EcoAir DC202 Hybrid Dehumidifier/Air Purifier Review

EcoAir dc202 hybrid dehumidifier air purifier hay fever asthma allergies respiratory problems

The EcoAir DC202 Hybrid Dehumidifier/Air Purifier is ideal for those suffering from airborne allergies

Best Dehumidifier For Those With Allergies

If you are looking for a dehumidifier or air purifier to ease your allergy symptoms look no further than the brilliant EcoAir DC202 Hybrid Dehumidifier/Air Purifier.

The DC202 not only controls the humidity level of your home but it also purifies the air making it easier to breathe and achieve greater levels of relaxation.

Cleaner air is achieved through the use of two different types of filters, an ioniser and a 3 – in 1 filtration system!

The unit operates as a dehumidifier and an air purifier simultaneously or you can operate the unit solely as an air purifier.

There are many other great features in the DC202 that will satisfy everyone so let’s look all the parts in detail.

Extraction Rate

First of all you should know that the DC202 is a compressor dehumidifier which claims that it can extract 20 litres of moisture from the air per day. While this may be true it is highly likely that the test climate was significantly different from UK temperatures.

Typical test climates for compressor type dehumidifiers would be a temperature of 30°C and 80% RH. Obviously the temperature and humidity levels in the UK would be lower so don’t be surprised if the DC202 extracts at a lower rate than 20L per day.

Filter and Water TankDC202 hybrid ecoair water tank handle dehumidifier air purifier

Most dehumidifiers feature just one filter however the EcoAir DC202 Hybrid contains two filters.

3-in-1 filtration Filter

The first filter is a 3-in-1 filtration filter as follows

  • Charcoal
  • deodorizer
  • Anti-Allergic

Basically it is constructed of two charcoal filters with catalyst agents which are covered by an anti-allergic non-woven fabric.

This filter should not be cleaned and should be replaced after 3 – 6 months of use.

Silver Nano Filter

The second filter is a silver nano filter which kills bacteria upon contact both on the filter itself and in the air.

This filter should be vacuumed clean every 2 – 4 weeks to keep the dehumidifier functioning optimally.

Do not wash the silver nano filter as washing can weaken the germicidal effect of the filter.

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Electronic Ioniser

The ioniser is a great feature to use in conjunction with the silver nano filter.

The ioniser releases negative ions into the air which attach themselves to positive ions such as dust, dirt, pollens and mould spores. The enlarged ion falls into the dehumidifier or onto the floor ready to be cleaned up.

Breathing difficulties often occur because there are an excess number of positive ions in the air. The ioniser takes excess positive ions out of the air making breathing easier for those with breathing difficulties such as asthmatics and hay-fever sufferers.

DC202 Hybrid Water Tank

The EcoAir DC202 Hybrid features a 4 litre water tank which is twice as large than normal for a domestic dehumidifier.

You can simply pull the tank out of the back of the unit by the hand grip and carry it to the sink with a fitted handle.

There is a plastic window on the front of the dehumidifier so that you can see how full the water tank is so that you may empty it before the machine turns itself off. All dehumidifiers will turn themselves off when the water tank is full.

Continuous Drainage Option

At the rear of the unit is a little knockout which you can remove with a screwdriver.

You can then fit a hose with an inner diameter of 12mm (think garden hose) for continuous drainage.

Continuous drainage is gravity led so the dehumidifier should be placed above the sink or drain to work effectively.

The DC202 Hybrid Control Panel

DC202 Hybrid Ecoair control panel dehumidifier air purifierAs can be expected when you combine a dehumidifier and air purifier the control panel looks fairly busy but it is actually quiet easy to operate.

Working from top to bottom we have;

The Timer Function

Press the timer button to set the timer for 2, 4, 8 or 12 hour periods.

To the left of the timer button are led light indicators for each time frame. The light of the chosen time frame will light up when selected.

If no time frame is selected the unit will operate in continuous dehumidify mode.

Dry Mode Key

Next we have the Dry Mode key which only functions if the ‘dry’ light is on next to the ‘Function’ button lower on the control panel.

