iOCHOW C1 Dehumidifier Review Contains Some Great Features

iOCHOW C1 dehumidifier review byemould mould mold damp condensation humidity dehmuidifierThe iOCHOW C1 dehumidifier is a low cost mini dehumidifier that contains some great features for the price.

Mini dehumidifiers are useful in small spaces such as underneath stairs, bathrooms, box rooms, boats etc. The advantage of mini dehmuidifiers is that they don’t take up much space, are quiet to run and are more energy efficient than full size dehumidifiers.

Having said that the iOCHOW C1 dehumidifier features a large water tank and good extraction rate so you can think of this dehumidifier as a large mini dehumidifier (ie it is larger than other mini dehumidifiers such as the AirPro, Duronic and Pro Breeze models).

The iOCHOW C1 dehumidifier currently has around 10 reiews on Amazon but each review has given this iOCHOW C1 mini dehumidifier a 100% satisfaction rating!

iOCHOW C1 Dehumidifier Running Costs

Stated energy usage per hour is 65 watts so if your tariff is 15p per hour then the iOCHOW C1 dehumidifier should cost less than 1 pence to run per hour.

Refer to your latest electricity bill to find out your exact electricity rate.

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Extraction Rate and Water Tank

The stated extraction rate is 1.5 litres of moisture per day and the water tank has a 2.4 litre capacity.

As is usual for dehumidifiers the unit turns off automatically when the water tank is full. This is just a standard safety feature that avoids accidents such as spillage. Once the tank has been emptied and reinserted correctly then the dehumidifier will resume operations.iOCHOW C1 dehumidifier water tank extraction rate ioniser yoga reiki meditation

The water tank is situated on the rear of the unit and is made out of see through plastic which is great. This way you can see the actual water level in the tank and empty it before it gets full. This way the dehumidifier is only off for a minute or two and the humidity level in the room should stay constant.

If, on the other hand, you let the water tank get full then it may be a while before you notice that the dehumidifier has turned itself off. During this time the rooms humidity level could have risen again which means that the dehumidifier will have to work longer.

The water tank also comes with a handy lid to avoid spillage when carrying it to the sink or drain.

Ioniser Is Great For Allergies

We are surprised that the iOCHOW C1 dehumidifier features an ioniser as it’s rare to find an ioniser on a low cost mini dehumidifier. Anyway, we’ll take it! Ha ha

Very basically what an ioniser does is it releases negative ions into the air. These negative ions attach themselves to the positive ions already floating in the air. Once attached the new ion becomes too heavy to stay afloat and falls to the ground where it can be mopped or hoovered up.

The result is less positive ions in the air which enables easier breathing and promotes greater relaxation. Ionisers are always great for those with airborne allergies and those who like yoga, reiki and mediatation etc.

UV Lamp

The UV lamp is the ideal companion to the ioniser as the UV lamp kills bacteria and viruses which gives you an even cleaner air.

Operating VolumeiOCHOW C1 dehmuidifier review byemould ioniser uv light anti bacteria healthy air yoga reiki meditation mould mold damp humidity

Mini dehumidifiers are always quiter than full size dehumidifiers and even though its a large mini dehumidifier the iOCHOW C1 dehumidifier is very quiet as it operates at just 34dB(a). This operating volume falls somewhere between a whisper and light rainfall making it ideal for bedroom use.

Dimension and Weight

The iOCHOW C1 dehumidifier measures just 42 cm x 26 cm x 26 cm and weighs just 2.1kg.

iOCHOW C1 Dehumidifier Plug

The iOCHOW C1 dehumidifier comes with a standard UK 3 prong plug however a converter plug is also included so that you can use the iOCHOW C1 in a 230v shaver point.

Final Thoughts

We are impressed with the features on the iOCHOW C1 dehumidifier especially at this price range. The ioniser, UV light and low running cost makes this a mini dehumidifier worthy of consideration.

With these great features the iOCHOW C1 mini dehumidifier is great for those who want healthier air to keep airborne allergies at bay and for those who participate in relaxation activities such as yoga and mediation etc.

If you just want a dehumidifier to keep the condensation off the window then the iOCHOW C1 will do the job just nicely.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a good mini dehumidifier then check out the iOCHOW C1 on Amazon.

Amazon Reviews

To help you make up your mind here are what purchasers on Amazon are saying about the iOCHOW C1.

  • ” I am completely satisfied, and can only recommend it”
  • “It’s an ideal dehumidifier for dehumidifying my room and several narrow places”
  • “All in all, this dehumidifier is very useful for dehumidifying my wardrobe and toilet”
  • “Running this overnight helped clear the moisture and smells in the main bathroom”
  • “Compared with similar mini dehumidifier, this one seems to be more portable and practical”
  • “I love this dehumidifier with powerful dehumidifying capability, it’s easy to use and portable”
  • “I’m satisfied with all of its functions and exterior, especially negative ion system and UV lamp”
  • “highly recommended product for those people who want to maintain an atmosphere as healthy as possible”

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