Meaco 12L AH Dehumidifier Review with Large LED Display

Meaco 12L ah dehmuidifier control panel large led display elderly visual impairmentMeaco was kind enough to send us a Meaco 12L AH Dehumidifier to test and we are very happy with the results.

Meaco typically modifies normal dehumidifier features in order to help particular market segments.

For example the Meaco Zambezi contains a timer that can be set to come on at some point in the future. This timer system helps people who want to wake up without any condensation on their window.

While the Meaco AH dehumidifier is suitable for use by everyone it has a very large LED display panel which makes this dehumidifier ideal for the elderly or those who are somewhat vision impaired. 

Running Costs

The running costs of dehumidifiers are normally cheaper than people think. The Meaco 12L AH dehumidifier is a case in point.

Meaco states that the Meaco 12L AH dehumidifier costs around 2.78p to run at a climate of 20°C and 60% Relative Humidity and 3.0p at 20°C and 80% RH. These rates are based on a tariff of 15.2p per kWh.

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Main Features of the Meaco 12L AH Dehumidifier

 The Meaco 12L AH is an effective dehumidifier that will help prevent condensation and mould formation. This dehumidifier is powerful enough to handle the moisture in a small 3 bedroom house.

Here’s a list of its main features.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Unlike other dehumidifiers that look like clunky boxes, this model manages to be aesthetically pleasing. The curved corners and top control panel enhance its appearance, so it won’t ruin your home’s design.
  • Large Display – The dehumidifier’s large display is easy to read, even from afar. The large digits change colours depending on the humidity level, and you can check both the temperature and the relative humidity.
  • Good Air Circulation Pattern – This dehumidifier has an air intake on two of its sides. The air is sucked in through the sides, the moisture from the air is removed, and then the air is blown out in a circular pattern through the top. This will allow the dry air to spread out faster throughout the room, so you’ll notice the changes quicker.
  • Portable – The dehumidifier weighs 11 Kg, so it’s not exactly light. However,Meaco 12l AH dehumidifier review byemould mould mold humidity damp condensation small compact large display the all-surface casters will help you move the dehumidifier from one room to another without having to lift it.
  • Double Walled Filter – This dehumidifier uses a double walled filter made out of a particle and a charcoal filter. The filter will remove the dust particles from the air, and does a great job at removing any smells.
  • Timer – The dehumidifier uses a 24-hour timer, so you can program it to work while you’re away. This is a great way to save money if you’re not at home because the dehumidifier will only run for as long as you want it to.
  • Continuous Drain Feature – If you don’t want to regularly drain the dehumidifier’s water tank, you can connect it to a drain or a sink using the provided hose and activate the continuous drain feature.
  • Automatic Restart – The dehumidifier will automatically restart after a power cut. Once the power is restarted, the dehumidifier will run using the same settings as before.
  • Colored Warnings – If the air becomes too damp, the dehumidifier will display the readings in red. If the air is too dry, it will display them in green. If the digits are blue, the relative humidity is within the comfort zone.

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 Extraction Rate

The Meaco AH has a maximum extraction rate of 12 Liters of water per day at 30 degrees C and 80% relative humidity. This is a good extraction rate, and it should be enough for a small 3 bedroom house or a flat.

Typical UK extraction rates would be around 5 litres per day for this model as UK winter temperatures are, unfortunately, lower than the test temperature listed above.

The lower actual extraction rate number is perfectly normal for compressor dehumidifiers (which the Meaco 12L AH dehumidifier is) in UK climates.

Filter And Water Tank

 This dehumidifier uses a double walled air filter. The filter is composed of a normal particle filter and a charcoal one. This type of  air filter is very good, and it will remove both the dust and the smells from the air.

The water tank has a maximum capacity of 1.7 Litres which is a nice size for a home dehumidifier.

The dehumidifier will automatically stop running once the water tank is full. This is a standard safety feature on dehumidifiers in order to avoid spillage.

The dehumidifier also has a continuous drain option, so you can bypass the water tank and use the Meaco dehumidifier on boats or in mobile homes, sheds and garages etc .

 meaco 12l ah dehumidifier review byemould Control Panel

 The Meaco AH dehumidifier has a user-friendly control panel that’s placed on its top.

The display is large and easy to read, and it even uses a colour code. When the digits are red, the relative humidity is too high. When they’re green, the RH is too low. When the digits are blue, the RH is in the comfort zone.

All the dehumidifier’s functions are displayed on the control panel, and they’re easy to activate.

 Who Is It For

 The Meaco AH has a good extraction rate, and it’s very easy to use. Thanks to its large display and user-friendly control panel, this dehumidifier would be a good fit for elderly people.

The dehumidifier would be a good choice for both small home owners and tenants who want to prevent mould formation.


 The Meaco 12L AH dehumidifier comes with a 2-year warranty.

 What’s In The Box

  •  Meaco 12L AH Dehumidifier
  • Continuous Drain Hose
  • Instructions Manual
  • Caster Wheels

 Final Thoughts

 The Meaco 12L dehumidifier is a good looking unit that’s capable of removing the moisture from the air in a small 3 bedroom house. The dehumidifier has a user-friendly control panel with a large display that makes it a good choice for elderly people.


As we’ve said many times on Byemould, we think that Meaco dehumidifiers are great dehumidifiers and, as opposed to other dehumidifier review websites, we have actually tested these dehumidifiers. However you will want to know what other people think so here are some quotes from Meaco 12L AH dehumidifier buyers on Amazon.

  • “The large display and simple but effective electronic touch sensitive controls make this an easy item to use”
  • “The 1.7L tank is generally full after about 3 days when I’ve programmed to maintain 55% humidity”
  • “More like a gentle hum with a light fan sound, even on high fan speed ( 2 speeds) very happy as a result!”
  • “takes up very little room and is easy enough to move around. The motor runs reasonably quietly”
  • ” it works; it brought the relative humidity levels of my house from 70% to 55% in a few hours”
  • “Works very well in the house. Can feel the difference after 20 mins, Very recommended!”
  • “Easy to use and effective. Guarantee is reassuring”

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