Interview: Tom Morgan from Jungle Property

Tom Morgan Jungle Property Dehumidifiers

Tom Morgan of Jungle Property has recently been doing some work with Tom Morgan from Somerset based Jungle Property so we asked Tom if we could ask him a few questions for ByeMould blog readers. Thankfully Tom was agreeable to an interview and his answers are as follows:

1) Could you tell us about Jungle Property?

Jungle Property is a multi award-winning customer service business that lets and manages residential property across Somerset.

Our service vision is simple – to delight all those who come in contact with Jungle Property.

2) Do you think that this a good time to buy an investment property?

Yes – a shortage of housing in the UK (we simply have not been building enough!) together with a rise in the popularity of renting makes buy-to-let an attractive proposition. However investors need to choose property carefully if they are to maximise the return on their investment.

3) Is mould a problem for tenants ?

Mould is a huge problem and raises concerns about the effects on their health if the problem is not addressed.

4) Would you recommend that landlords/tenants buy a dehumidifier?

Definitely – mould and mildew aside the health benefits of using a dehumidifier are well documented. As more and more people now suffer from allergies and asthma the use of a dehumidifier should be considered as an option to condition the air you breath.

5) Do you have any genral words of advice for tenants and landlords? 

Get yourself a good agent!

ByeMould would like to thank Tom for his time in answering these questions. If you are a tenant or landlord in the Somerset area give Tom a call to get advice and up to date information.

The Jungle Property website can be found here and the Jungle Property blog is available here.