Toyotomi TDZ110 Portable Dehumidifer 12.5 Litre Review

Toyotomi TDZ110 desiccant dehumidifier review byemould uk ireland wales scotland Having previously been impressed with other Toyotomi dehumidifiers we are happy to be reviewing the Toyotomi TDZ110 Portable Dehumidifier.

At first glance the Toyotomi TDZ110 seems to be the big brother to the excellent TDZ80 model which is favourably reviewed on ByeMould. At time of writing there seems to be a discrepancy on Amazon which in the header states that the extraction rate of the Toyotomi TDZ110 is 12.5 litres while in the description it states an extraction rate of 9 litres. This confusion will be cleared up in detail below but lets look at the features of the Toyotomi TDZ110 first.

Features of the Toyotomi TDZ110

  • 11 litre extraction
  • 3.8 litre water tank
  • Continuous drainage option
  • Auto swing louvre
  • Energy saving technology
  • Laundry mode
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Timer
  • Anti-Bacterial Filter
  • 2 year warranty
  • Measures 21.7 x 52.8 x 46.2cm
  • Weight 8.2kg
  • Desiccant model
  • Carry handle

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Extraction Rate and Water Tank Toyotomi TDZ110 water tank continuous drainage facilty option boat shed caravan

As stated in the introduction there are 2 different extraction rates mentioned for the Toyotomi TDZ110. Neither of these extraction rates are the same as the rate mentioned in the instruction manual!

The instruction manual extraction rate is listed at 11 litres while Amazon’s stated extraction rate is 12.5 litres. This variance is due to the fact that the 12.5 litre figure is the maximum extraction rate for the unit while the tested extraction rate at a temperature of 27°C and 60% relative humidity.

An interesting fact is that dehumidifier extraction rates vary between brands. For example brand A may extract at 7.8 litres per day while brand B may extract at 8.2 litres. While brand B seems more efficient for marketing purposed both dehumidifiers will be marketed as having an 8 litre extraction rates.

Ecor Pro, the distributor for Toyotomi dehumidifiers, say that Toyotomi dehumidifiers extract at a higher rate than their stated extraction rate.

At an extraction rate of 11 litres the Toyotomi TDZ110 is a very large dehumidifier suitable for very big houses and small offices etc.

You should also know that the TDZ110 is a desiccant dehumidifier so the actual extraction rate should be close to the stated 11 litre extraction rate (all depending on environmental conditions of course). This is especially true as Toyotomi dehumidifiers are tested at UK temperatures.

If you use a compressor type dehumidifier you will probably find that the actual extraction rate is far lower than the stated extraction rate. This is because compressor dehumidifiers increase in efficiency as the temperature increases. For this reason compressor dehumidifiers are often tested in a temperature of 30°C and a humidity level of 80% (we could only dream of this sort of weather in the UK!!).

Water Tank

Matching the very large 11 litres per day extraction rate, Toyotomi have fitted the TDZ110 with a very large 3.8 litre water tank. This is a very large tank for ordinary domestic work but it is certainly suitable for big houses and offices etc.

As is standard for all dehumidifiers the unit will stop operating, and a warning light will alert the user, once the water tank is full. This is to stop spillage and other accidents. Once the water tank is emptied the dehumidifier will operate once again.

Continuous Drainage Option

The Toyotomi TDZ110 features a continuous drainage option. What this means is that you can attach a hose (supplied) to the rear of the dehumidifier which will by-pass the water tank and empty water into a sink or drain.

Continuous drainage is a handy feature if you want to use the dehumidifier in isolated or less often visited places such as garages, sheds, caravans and boats etc.

A handy tip is that if you need a longer hose than the one supplied then you can easily use a length of UK garden hose appropriate to the length you need.

The continuous drainage facility is gravity led so you must place the dehumidifier above the drain so that the water flows down.

Toyotomi TDZ110 byemould dehumidifier review uk ireland condensation windows conservatoryToyotomi TDZ110 Filter

As with the TDZ80 the Toyotomi TDZ110 features a silver nano anti-bacterial filter which kills bacteria upon impact. We much prefer an anti-bacterial filter to a standard dust filter as the result is a much healthier air.

We would love to see an ioniser on the TDZ110 to complement the anti-bacterial filter.

A great tip is that anti-bacterial filter should not be washed when being cleaned as washing these filters will get rid of the germicidal effect. The best way to clean anti-bacterial filters is by giving them a light vacuum.