With Dry Mode you can set the target humidity with 3 settings. These settings are low, medium and high. Again these settings alight to the left of the main Dry Mode button when selected.

Swing Function

The Swing Function sets the swing function of the adjustable louvre.

The settings include wide, front and up.

  • Up swings the louvre upwards to about 80°
  • Front swings the louvre forwards about 60°
  • Wide swings the louvre wide to about 180°

This range allows excellent air flow for any drying which you may need. Jobs such as drying laundry indoors or drying a wet wall after painting or cleaning become very easy and safe with the louvre.

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Function Button

With the function button you can set the unit to operate in one of three functions.

The functions are;

  • Dry mode (discussed above)
  • Laundry mode
  • Air purification mode

Laundry mode, as the name implies, is great for drying damp laundry indoors. in this setting the dehumidifier works at full power to bring the humidity down to very low levels.

Using a dehumidifier when drying clothes etc indoors stops the humidity rising thus prevents conditions which are suitable for the breeding of mould spores.

Air purification mode can be selected if you wish to operate the unit purely as an air purifier. If this mode is not selected the unit will function as a dehumidifier and air purifier at the same time.

‘On’/’Off’ ButtonDC202 Ecoair hybrid dehumidifier air purifier domestic allergies allergy asthma hay fever excema

Simply press this button to turn the unit ‘on’ or ‘off’.

Full and Defrost Buttons

Below the main ‘On’/’Off’ button there are two lights.

The ‘full’ light on the left will light up if the water tank is full or has been wrongly repositioned.

The ‘defrost’ light will alight when the coils on the unit become too cold and the unit needs to ‘defrost’ the coils in order to function effectively.

The defrosting of the coils is a standard feature of compressor dehumidifiers. Desiccant dehumidifiers lack this feature as they do not contain any coils.

Auto defrost allows the unit to function in temperatures above 5°C.

Humidity Indicators

Lastly there are three humidity indicators on the bottom of the control panel. EcoAir calls these status indicators.

The 3 indicators show the following humidity percentages;

  • <50% where the rooms relative humidity is less than 50%
  • 50%-60% where the rooms humidity level is between 50%-60%
  • >60% where the rooms humidity level is greater than 60%

Fragrance Box

Unusually for a dehumidifier the DC202 contains a fragrance box in the top of the unit near the airDC202 hybrid ecoair fragrance box dehumidifier air purifier home house relaxation outlet.

The fragrance box can be filled with different types of fragrances such as aromatic chemicals or scented materials. There’s a small sponge inside on which essential oils can be placed.

Advantages of the fragrance box include a nice scent in your home, greater relaxation (in conjunction with the cleaner air from the two types of filters and ioniser). stress reduction, reduced anxiety and much more.

Summary of Features

  • Slimline build; great for use in utilities, conservatories etc
  • Uses environmentally friendly R134a gas
  • IPX4 rating against water splashes is perfect for laundry/utility use (Water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect)
  •  Compact & Slimline Desig
  •  5-Stage Purification System with 3-in-1 Filter (Antiallergic, Deodourising & Charcoal), Silver Nano Filter and Built In Ioniser Function
  •  Quiet Operation
  •  Electronic Control
  •  3-Level Humidity Control
  •  Humidity Sensor
  •  3-Level Auto Swing Air Outlet
  •  Timer 2H / 4H / 8H / 12H
  •  2 Fan Speed
  •  Water Full Indication & Auto Shut-Off
  •  Electronic Smart Auto Defrost
  •  Large 4L Water Tank With Continuous Drainage Option
  •  Fragrance Box – Add Your Own Essential Oil
  •  Air Purification Mode
  •  Laundry Function
  • 2 Year Warranty

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Specifications of the EcoAir DC202 Hybrid Dehumidifier

