EcoSeb DD122EA Dehumidifier Review Kill Mold Dead

ecoseb dd122ea dehumidifier review byemouldThe EcoSeb DD122EA Dehumidifier is a great appliance for everyone who lives or works in a humid environment. The dehumidifier is lightweight and quiet, allowing you to continue your daily routine while it removes the moisture from the air.

But did you know that this dehumidifier can outperform a compressor dehumidifier and dry most of your clothes in under 4 hours?

EcoSeb DD122EA Main Features 

THe EcoSeb DD122EA  is one of the best performing dehumidifiers available on the market today, and it has the features to back up this affirmation.

  • Small And Lightweight – The dehumidifier is small and it weighs just over 13 lbs, so you’ll be able to move it from one room to another without any difficulties. Carrying the dehumidifier between rooms is easier using the collapsible carry handle.
  • Quiet This unit does not produce more than 34 dBa when it’s working, so it’s very quiet. Keep in mind that a whisper produces 20 dBa, and a normal conversation 55, so you’ll have no problems keeping the dehumidifier running at night, even if you’re a light sleeper.
  • Low Maintenance – This model’s filter is easy to remove and clean, making the regular two weeks cleaning process easy and straightforward. You can either use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust gathered in the filter.
  • Energy Saving – The dehumidifier has an energy-saving function which will lower the power consumption and will keep the unit running silently. If the humidity levels are high, you can enable the Turbo function until they come back to normal, and then keep the problem under control using the energy-saving function.
  • Auto Restart – This function allows the dehumidifier to automatically start after a power failure. When the power comes back on, the unit will start running using the same settings as before the failure.
  • Ergonomic Tank Removal – The water tank is covered with a lid and has a side handle to slide it out and a top handle to carry it. You will be able to remove it and drain the water with minimal or no water spillage.
  • Safety Features – Mixing water and electrical current is never a good idea. That’s why this dehumidifier has an anti-tilt protection which will turn it off automatically if the unit tilts and falls, avoiding any hazard.

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EcoSeb DD122EA Extraction Rate

If the air humidity in a room exceeds 60%, the room becomes a breeding ground for different types of bacteria. This can lead to the formation of mold further leading to breathing difficulties and allergies.

The EcoSeb DD122EA dehumidifier is able to extract up to 15 pints of moisture each day.  

Filter And Water Tank 


The dehumidifier uses a large filter to block out the dust and debris in the air. The filter is easy to remove for maintenance and cleaning operations, and you can even clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

You have to clean the filter regularly if you want to make sure the dehumidifier is working on optimal levels. Cleaning the filters should not take you more than 5 minutes, and you have to do it at least once every couple of weeks.

Water Tank

This unit’s water tank has a storing capacity of 4.2 pints/ 2 liters. You don’t have to constantly check the tank to see if it’s full because the dehumidifier comes with a water full indicator. However, if you don’t want to drain the water tank at all, you can connect a drainage hose to the dehumidifier and allow it to drain continuously in a sink or a drain.

 Control Panel

 The dehumidifier’s control panel is intuitive and easy to use. Most people will be able to understand all the functions without even reading the instructions manual.

The humidity levels can be adjusted using a rotary dial control panel. You can set the humidity between 35 – 80%. If you don’t know which humidity level to choose, the water drop icons might give you the necessary hints. At the end of the rotary panel is the laundry setting. Setting the dehumidifier on laundry mode and engaging the Turbo mode will dry most your clothes in under 4 hours.

 Who Is It For

 The DD122EA dehumidifier is a great product for all the people, homeowners or tenants, who have problems with mold.

Not only is using a dehumidifier good for people who suffer from breathing problems and allergies, it is actually recommended.

A dehumidifier will also make a great addition for households with basements or garages which are not ventilated properly.Using a dehumidifier on boat houses or yachts will preserve your furniture or provisions for a longer period of time.

This dehumidifier can remove the moisture in areas of up to 200 square meters.


 The dehumidifier comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty.

 What’s In The Box

  • DD122EA dehumidifier
  • Silver Nano Filter
  • 3 ft drain hose

Final Thoughts

 The EcoSeb DD122EA Dehumidifier is one of the best models available on the market today especially at this price. It’s lightweight and portable, has a lot of functions and algorithms which allow it to function continuously once you set it up, and it has an energy-saving mode which will keep your energy bills low.

EcoSeb DD122EA Reviews

There are around 200 reviews on Amazon for the EcoSeb DD122EA with an average satisfaction rate of 88%. Here is what verified purchasers are saying.

  • “Small, Quiet & Light but packs a punch!”
  • “I have never been more satisfied or impressed by a small appliance than I have with this dehumidifier”
  • “It’s now been a month, and this machine is incredible”
  • ” I’ve watched TV with this on (in that small room) and was barely aware of the blower noise”
  • “This is the only dehumidifier that uses this type of technology that ive found”
  • “Put this in our bathroom. Set at the middle setting on low it sucks moisture very quickly”
  • “Amazing! I never realized there’s a lot of water in the air”

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