MeacoWall Dehumidifier Range (Another Benchmark Product!!)

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MeacoWall colour options include white or black

When it comes to new, clever design and greater operating efficiency Meaco leads the way in the global dehumidfier market. Last year Meaco released the benchmark Meaco DD8L Zambezi which is probably the best domestic dehumidifier currently on the market and, this year, Meaco is releasing its new MeacoWall dehumidifier range.

The MeacoWall dehumidifier range brings innovative design combined with energy savings to larger domestic and smaller commercial areas and is the result of 2 years worth of research and development.

As the name implies MeacoWall dehumidifiers are to be placed on a wall. This frees up any ground space that may have previously been occupied by a larger dehumidifier which was placed on feet or casters.

However don’t think that you are placing an ugly machine on your wall. MeacoWall dehumidifiers are very attractive with unique glass plate front on which you can find a sensory touch LED control pad.

Typically wall dehumidifiers are fairly thick at around 32cm-40cm but Meaco has managed to make their dehumidifiers much thinner at a mere 20.2cm. Product innovation indeed!

There are 3 MeacoWall dehumidifier models;

  • 53 litres
  • 72 litres
  • 103 litres

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All dehumidifiers feature a DC motor which not only reduces energy consumption and increases the life of the dehumidifiers but it makes the dehumidifiers super quiet as well.

The 53 litre dehumidifier for example operates at just 44db(A). This volume is equivalent to a smaller domestic compressor dehumidifier. The 72 litre dehumidifier has an operating volume of just 46 db(A). You can take it from us that this is a very low volume for a dehumidifier of that size.

Meaco is so certain that this is a very high quality dehumidifier that they’ve added it to their prestigious Platinum range.

Sample applications include;

  • Pools
  • Gyms
  • Hairdressers
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Data Centres
  • Timber Storage
  • Pump Rooms
  • Car Storage

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