Top 10 Most Popular Fan Heaters

Dimplex FX20V Wall Mounted Heater fanFan heaters are ideal for warming small areas quickly.

I have a Dimplex FX20V fan heater in the bathroom and during the winter months it makes having a shower or bath much more comfortable, not only for the adults, but especially for the kids.

We also have a radiator panel in the bathroom but for a quick blast of heat, when taking the kids out of the bath for example, a fan heater is ideal as it saves turning on the whole heating system.

What follows is a top 10 list of the most popular fan heaters sorted by popularity based upon the number of reviews on Amazon.

Image (click for latest price)NamePower (watts)Rating (out of 5)Number of Reviews

Lloytron F2003WH20004.1941

Dimplex FX20V20004.4323

Glen 2KW Wall20004.4230

Vinsani 2000W20003.7188

Winterwarm 2KW Wall20004.2157

Dimplex 2KW Upright20003.6148

Dimplex 2KW Flat20004.1135

Honeywell HZ-510E18004.3118

De'Longhi HTF303330004.0117

De'Longhi Retro HVR903330004.1114

As can be seen most fan heaters feature 2000 watts of power however many models also have a lower power setting in case you do not want full power. The Dimplex FX20V for example can be set for 1kW or 2kW power upon installation.

The better brand names feature heavily in this list which is to be expected as consumers prefer to buy from trusted brand names which provide quality after sales service and longer warranties than their lower quality competitors.

As such Glen Dimplex, Honeywell and De’Longhi all feature in this list. At ByeMould we have covered radiators and/or dehumidfiers by each of these manufacturers.

There are a number features to look for when choosing a fan heater and these include whether the unit is horizontal or vertical, price and rating.

Vertical fan heaters such as the Dimplex FX20V are ideal for a bathroom whereas you may prefer a horizontal unit for the bedroom or kitchen as these heaters push hot air out rather than down.

For the latest price of each unit simply click on the images in the above table. Prices will vary according to season and availability of stock.

Best Fan Heater

Our choice of fan heater from the above list has to be the Dimplex FX20V Wall Mounted Fan Heater as it has a rating of 44 from well over 300 reviews.

We also have personal experience with the unit and would recommend it to all and sundry.

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