Pro Breeze 3000ml Dehumidifier Review Great Features For Price

Pro Breeze 3000ml Dehumidifier review byemould mould mold damp condensation humidityWith the Pro Breeze 500ml mini dehumidifier being one of the most popular dehumidfiers on the market we are keen to review the larger Pro Breeze 3000ml dehumidifier.

Pro Breeze have their head office in London and warehouses throughout Europe, Asia and the USA.

Pro Breeze sell a range of appliances ranging from aroma diffusers to fans and garment steamers to dehumidifiers.

To starts things of with the Pro Breeze 3000ml review you should know that the unit should be available for under ¬£100 or much less if there’s a special deal going (check latest price on Amazon here).

Just before we dive into the review you should know that the Pro Breeze 3000ml runs of a standard lead and does not need a separate 12v adaptor.

Pro Breeze 3000ml Running Costs

Stated power usage per hour is 150 watts which means that if your rate is 15p p/kWh then your running costs per hour is around 2.25p.

Extraction Rate and Water Tank

The headline figure of 3000ml will fool a lot of people into thinking that the Pro Breeze 3000ml dehumidifier will extract 3000ml of moisture per day.

To be clear from the outset the 3000ml figure refers to the size of the water tank and the stated extraction rate is 1.5 litres per day.

The method of stating the size of the water tank instead of the extraction rate is common practise for smaller dehumidifiers. It’s a pure marketing ploy but doesn’t really affect the running of the dehumidifier.Pro Breeze 3000ml dehumidifier water tank bucket features specifications byemould review handle mould damp

That said a 3 litre water tank is fairly large for a domestic peltier type of dehumidifier. A standard 2 litre tank would have done fine. Anyhow if you achieve the stated 1.5 litre daily extraction rate then you only have to empty the tank every second day which is pretty good.

The water tank is situated on the rear of the unit and comes with a nice indented handle so that you can pull the tank out easily.

The tank is made up of see through plastic so that you can monitor the water level and empty the tank before it gets full. This way the dehumidifier is turned off for a very short period of time and the room humidity level should not increase during this time.

The dehumidifier will not operate if you let the water tank get full. Once it’s full all operations stop until the tank has been emptied and reinserted correctly. However you might not notice that the tank is full for a half hour or hour or more. The longer you don’t notice the tank being full the more chance there is of the room humidity level climbing back up.

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Energy Efficient

The Pro Breeze 3000ml dehumidifier has a build in humidity sensor which turns off the dehumidifier once the target humidity level has been reached. This feature ensures that you are not wasting money and is a great feature for a dehumidifier at this price range.

Pro Breeze 3000ml dehumidifier control panel led display screen humidityLed Display Screen and Control Panel

One of our favourite features on dehumidifiers is a LED display screen which shows the current humidity level in the room and we are glad that the Pro Breeze 3000ml dehumidifier features one. Again, this is a great feature for a dehumidifier in this price range.

The control panel is situated on the front of the dehumidifier which is a little bit different as most control panels are situated on top of the dehumidifier. Never the less we think that it gives the Pro Breeze 3000ml a great look.

The control panel is easy to understand especially if you’ve used a dehumidifier previously.

Peltier Dehumidifier

The Pro Breeze 3000ml dehumidifier is a peltier dehumidifier which uses thermo-cooling technology.

Peltier dehumidifiers are a little different than compressor and desiccant dehumidifiers and most smaller dehumidifiers like the AirPro, Duronic and Pro Breeze 500ml are peltier dehumidifiers.

Like desiccant dehumidifiers Peltier dehumidifiers are quieter than compressor dehumidifiers due to the lack of compressor parts. However while desiccant dehumidifiers use sillica to control moisture peltier dehumidifiers use thermo-cooling technology as mentioned above.

Silent Mode

Ideal for bedroom use the Pro Breeze 3000ml dehumidifier features a silent mode which places the dehumidifier in a low fan setting so that you can have a great nights sleep while the dehumidifier is working away.


The Pro Breeze 3000ml Dehumidifier is Ideal For

The Pro Breeze 3000ml dehumidifier is ideal for small to medium areas such as small rooms, kitchens, storage rooms, boats, caravans etc.

Many other peltier dehumidifiers are much smaller in size and so are only suited to very small areas. The Pro Breeze 3000ml is a larger dehumidifier which can be used in slightly larger areas.

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Dimensions and Weightpro breeze 3000ml dehmuidifier review

According to Amazon the Pro Breeze 3000ml dehumidifier measures 48.6 cm x 31 cm x 23.2 cm and weighs 6kg.


This Pro Breeze dehumidifier comes with a 1 year warranty.

Box Contains

  • 1 x Pro Breeze¬†Dehumidifier
  • 1 x Power Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Amazon Reviews

Currently the Pro Breeze 3000ml dehumidifier scores 4.3 / 5 stars on Amazon which shows that this is a quality dehumidifier. Here is what purchasers are saying

  • “Works very well in a small kitchen”
  • “Simple to use, sleek design & good value”
  • “Great bit of kit, pretty quiet too. Grest value!”
  • “Small compact and powerful, does the job great and is a nice price”
  • “Nice looking design and light weight , relatively quiet , works quiet well “
  • “Seems to do the job effectively! It is in our cellar and needs emptying every couple of days”
  • “Very happy looks good with amazing performance would recommend this product to anyone”

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