TROTEC TTK 50 E Dehumidifier Review

trotek ttk 50 e dehumidifier review byemouldWe are thrilled to review Trotec dehumidifiers as these dehumidifiers regularly receive great reviews. Several Trotec dehumidifiers are rated 4.8 out of 5 with around 40 reviews on Amazon. The Trotec TTK 50 E is one of those dehumidifiers.

You should know that Trotec is a German company. Therefore its dehumidifiers come with a European plug. However for ease of use in the UK the company has added in an adaptor for energy conversion.

Trotec’s TTK range is suitable for domestic application such as in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens etc. So let’s take an in-depth look at the budget TTK 50 E compressor dehumidifier.

Trotec TTK 50 E Specifications

  • Extraction rate 16L / 24H
  • Operating temperature 5°c – 35°c
  • Relative humidity range 40% – 100%
  • Max airflow volume 100m³/h
  • Electric connection 230v/50hz
  • Max power consumption 250w
  • Weight 11.1kg
  • Dimensions 540h x 240d x 320w (mm)
  • Volume 40db(A)
  • Warms air by 5°c over air temperature in room
  • Caster wheels
  • Insert handles

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Extraction Rate

The TTk 50 E is a compressor dehumidifier and extracts moisture from the air at a rate of 16 litres per day.

While this seems like a very impressive number bear in mind that the stated extraction rate of compressor dehumidifiers is always much higher than that of desiccant dehumidifiers.

So if you make a direct comparison between compress and desiccant extraction rate you will come to the wrong conclusion.

The extraction rate of the Trotec TTk 50 E compressor dehumidifier would be approximately equivalent to the extraction rate of the Ecoair DD122FW Simple or the Meaco DD8L extraction rate of 7/8 litres per day.

Also you must remember that compressor dehumidifiers become more efficient at higher temperatures (above approx 20°C and up to 35°C ) while desiccant dehumidifiers become more efficient at lower temperatures ( below approx 20°C down to 1°C ).

Water Tank and Filter trotec ttk 50 e filter review dehumidifier byemould mould damp condensation

The water tank is a massive 3.5 litres which is a very large bucket for a domestic dehmuidifier. On the plus side is the fact that it will take a long time to fill up so the ‘auto shut down’ feature won’t kick in frequently.

For those that don’t know the auto shut down feature is installed in every dehumidifier and it turns the dehumidifier off when the water tank is full. The unit stops collecting to avoid accidents and spillages. If the unit turns off automatically because the water tank is full then the ‘water tank full’ light alights on the control panel.

The tank is located at the rear of the unit and features handles on the side to pull the tank out.

A great feature is the plastic ‘looking glass’ which is situated on the front of the water tank so that the operator can easily see the water level in order to empty it before the unit turns of automatically as discussed above.

The filter is a standard dust filter.

Continuous Drainage Facility

The Trotec TTK 50e comes with a continuous drainage facility so that the unit can be placed in isolated locations such as boats, caravans, sheds, garages and holiday homes etc.

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trotec ttk 50 e control panel review byemould damp mould condensation dehumidifierThe TTK 50 E Control Panel

The TTk 50 E control panel is located on top of the unit for easy access.

The main feature is a rotary style humidistat however looking at the control panel from left to right we see:

Operation Indicator Light

As the name implies this green light simply lights up when the TTk 50 E is running.

Water Tank Full Light

When the water tank is full the dehumidifier will stop operating so that no more water will be collected in case of spillage. If this occurs the water tank light will light up on the Trotec TTK 50 E control panel.

Defrost Indicator Light

Compressor dehumidifiers like the Trotec range work best in warmer temperatures. The company mentions that this unit will work in temperatures down to 5°C however what happens a lot at lower temperatures is that the water vapours will be very cold and this causes the dehumidifier rods to ‘freeze’.

When this occurs the dehumidifier stops dehumidifiying and toggles into defrost mode. Once the rods have been ‘defrosted’ the unit will continue to work as normal.

Rotary Switch

There are 3 settings labelled on the rotary switch but it is important to know that you can also set the switch to operate in between these settings.

The 3 settings are:

  • Off
  • Normal
  • Max

Normal Setting

In normal setting the dehumidifier works down to a pre-programmed humidity setting and the unit turns on or off depending if the room humidity level goes over or below the pre-programmed setting.

Max Setting

In max setting the dehumidifier operates at full power regardless of the humidity level until it is stopped by the operator.

Final Thoughts trotec ttk 50 e water tank review byemould mould damp condensation

If you are looking for a budget dehumidifier than the Trotec TTK 50 E is a very good model that will suit your needs.

There are no fancy features available but at this price you don’t expect to find such features. We know all about the German obsession with quality and that quality is certainly found in Trotec dehumidifiers.


The TTk 50 E rates 4.8 / 5 from around 40 reviews on Amazon which is a testament to the quality of the unit. At ByeMould we always like to hear what verified buyers of the TTk 50 E have to say.

  • “Woke up and windows were dry -normally wet with condensation. Not noisy and cheap enough to run”
  • “Great. Since I ve got it the mould disappeared!”
  • “The TROTEC dehumidifier if VERY efficient”
  • “This product is brilliant. Smart looking, portable & an ideal size”
  • “It was described as adequate for a small house”
  • “I wouldn’t go for anything smaller than this if you want the job done properly”
  • “it is running quiet, quietly, for maybe 8-10hrs a day gets 2 and half pints a day from bedroom”

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Trotec TTK 50 E Video

Here is a quick feature summary video of the Trotec TTK 50 E Compressor Dehumidifier:

Unfortunately the following video is not in English but we are sure that you won’t mind watching it anyway. 🙂

The video shows all the features of the Trotec TTk 50 E nd is only around 2 minutes long.

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