EcoAir DD122 Mini Compact Desiccant Dehumidifier Review

ecoair dd122 mini desiccant dehumidifier room home house condensation mould damp byemould

The EcoAir DD122 Mini without a doubt the best dehumidifier to treat a room

Best Mini Dehumidifier 

Wow, the EcoAir DD122 Mini, released in 2014, is a miniature crossover between the EcoAir DD122FW Simple and the EcoAir DD122MK5.

It’s a very cool little machine that will save you energy consumption over the long run while still extracting moisture at a powerful rate.

The DD122 Mini, at just 27cm wide and 5.1kg, is also the quietest dehumidifier, at 32 dB(A) that we have come across but perhaps that is because it’s a tad smaller than the other EcoAir DD122 models which operate at 34 dB(A).

Given the great features that the DD122 Mini exhibits it has become our firm favourite dehumidifier for drying out a room.

The EcoAir DD122 Mini is the newest dehumidifier from EcoAir and what a product it is. Here are its features described in-depth.

Summary of the DD122 Mini Features

  • Two Year Warranty
  • Compact Space Saving Design
  • Desiccant Technology
  • Extraction of 6L per day (20°C, 60RH)
  • Simple Touch Button Control
  • Quiet Operation (as low as 32dBA)
  • Tank Full Indicator
  • A choice of Humidity Settings including a Laundry Mode
  • Intelligent Humidity Sensor
  • Three Position Swing Louvre
  • Anti Allergic Deodorising Filter
  • Handy Carry Handle (Lightweight at only 5.1kg)
  • Timer 2H / 4H / 8H
  • Auto Restart
  • Removable 1.8 Litre Water Tank.
  • Tilt Over Protection
  • 17.4cm deep x 26.9cm wide x 44.5cm high

EcoAir DD122 Mini Extraction Rate 

For its size the EcoAir DD122 Mini packs a powerful punch with an extraction rate of 6 litres per day tested at a temperature of 20°C and a relative humidity level of 60%.

The 6 litre extraction rate compares favourably with the DD122FW and the DD122MK5 both of which have extraction rates of 7 litres per day.

Bear in mind that the EcoAir DD122 Mini is a desiccant dehumidifier which was tested in a similar climate to that found in the UK. Therefore you could expect your extraction rate to be near the stated rate of 6 litres per day.

Compressor dehumidifiers are usually tested in much higher and wetter climates so the extraction rates for compressor and desiccant dehumidifiers are not like for like. For actual 6 litre extraction you may need a compressor dehumidifier with a stated extraction rate of 10 – 12 litres per day.

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DD122 Mini Filter and Water Tank

Anti-Allergic FilterMini DD122 Ecoair dehumidifier water tank

The DD122 Mini features an anti-allergic filter which differs to the Silver Nano filters found in the DD122FW and DD122MK5.

The anti-allergic filter can also be found in the EcoAir DC202 Hybrid Dehumidifier/Air Purifier where it makes up part of the 3-in-1 filtration system of the unit.

The  filter uses a new fibre called Deometafi. This filter will neutralise a wide range of odours and purifies by forming a ionic bond to the filter because it has artificial enzymes in the fibres

Note that anti-allergic filters should not be washed as the germicidal effect of the filter will be lost. Rather the filter should be hoovered every 1-2 months depending on the amount of usage the dehumidifier has seen.

DD122 Mini Water Tank

Despite being a ‘mini’ dehumidifier the water tank comes in at 1.8 litres which is only 200ml smaller than the tanks of the other DD122 models.

The water tank on my Meaco DD8L dehumidifier is 2 litres however I always empty it well before it’s full. A 1.8 litre tank should make very little to no difference when operating the DD122 Mini.

There’s a water tank full indicator as well as a water tank shut off which turns the dehumidifier off when the water tank is full. This is a standard feature on all dehumidifiers to avoid spillage etc.

To empty the tank simply slide it out of the side of the machine and carry it by the handle. Once at the sink or drain remove the cover and tilt the tank to empty.

Thankfully you can make out the water level in the tank as the dehumidifier is operating so you don’t have to remove the tank to gauge water height.

The EcoAir DD122 Mini does not come with a continuous drainage option whereas both the EcoAir DD122FW and DD122MK5 dehumidifiers do.

Control Panel

Mini DD122 Ecoair dehumidifier control panel room home houseThe simple to understand electronic control panel is laid out in two rows and features easy touch button controls.

We will describe the top row first moving left to right.

Timer Function

The main button on the top left is the timer function which can enable settings for 2, 4 and 8 hours. To the left of the timer button are small lights which light up depending on which time period has been chosen.

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Laundry Mode

Unusually the DD122 Mini comes with two Laundry modes. Most other dehumidifiers come with just a single laundry mode.

There are two indicator lights to the left of the Laundry mode button. The bottom light is denoted by a diagram of 2 t-shirts which denotes ordinary Laundry mode.

You can use this setting to dry your laundry in the low energy saver operation. This setting is recommended for summer use.

The top light, denoted by a diagram of 3 t-shirts, is the true turbo mode and can be used to dry laundry or very wet rooms very quickly.

In Laundry mode the dehumidifier will work continuously at full power to drive the humidity levels way down (typically to around 35%). If not watched the air can become too dry. To prevent this the DD122 Mini features an over dry protection which switches the machine into fan only mode when the air starts to become too dry.

Alert Button (Water Tank Full and Check Indicator)

On the top right of the control panel you will find an alert button which shows the ‘water full’ light on top. This light comes on when the water tank is full or if the water tank has not been repositioned properly after emptying or transporting.