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Control Panel

The Toyotomi TDZ110 control panel is the same as the TDZ80 control panel and features nice soft touch buttons. The control panel is laid out in two columns with the main controls on the left and the indicator lights on the right. Reading from top to bottom we see the following functions:

Timer: enables the timer to be set for 2, 4 or 8 hour periods.

Adjustable Louvre: The louvre can be set at 50°, 100° or 150° angles. Therefore warm air flow can be set to flow to a fairly specific point such as a stubborn damp patch on a wall or a broader area such as the laundry on a horse rack.

Laundry Mode: As you can guess by the name laundry mode can be used for drying laundry inside in a safe manner. Drying laundry indoors can lead to a variety of health problems so if you do want to dry washing indoors then a dehumidifier with a laundry mode function is highly recommended.

The Toyotomi TDZ110 has two laundry mode settings:

  1. Turbo Mode sets the unit to operate on full power and provides the best setting for drying washing indoors.
  2. Dry Mode is useful for drying a light laundry load.

Auto Dry Mode: is used to bring the humidity down to certain levels. There are three settings:

  1. Auto Mode keeps the room at a very healthy 45%-50% relative humidity range and is the setting that you will probably always use
  2. High mode keeps the humidity level at around 35%-40%
  3. Low Mode keeps the air fairly wet

Power: This is the power button that turn the unit ‘on’ and ‘off’.

Energy Saving Technology tdz80 toyotomi dehumidifier byemould review uk damp

As with certain EcoAir and Meaco dehumidifiers the Toyotomi TDZ110 features energy-saving technology which could benefit your energy consumption by up to 40% (according to Toyotomi distributor EcorPro).

Each company has a different name for its technology. Ecoair calls theirs E7 Technology, Meaco calls theirs Control Logic and Toyotomi calls theirs Fuzzy Control Logic or ‘SEA’ technology. They all operate the same way which is through the use of algorithms.

While you can easily see how energy savings are made (by the dehumidifier automatically changing its setting when it detects changes in the relative humidity) it is harder to quantify the exact savings this technology will provide due to all the variables involved.

Power Consumption

The Toyotomi TDZ110 is a large dehumidifier as evidenced by its large extraction rate of 11 litres per day as well as by its massive 3.8 litre water bucket. Consequently power consumption at the low-end is 400 watts and 740 watts at the high-end.


Operating volume varies according to which setting is used but the maximum volume output is around 46 db(A). As mentioned in this review higher up the main setting is your auto mode which dries the room to 45%-50% humidity therefore your operating volume should be well under 46 db(A).

toyotomi tdz110 2 year warranty guarantee byemouldThe Toyotomi Warranty

Toyotomi dehumidifiers come with a standard 2 year warranty. Exact details are laid out at the rear of the instruction manual.

Who This Is For

The Toyotomi TDZ110 is very suitable for larger 4/5 bedroom houses or smaller offices.

If you are looking for a smaller dehumidifier check out the Toyotomi TDZ80 which is the TDZ110’s smaller brother.

Final Thoughts

As with our previous Toyotomi dehumidifier reviews we really like the Toyotomi TDZ110. There are many features that we like including the laundry mode and Fuzzy Control Logic.

The price of the Toyotomi TDZ110 often varies (click here for the latest price on Amazon) but at the full recommended retail price it would be great if we could see a LED display panel as well as an ioniser to complement the anti-bacterial filter.

These are only small negatives though and we would certainly recommend the Toyotomi TDZ110 for use in a large house or office.


Toyotomi is a relatively new brand in the UK (it is popular in Japan however) and we are sure that the brand will increase in acceptance as time goes on as the dehumidifiers are of a very high quality.

As such there are only 2 reviews for the TDZ110 on Amazon and 5 reviews for the TDZ80All reviews for the TDZ80 are 5 / 5 while the TDZ110 is rated 4 / 5. This lower rating is due to one reviewer giving a 3 / 5 rating due to the smell which a desiccant dehumidifier makes.

Just so that you know; all desiccant dehumidifiers will release a slight burning smell when you first use them. This is because impurities in the air, such as perfumes etc, get processed by the dehumidifier. Once the impurities are gone the burning smell will cease to exist.

Despite the smell the reviewer still thinks the TDZ110 is effective:

  • “it is undoubtedly a very effective dehumidifier”

The other reviewer was very happy with the TDZ110:

  • “I recommend it 100% since it has cured my dry cough”

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Did you find this Toyotomi dehumidifier review beneficial? If you have any questions please ask in the comments below.

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