delivered to most of us. But then even these four-legged friends and the accompanying nestlings & fledglings are as much susceptible to indoor air pollutants as humans.

The increasing cases of respiratory problems, the possibility of having cardiovascular diseases, and the increasing premature deaths from exposure to indoor pollution not only concerns us humans but many pet owners as well. Recent researches and studies do exhibit a huge risk on the health of pets who have been exposed to air pollution.

This has been proven that the level of air pollution indoors is way higher than the level of air pollution outdoors, and this is one of the main reasons why people have shifted their focus on using air purifiers. While there are plenty of such products in the market, the complete-lot does consist of some of the best air purifiers that are equally beneficial for your health as they can be for your pet. Here are a few good reasons as to why they are good for your pet:

Your Pets Hate Foul Odors as much as You Do!

Your pets hate the smell of foul odor as much as you do. Their sense of smelling being way enhanced than ours, a foul odor can be extremely irritating for them. Since such smell at home also works as a welcoming call for various micro-organisms and is a clear sign of existing pollutants, it is always recommended to use an air purifier to ease yourself, as well as your pet from such unwanted smell. Foul existence of smell can also be mood-altering, so taking care of it is a must to spruce the indoors up for good!

Eliminate Health Risk Due to Chemicals Existing in Indoor Air

Pet health can be quite affected by the existing harmful contaminants present in the house. This list can include potential chemical compounds such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, flame-retardant chemicals, and phthalates containing products. This has been related to increased cancer rates and metabolic dysregulation, which is becoming a more common medical condition among pets.

With almost 99.97% ability to remove pollution from indoor rooms, some of the best air purifiers work wonders in cleaning up the indoor air by removing these chemicals from the surrounding area, thus help your pets stay safe against these contaminants.

Air Purifiers Keep Indoors Free from Second- and Third-Hand Smokes

The smoke that is often released during cooking and smoking tobacco can also cause severe health problems to your pet that potentially includes cancer due to the presence of carcinogens in second-hand and third-hand smoke particles. The same has been reflected in recent studies being conducted at the University Of Glasgow, Scotland, as well as from researches conducted at Colorado State University. And there are several reports and studies from a handful of other research institutes that confirm the above and make it needless to say further as to why one must keep in air purifiers at homes for their pet safety.

Keep Dander and Other Allergens Away

There are several customized air purifiers today that can actively help fight the above issues while taking care of the existing pet dander, pollens, dust mites, and other allergens. It is also equally important to keep yourself free from any health issues to take proper care of your pet and is one of the major reasons why an air purifier is often recommended when you plan to accompany yourself with these beautiful companions.

You Better Get One if Your Pet Has Allergies

If your pet is non-resistant to allergies or is known to have respiratory issues, then in such cases, the air purifier is not just a recommendation but a must-have appliance for your home.

The best air purifiers are usually pet-friendly and include a variety of customized add-ons such as HEPA filter system, photo-Electrical Oxidation Technology, carbon-based filters, that at full-functioning actively reduces the ill effects of any pollutants and keeps indoor atmosphere allergy-free.

Not A Humidifier, Not an Ionizer, But a Proper Air Purifier

While a humidifier for obvious reasons can’t be compared to an air purifier to fight air pollutants, there is a certain chance one might refer to an ionizer for regulating indoor air pollution. However, this choice is going to cost you if you have a feathery friend at your home. Ionizers can be harmful to birds as they oxidize the air around making it pure oxygen but also release ozone which can be equally hazardous for your health as well as the pet.

It is always recommended to have an air purifier at home if you own a pet or planning to have one. Just a little word of wisdom – do take care of all the specifications such as the filters, features, operability, and durability, when looking for the best air purifier for you and your pet. And most important of them all, don’t forget to make sure that it is pet-friendly.

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