  • Model: DC202
  • Operating Temperature Range: 5ºC ~ 35ºC
  • Dehumidification Extraction Rate: 20 litres/day (30ºC, 80%RH)
  • Water tank capacity: 4 Litres
  • Power Consumption: 318W Voltage: 230V~50Hz
  • Net Weight: 10.7 Kg
  • Gross Weight: 11.9 Kg
  • Net Dimension (W x H x D): 517mm x 172mm x 387mm 12
  • Gross Dimension (W x H x D): 580mm x 243mm x 455mm
  • Noise level: 42 dB(A)


EcoAir Dc202 hybrid dehumidifier air purifier 2 year Warranty Review

Domestic EcoAir dehumidifiers come with a 2 year Warranty

EcoAir Dehumidifiers come with a standard 2 year warranty however up to 3 extra years in extended warranty can be bought at the following rates;

  • 1 extra year £45 for a total 3 years warranty
  • 2 extra years £60 for a total of 4 years warranty
  • 3 extra years £75 for a total of 5 years warranty

The above prices include a 20% VAT charge.

Box Contains

1 x EcoAir DC202 Dehumidifier
1 x 1 metre Continuous drainage pipe


There are too many positive points to list especially from the point of a compressor dehumidifier but here are just a few;

  • Excellent filter system (in fact the best we’ve seen)
  • Contains an ioniser
  • Timer function
  • Clean control panel
  • Powerful extraction (20L @ 30°C and 80% RH)
  • Dehumidifier / Air Purifier Hybrid
  • Best dehumidifier brand name
  • Fragrance box


To be fair very little disappoints us about the EcoAir DC202 Hybrid. In fact due to the amount of features included it has probably become our favourite compressor dehumidifier.

At a push the cons would include;

  • No lid on the water container
  • No LED screen showing the rooms temperature and humidity levels.

As mentioned above the EcoAir DC202 Hybrid does contain a rough guide, or 3 indicators, to humidity levels which is more than most other dehumidifiers have. However we are still big fans of detailed information visible on LED screens.

Verified Reviews of the DC202 Hybrid

Ecoair dc202 hybrid dehumidifier air purifier features best price buyOver the last year or so we have seen the DC202 Hybrid gain in popularity. As mentioned previously we think the unit to be ideal for those suffering from respiratory problems or allergies.

Here is what verified buyers think of the unit;

  • “good reliable and nothing to say negatively about this machine”
  • “I was looking for a compressor model which also had many of the benefits of a desiccant machine”
  • “and is very effective keeping a medium sized room below 60 degrees relative humidity in damp region”
  • “my child who suffers from excema says the air feels much more comfortable now”
  • “Brilliant product. Just plug it in and it starts sucking the moisture out of the air”
  • “Put it in kids room and within the hour it had reduced the humidity from 60%+ to less than 50%”
  • “No wet windows doors or walls. even dries your laundry. brilliant”

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Best Compressor Dehumidifier For Allergies

Due to the 5 stage filtration system and dehumidifier/air purfier function we think that the EcoAir DC202 Hybrid is the best dehumidifier for those suffering from allergies.

According to Allergy UK one in four people in the UK suffer from some type of allergy!

The DC202 helps to clear your home from dust mites, dirt particles, mould spores, insect spores, animal dander, viruses and bacteria through the use of its filters and ioniser. This keeps the air cleaner promoting easier breathing and greater relaxation.

Those who will benefit from the dual function of the dehumidifier and air purifier are not only those with asthma and hay fever but also the elderly, infants, sportsmen and women, those who medidate and many more.


If you’ve read the above review from start to finish you know that we are big fans of the EcoAir DC202 Dehumidifier / Air Purifier.

It would be fair to say that we were somewhat sceptical initially as EcoAir are well known for their desiccant dehmuidifiers such as the DD122 Series. However many of the features on the DC202 are usually only found on desiccant dehumidifiers so its great to see these features being transferred to a compressor model.

We also like the 3-in-1 filter system in conjunction with the Silver Nano filter and ioniser. The fragrance box adds a nice touch as does the rough humidity level indication.

In our books the EcoAir DC202 Hybrid Dehumidifier / Air purifier is a winner.

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Did you like this Ecoair dehumidifier review? If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below.

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