New Dimplex Dehumidifier Recall July 2017

Dimplex recalled 5 dehumidifier models due to overheating and fire concerns.

The dehumidifier recall models are the DXDH10N, DXDH16N, FTE10, FTE16 and FTE20 which were manufactured between January and June 2015.

If you are in possession of such a model you are advised to turn off the unit and unplug it from the wall socket immediately.

To find out if your Dimplex dehumidifier has been recalled slide out the water tank and check the serial number on the product rating plate.

If the first 3 numbers of your serial number are between 501 – 522 then you will need to contact Dimplex.

According to Dimplex if your serial number begins with any other numbers then you can continue to use your Dimplex dehumidifier without any concern.

How to Contact Dimplex

To contact Dimplex for a replacement model simply call one of the following numbers;

UK 0800 028 5386 (Monday–Thursday 8.30am–5pm, Friday 8.30am–3pm)

Republic of Ireland 01 8424833 (Monday – Friday 9am-5pm)

Other Dimplex Recalls

Last year ByeMould also notified consumers that Dimplex recalled their  DXDH10N and DH212 dehumidifier models.

More information about that dehumidifier recall can be found here.


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