Best Dehumidifier UK

If you’ve landed on this article you are probably wondering which is the best dehumidifier in the UK.

The ‘Best’, of course, has different connotations but in this article I will outline the best-selling brand of dehumidifier in the UK…..and may I add that this brand outsells the competition by a mile.

So if you are wondering which dehumidifier to buy, wonder no more, just read on!

Best Dehumidifier UK

The best-selling brand of dehumidifiers in the UK is the EcoAir brand and they substantially outsell the competition.

In particular the EcoAir ECO DD122 Desiccant Simple Dehumidifier is very popular with those purchasing dehumidifiers and it’s no wonder!

The DD122 Simple comes with great features at a very attractive price point. One such feature, and a great reason as to why EcoAir dehumidifiers are so popular, is that all EcoAir dehumidifiers are fitted with anti-bacterial filters which provide a cleaner air benefiting those with respiratory problems.

The EcoAir DD122 MK5 Desiccant Classic Dehumidifier is EcoAir’s second best seller in the UK and benefits those with respiratory problems or allergies such as hay fever better than the  EcoAir DD122 Simple due to the addition of an ioniser and silver nano technology filter.

An ioniser releases negative ions into the air which attach themselves to positive ions such as dirt and pollen. The enlarged ion then either falls to the ground ready to be hoovered up or they get sucked into the filter of the dehumidifier.

The silver nano filter traps airborne particles and kills bacteria upon contact. Therefore a double whammy of clean air is achieved between the ioniser and the silver nano filter.

The DD122 MK5 also has an auto humidity sensor allowing the unit to switch between settings automatically. This allows the user to save a lot of electricity as opposed to using a dehumidifier without this feature.

The EcoAir DD122 MK5 Dehumidifier is also the Editors Choice of all the dehumidifiers listed on this website. If you can afford it, buy it.

Other EcoAir models also sell well however the above to models are definitely the star sellers.

If you have been researching dehumidifiers and are still uncertain as to which dehumidifier you should be then choose one of the above according to your budget.

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