7 Deluxe Home Dehumidifiers Over £200

7 Deluxe Dehumidifiers Over £200The deluxe home dehumidifiers below are the ultimate work beasts that will fight mould and win every time!

They contain all the features of lower priced dehumidifiers plus some extra features that you probably didn’t know existed on dehumidifiers.

Below you will find a great mix of home dehumidifiers including a wide range of brands, extraction rates features and applications.

We hope that this guide will allow you to select a dehumidifier in minutes as opposed to hours or days!

Let’s start with our favourite domestic dehumidifier.

The Best Dehumidifier In The World!Zambezi Meaco Review ByeMould home dehmuidifiers

1. Meaco DD8L Zambezi Desiccant Dehumidifier

The Meaco Zambezi was released in early 2016 and set a new benchmark in dehumidifier technology. The unit contains 6 new features which have never been seen on a dehumidifier previously.

Meaco was kind enough to send us a prototype model (1 of only 5 that were in existence) and we were blown away by the power and features that the unit offered.

Everything on the Meaco Zambezi is powerful from its condenser which allows the unit to extract more than 8 litres of water per day to the ioniser which extends out over a 10 metre range from the dehumidifier.

Our favourite feature is that you can set the dehumidifier to come on in the middle of the night (or before coming home from work) so that you can wake up with condensationles windows. You can also set the timer once so that it comes on at the same time every day without manually setting the daily.

Of course the Meaco Zambezi also comes with Meaco’s Control Logic energy-saving technology which allows you to save up to 80% of running costs. Even the dehumidifiers Laundry Mode has an energy-saving feature to make the unit as efficient as possible.

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Ideal For Those Suffering From Hay Fever And Asthma EcoAir DC202 Hybrid home dehumidifiers Dehumidifier Air Purifier Hay fever asthma review byemould best buyetc

2. EcoAir DC202 Hybrid Dehumidifier / Air Purifier

If you suffer from hay fever, asthma or other respiratory problems the EcoAir DC202 might be the ideal dehumidifier for you.

Respiratory problems can be caused by dirty air and the EcoAir DC202 has a 3 stage filtration system to clean the air very thoroughly. The filtration system consists of two charcoal filters, a deodorizer and  an anti-allergic fabric. The filtration system also features silver nano technology.

An ioniser complements the filtration system perfectly as it takes positive ions, such as mould spores, pollens and dust etc, out of the air which makes breathing easier.

Not only does clean air help reduce symptoms of those with hay fever but it also promotes greater relaxation and that makes this dehumidifier ideal in places where yoga, pilates, reiki and massages are performed.

There are also loads of other features which make the price very worthwhile.

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Designed For The British ClimateEbac 3650e dehumidifier review byemould best buy uk 2017 home dehumidifiers

3. Ebac 3650e 18 Litre Smart Dehumidifier

The Ebac 3650e dehumidifier is part of Ebac’s Smart dehumidifier range.

This range is designed to save running costs nad Ebac estimates that you can save between £30 – £55 in running costs annually using this technology.

Energy savings are made using Proportionate Control which ensures the dehumidifier runs only when it needs to.

Intelligent defrost senses when the coils are about to freeze and stops the operation of the dehumidifier to let the coils warm up again. By stopping the dehumidifiers operation earlier than other dehumidifiers the coils warm up faster and in turn allows you to reuse the dehumidifier faster.

As expected this dehumidifier also boasts lots of other features all of which you can read about below.

This dehumidifier rates 4.8/5 stars on Amazon and this reflects Ebac’s commitment to providing quality appliances.

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Which? Winner and Massive Energy Savings For Youmeaco 20l platinum rangle low energy dehmuidifier home dehumidifiers byemould review best price uk 2017

4. Meaco Platinum Low Energy 20 Litre Dehumidifier

How do you know when a dehumidifier is good? When Which? magazine selects it as its ‘Best Buy’ for 2015.

It’s easy to see why Which? selected the Meaco 20 Litre Low Energy Dehumidifier as its winner. For starters the unit states that it can extract 20 litre of water per day running on only 255w of power!

If you combine the low power usage with Meaco’s Control Logic energy-saving technology you will save even more money over the medium and longer term. Meaco did always design their units with the end customer in mind and this dehumidifier is perfect proof of that.

As always with home dehumidifiers in this price range there are loads of features including a 24 hour timer, a child lock, Laundry Mode, a swinging louver, castor wheels and a digital display just to name a few.

The Meaco 20L Platinum Low Energy Dehumidifier rates 4.8/5 stars on Amazon from around 170 reviews. This is testament to the dehumidifiers quality and popularity.

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Ideal For Large Houses / Small Office.  Very Powerful Desiccant Dehumidifier With a MassiveEcoAir DD322 Classic 10L dehumidifier review byemould home dehumidifiers best buy uk 10 Litre Extraction Rate.

5. EcoAir 10 Litre DD322 Classic Dehumidifier

If you are looking for a dehumidifier to neutralise a large house or smaller office then the EcoAir DD322 Classic Dehumidifier is for you.

With a massive 10 litre extraction rate this dehumidifier has the largest extraction rate of all the desiccant models mentioned above. As such the dehumidifier is also great for light commercial and industrial work.

The DD322 Classic features EcoAir’s energy-saving E7 Technology which allows the unit to toggle between the operating modes (full power, economy and stand-by modes) to make the running of the unit as efficient as possible.

There are 2 Laundry Mode settings plus a swinging louver to direct the warm air over the laundry, a timer, a continuous drainage facility with hose,an auto-reset function and many more features which make this unit very effective.

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Ideal For Flooded Buildings. 50 Litre Capacity!Igenix IG9805 Portable Dehumidifier 740 W - 50 L, White home dehumidifiers byemould review best buy

6. Igenix IG9805 Portable Dehumidifier 

If you are affected by flooding then the building needs to be dried out completely in 48-72 hours before mould has a chance to grow.

The quickest way of removing deeply embedded moisture is to use a dehumidifier and the Igenix IG9805 will do a very thorough job of pulling moisture from the framing in walls or from wooden floors etc.

While the unit does not have all the bells and whistles of the dehumidifiers listed above its primary purpose is to dry a building quickly. There are some cool features though and one of them is the LED display panel on which you can see the current temperature and the humidity and fan settings.

Other features include castor wheels, frost prevention and a continuous drainage facility.

If you want to dry your home or office quickly then the Igenix IG9805 could be for you.

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A Large Compressor Model From a Respected BrandTROTEC TTK 100 S Portable Dehumidifier Air Dryer 30 Litres home dehumidifiers

7. TROTEC TTK 100 S Portable Dehumidifier, Air Dryer 30 Litres/ Day

While other home dehumidifiers had more reviews we decided to pick the Trotec TTk 100 S as our final choice as we were very impressed with the smaller Trotec dehumidifiers which we have reviewed.

The Trotec TTK 100 S is an ideal dehumidifier for larger houses or small offices as it boasts a massive 30 litre extraction rate.

The unit features an adjustable hygrostat which turns off once the set humidity level has been reached. It turns on when the humidity level gets too high. This is a great energy-saving feature which will look after your running costs over the medium and longer terms.

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7 Delux Home Dehumidifiers Over £200

The above 7 deluxe home dehumidifiers represent a fine mixture of compressor and desiccant models. A wide range of extraction rates and features are also represented and you should be able to find your ideal dehumidifier in a matter of minutes.

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below.


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