Inventor 20L Dehumidifier Review PR1-ION21LBS (Energy Efficient)

inventor 20l dehumidifier review byemouldThe Inventor 20L dehumidifier has a great moisture extraction capacity and works silently. You can use this unit to maintain the humidity level in a room at a certain level or to remove the moisture from older buildings.

The Inventor  PR1-ION21LBS sits in the middle of the Inventor dehumidfiier range in terms of extraction. The Pr1-ION21LBS comes with a range of pleasing features including smart energy-saving technology, a timer, laundry mode and many others.

So let’s get started by looking at the Inventor 20l dehumidifier features in greater detail.


Inventor 20L Dehumidifier Main Features

 This is one of the most efficient dehumidifiers available on the market in 2017, and it has the main features to back this statement.

  • Great Extraction Capacity – The dehumidifier has an extraction capacity of up to 21 L of moisture per day. This makes it great for larger spaces or buildings with mould and mildew problems.
  • Smart – This unit is able to automatically select an ideal moisture level depending on the room’s temperature. This will lower the power consumption and improve the comfort level in a certain area.
  • Air Ionizer – The air ionizer function will release negative ions in the room’s air, absorbing the dust, debris, bacteria, and the unpleasant odors in the room. This feature will increase the air’s quality, making it better for allergy sufferers.
  • Swivel Casters – The dehumidifiers stands on swivel casters for increased portability. You won’t have to carry this unit from one room to another. The rotating wheels will make pushing the dehumidifier around easy, so you can move it whenever you wish. You can use the top handle to move the unit around the house.inventor 20l dehumidifier laundry mode dryer drying clothes laundry inside
  • Clothes Drying Feature – You can use this unit to dry off your clothes faster. All you have to do is place the wet clothes in a small room and enable this feature. The dehumidifier will extract the moisture from the clothes without leaving the air damp, keeping the room dry in the process. To maximize the dehumidification process, make sure the air flow is directed straight at the clothes.
  • Timer – You can use the timer to program the dehumidifier to turn on or off at certain hours. This is a great way to keep your power bills low because you won’t have to keep the unit running all day.
  • Full Tank Safety – This dehumidifier will automatically turn off if the water tank is full. You will also see a notification displayed on the top control panel when you need to empty the tank. The tank’s capacity is 3 L, and you will have to empty it more or less frequently, depending on the air’s moisture level.
  • Continuous Drainage Option – If you don’t want to bother with emptying the water tank, you can use the continuous drainage option. This option will allow you to connect the dehumidifier straight to a drain. This is a great option to have if you’re planning on using this unit in a larger space.

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Extraction Rate

 This dehumidifier has an extraction rate of up to 21 L of moisture per day.

This makes the unit great for larger spaces, such as living rooms, shops, or offices. However, you will need to connect the unit to a drain if the room’s moisture level is very high and you want to lower it quickly. Otherwise, you will have to empty the water tank a few times each day.

Once the humidity level falls back to normal levels you can just use the water tank to collect water. The continuous drainage feature is handy for less visited areas such as sheds, garages, boats and caravans.

inventor 20l dehumidifier review water tank extraction rate filterFilter And Water Tank

 The filter is located behind the front grill. It’s easy to reach and to remove, and you should clean it at least once every month. You don’t have to change the filter. You should clean it with a damp cloth and let it dry completely before putting it back.

The water tank has a capacity of 3 L. When the tank is full, a sound notification will make 8 beeping sounds and a light indicator will flash.

The unit will automatically turn off when the water tank is full. The water tank has two handles for easier manipulation. You should be careful when removing the tank because the water rises near the top.

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Control Panel

 The dehumidifier has an easy to use control panel placed on its top. All the control pads have corresponding lights, so you will notice if one setting is being used or not. You will be able to change the desired humidity level between 35 – 80% using 5% increments. The current settings and all the potential errors will be shown on the LCD display.

 Who Is It For

 This is a very efficient unit with a great extraction rate, so it should be a good choice for people living in larger homes or flats. It can also be used with good results in offices or shops.

Those looking for a smaller dehumidifier might like the Inventor 12l dehumidifier.


 The dehumidifier comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

What’s In The Box inventor 20l dehumidifier ioniser laundry mode caster wheels

  •  Inventor 20L Dehumidifier
  • Instructions Manual
  • Casters 

Final Thoughts

 With a great moisture removal efficiency and a silent operation, the Inventor 20L dehumidifier is a good choice for people who have mould or mildew problems in their homes.


Inventor dehumidifiers typically receive a high satisfaction rating and we can verify this by checking the ratings on Amazon where, at time of writing, the Inventor 20L PR1-ION21LBS dehumidifier has around 400 reviews with an average satisfaction rating of 94%!

Here is what Inventor 20 Litre purchasers are saying

  • “3 litres of fluid every day so far and humidity is falling. 3 bedroom home, best we’ve tried”
  • ” noise issue I read about, I spent 18 years in Africa this is no different to a fan on in summer to cool down”
  • ” It dries clothes REALLY well even when it’s raining outside, what a bonus”
  • “We have woken up this morning to dry windows which is nothing short of an miracle in our house”
  • “The tray in which the water is gathered is deep, and easy to empty without spilling water”
  • ” has completely solved our problem of window condensation”
  • ” The online registration with Inventor was straightforward”

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