Below the ‘water full’ light you will find the ‘Check Indicator’ light. This light comes on when the unit needs attention.

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mini dd122 ecoair dehumidifier best condensation mould damp

Moving onto the bottom row of buttons from left to right;

Louvre Control Key

On the bottom left of the control panel you will find the louvre control key with 3 settings into which you can move the louvre.

  • Up moves the louvre in an upward range of approx 100°
  • Front swings the louvre outwards in a range of approx 50°
  • Wide swings the louvre outwards and upwards in a range of approx 150°
  • To Hold simply press Swing until the LED light turns off

Dry Mode Function

Next is the Dry mode button with 3 LED lights to the left being for the 3 different available settings. Each setting is denoted by a single, double or triple water drop diagram.

The single water drop represents the Economy Mode setting which is recommended for daily use once the required humidity has been achieved. In this setting the unit dehumidifies at around 50%-60% relative humidity and is highly recommended for night use.

The double water drop is High Mode for high levels of humidity. This setting can bring the relative humidity down to 40%-45%.

The triple water drops signify auto mode in which the dehumidifier toggles to select the most efficient setting for dehumidification (also known as E7 technology, more on this below).

Finally at the bottom right of the control panel we find the ‘On’/’Off’ button which I am sure needs no explanation.

EcoAir E7 Technology

Since 2012 EcoAir have been incorporating their energy-saving E7 technology into their dehumidifiers. The EcoAir DD122 Mini as well as the DD122MK5 dehumidifiers feature this technology. The DD122FW Simple does not.

E7 technology allows the dehumidifier to sense the temperature and humidity in the air. It can then toggle between the most efficient settings as it dehumidifies to bring the user savings on energy consumption.

The technology works as multiple algorithms work in unison allowing the machine to become fully automatic in operation.

Obviously this is a superb feature for the Eco DD122 Mini dehumidifier.

Other Features of the EcoAir DD122 Mini

mini ecoair dd122 how long to run filter anti bacterial silver nano e7 technologyAuto Restart

All EcoAir dehumidifiers feature Auto Restart. Basically this means that when the power goes out (due to a power cut etc) the unit stops operating. However when the power comes back on the unit starts operating automatically in the setting that it was in when the unit stopped working.

Tilt Over Protection

Tilt over protection is another safety feature which automatically stops the dehumidifier from working if the unit accidentally gets tilted or falls over.

EcoAir Warranty Policy

EcoAir are super confident about their products and have a standard 2 year warranty on their

EcoAir DD322FW 2 year Warranty Review

Domestic EcoAir dehumidifiers come with a 2 year Warranty


However up to 3 years of extended warranty can be purchased for a total of 5 year cover.

  • Extra 1 year costs £45 for a total of 3 years warranty
  • Extra 2 years costs £60 for a total of 4 years warranty
  • Extra 3 years costs £75 for a total of 5 years warranty

The above prices include 20% VAT.

Box Contains

1 x EcoAir DD122 Mini Dehumidifier


This popular dehumidifier has made a lot of people happy. However there are some negative reviews on Amazon but there are two reasons for that. They say either;

  1. That the red indicator light came on after 1 minute of use. This is obviously because the water tank was not fit snug. They should simply pull the water tank out and reinsert it and
  2. That the dehumidifier was not strong enough for a 2 bedroom flat. The problem here was that the people did not research properly and bought a dehumidifier that is too small for the job. The DD122 Mini is ideal for dehumidifying and refreshing one room at the time.

Once you understand these two problems and their solutions you will love the DD122 Mini.

Here are some quotes from verified buyers.

  • “I did a lot of research before finally deciding on this model and I haven’t been disappointed!”
  • “immediately remedied a problem with condensation/mould in a bedroom”
  • “So I settled for this model and it works very well”
  • “If you are looking for a quiet mini compact humidifier then this is the one I strongly recommend”
  • “A really good little dehumidifier, perfect for the small bedroom”
  • “Easy to use, small and performed!”
  • “nice compact machine. lifts lots of water. Quiet and easy to use & empty.”

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Uses For The EcoAir DD122 Mini

ecoair dehumidifier position how long do I runDue to its small size the EcoAir DD122 Mini is great for smaller spaces or if you want to have the dehumidifier out of sight.

Just remember not to place the dehumidifier next to walls or bookshelves etc.

Because the DD122 Mini can be easily ‘hidden’ or stored out of the way ideal uses include conservatories, boats, motor homes, mobile homes, studio apartments, smaller apartments and flats, single or double rooms in residential houses, sheds, smaller garages etc.

Just remember that one of the most common complaints about the DD122 Mini was from people who placed the unit in a large area. If you want a dehumidifier to place in the hallway of a house in order to dehumidify several rooms at once you will need a larger dehumidifier.

The DD122 Mini is a great little power horse and we are very happy to recommend it to bring down and maintain the humidity levels in smaller areas.


We are blown away that the DD122 Mini can pack such a punch despite being EcoAir’s lightest and most compact dehumidifier.

As usual for EcoAir desiccant dehumidifiers the features are really good and make for an effective, practical, unobtrusive machine. We really like the size and filter type however a great addition to the unit would be an ioniser (however this will probably increase the cost of the good value unit). Not withstanding the lack of ioniser this unit is superb.

The DD122 Mini is ideal for smaller dwellings such as apartments and flats but really comes into its own when used room by room instead of being placed in the hallway.

When used for this purpose the unit gets our vote for best ‘Mini’ dehumidifier.

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Did you enjoy this EcoAir dehumidifier review? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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