Inventor 12L Dehumidifier Review (94% Satisfaction Rating!!)

Inventor 12L dehumidifier review byemould

We think that the Inventor 12L dehumidifier is great value for money

The Inventor 12L Dehumidifier is a great little dehumidifier and we would like to thank Inventor for sending us a sample to review.

Currently there are 7 models in the Inventor dehumidifier range.

Inventor also sell air conditioners and fridges but for this review we’ll just stick to their 12 litre Inventor Care dehumidifier which is the smallest compressor dehumidifier in the range.

The Inventor 12L sells and rates very well on Amazon which is no surprise as, in our opinion, this is a great value for money dehumidifier as it includes many features typically found in more expensive dehumidifiers.

So let’s start this review by looking at the running costs of this dehumidifier.

Inventor 12L Running Costs

We contacted Inventor to find out exactly what they said actual power consumption is (don’t worry, we will do our own test soon) and they said that power usage is just 207 watts per hour. If the dehumidifier is in standby mode then obviously it hardly uses any power at all.

So while operating the hourly costs would be 3.10p per hour assuming that you pay 15p p/kWh (check your latest electricity bill for your correct rate).

The humidistat will stop the dehumidifiers operation once the required humidity level has been reached. If the humidity level rises again the dehumidifier will resume operation in order to bring the humidity level back down to the target level.

Obviously the humidistat will help save you running costs as the dehumidifier won’t be operating unnecessarily.

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Inventor 12L Dehumidifier Main Features

 The Inventor 12L is a great dehumidifier, with a lot of smart features which make it very efficient. Here is a list of the best features this dehumidifier has to offer

Good Extraction Capacity

The Inventor 12L dehumidifier can remove up to 12L of moisture from the air in a single day, preventing dampness and the formation of mould.

Bear in mind that UK winter temperatures are lower than the actual test temperatures which were likely to be 30°C and 80% relative humidity. So while the stated extraction rate is 12 litres the actual extraction rate might only be around 5 litres.

Accurate Humidity Sensor

The dehumidifier has a built-in humidity sensor. When the desired humidity level is reached, the sensor will automatically stop the dehumidifier, saving energy and lowering your bills. If the humidity level rises, the unit will resume its operation

Automatic Restart

Inventor 12l dehumidifier review

Great features make the Inventor 12l dehumidifier stand out from the competition

This unit has an automatic restart feature. If the dehumidifier turns off due to a power outage, it will automatically resume its operation using the previously known settings as soon as the power comes back on.

Full Tank Alert

The Inventor 12L dehumidifier has a 2L water tank. If the water tank is full, a sensor will turn the unit off to avoid water leakage. You will also see a notification on the display if the tank is full.

The water level can be verified with ease through a plastic window. The tank is easy to remove, but it fills near the top so you should be careful when doing it.

A great tip is to empty the water tank before it’s full as this way there won’t be any spillage and the dehumidifier will be running for longer making it more efficient.


This unit has a 24 hour timer which will help with lowering your bills. You can program the dehumidifier to turn on or off, in one hour increments, increasing its efficiency.

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Continuous Drain

 The dehumidifier can be connected directly to a floor drain or sink using a hose of 13.5 mm in width. This will allow the water to drain continuously without having to empty the tank from time to time making this dehumidifier ideal for use in more remote areas such as sheds, garages, boats, caravans and mobile homes etc.

Increased Portability

This unit comes with casters and a handle for increased portability. You will be able to push and pull the dehumidifier on many surfaces without having to lift it. Caster wheels are ideal for the elderly and those with sore backs etc.

Simple Controls

The digital control panel is easy to use and if you’ve used a dehumidifier before you won’t even need the instruction manual. You can set the desired humidity level between 35 – 85%, using 5% increments. You can change between Silent and Normal modes, and all the current settings are highlighted by illuminated buttons.

Automatic Defrost – You can use this unit in colder environments. The automatic defrost function will melt the ice buildups before turning on the compressor.

Extraction Rate

 The Inventor 12L dehumidifier has an extraction rate of 12 L per day. You can program the unit to maintain the air’s humidity at a certain level, between 35 – 85%. Depending on the room’s humidity and the desired humidity setting you will have to empty the 2 L water tank more or less often.

Filter And Water Tank

 The dehumidifier’s filter is easy to remove. You don’t have to change the filter, but the manufacturer recommends taking it out and washing it at least once a month, depending on the environment you’re using it in.

The water tank has a capacity of 2 litres. If you forget to empty the tank, a notification will appear on the display and the unit will stop working as a precaution. Keep in mind that the water tank fills near the top, so you should be careful when taking it out to avoid spillage.

It could be easier for you to use the continuous draining function if you live in a very humid environment. This feature will allow the water to bypass the water tank and drain directly through a hose. You can use this water for your plants, or you can connect the dehumidifier to a drain.

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 Control Panel 

Inventor 12l dehmuidifier control panel led display panel mould mold damp humidity condensation

The control panel is easy to use and we love the LED display panel

 The Inventor 12l unit’s control panel is easy to understand and use. It’s placed on the top of the unit, and all the settings can be turned on/off or changed with a simple push of a button. You will be able to track all the changes on the LCD display.

Who Is It For

 The Inventor 12l dehumidifier is not very big, and it has a high capacity. This makes it a good choice for people living in small flats or old buildings, and it may even be efficient in small shops and offices.


 This product comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

What’s In The Box

  •  Inventor Care 12 L Dehumidifier
  • Instructions Manual
  • Casters

Final Thoughts

 With a silent operating mode and a good efficiency, the Inventor 12 L dehumidifier will be a great addition to any household. You can use it to maintain the humidity level constant, and it will only run when it needs to, keeping your bills low.


As mentioned in the introduction the Inventor 12l dehumidifier sells and rates well on Amazon. At time of writing the dehumidifier has well over 400 reviews with an average satisfaction rating of 94%! Here is what purchasers are saying about it;

  • “I have noticed after a few days of using it i get no more condensation on the windows”
  • “absolutely brilliant warm dry bedroom going to bed and dry getting out of bed,will recommend to everyone”
  • ” had to empty this twice in one week but my cough at night is one he’ll of a lot better now!”
  • “has needed emptying every day so it does need attention. Very simple to use with clear switches”
  • ” built in wardrobes are finally dry. Neat design and it is not too big for small flat….highly recommended”
  • “Very effective little dehumidifier. We use it in our conservatory, and it’s really doing the job!”
  • “Excellent……great value for money, in fact works as well as a more expensive model I had for years”

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