PureMate PM 412 Portable 12 Litre Dehumidifier Review

PureMate PM 412 dehumidifier review byemould best compressor dehumidifier uk 2016 2017 portable caravan boat garageWe were very impressed with the PureMate PM420 dehumidifier and were keen to check out the PureMate PM 412 dehumidifier and again we are not disappointed.

The PM 412 is basically a smaller brother of the PM420 and as such it includes loads of great features.

Therefore we will start this review with a list of the features of the PureMate PM 412 dehumidifier.

PureMate PM 412 Features and Specifications

  • Power Supply AC 220-240V 50Hz
  • Moisture Removal 12L/24h (under test condition 30oC, 80%)
  • 6L/24h (under test condition 27oC, 60%)
  • Air Flow (nominal) 105 m3/h
  • Noise Level on Low/High 43dB/46dB (+/-2dB)
  • Negative Ion Output ≥3 ×106/cm3
  • Coverage Area Up to 18 m2 (194 ft2)
  • Water Tank Volume 1.5L
  • Continuous Drainage Option
  • Removable Caster Wheels
  • Fan Speeds Low, High, Dry
  • Timer Selection 1-24 hours
  • Power Consumption 245W/1.06A
  • Net Dimensions (L x W x H) 2760x 170 x 490(mm)
  • Gross Dimensions (L x W x H) 320 x 230 x 522(mm)
  • Net/Gross Weight 10kg (22 lbs.) /11Kg(24.3 lbs.)

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PM 412 Extraction Rate PureMate PM 412 dehumidifier review byemould mould mold condensation humidity

First of all you should realise that the PureMate PM 412 dehumidifier is a compressor model and therefore actual extraction will be well less than the stated 12 litres. The typical test climate for compressor dehumidifiers is a temperature of 30°C and a relative humidity level of 80%. It is this test climate that resulted in the 12 litre extraction rate. Obviously we’d all be delighted if we were to receive this climate in the UK!

PureMate have been kind though as they also tested the PureMate PM 412 at a temperature of 27° and a relative humidity level of 60%. Though this climate is not quite in-line with the UK winter climate, which is when dehumidifiers are most commonly used, it certainly is an improvement over the previous test climate.

It’s interesting to note that the extraction rate falls from 12 litres to 6 litres between the two test temperatures. This is common for all compressor dehumidifiers as they work more effectively in warmer temperatures.

A loose rule of thumb is that a desiccant dehumidifier’s extracton rate is roughly equivalent to half the extraction rate of  compressor dehumidifier. In the case of the PureMate PM 412 it’s 12 litre extraction rate is roughly the same as a desiccant dehumidifier with a stated 6 litre extraction rate.

This is why you will see compressor dehumidifiers with far higher stated extraction rates than desiccant dehumidifiers.

Another loose rule of thumb is to use a desiccant dehumidifier if the average temperature is less than 20°C and a compressor dehumidifier if the average temperature that the dehumidifier will be used in is more than 20°C.

Remember that these are just ‘loose rules of thumb’ and extraction rates vary by climate, environment, property construction and dehumidifier brand etc.

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PureMate PM 412 dehumidifier byemould water tank active carbon filter hay fever asthma respiratory problems breathing difficulty clean air relaxation VOC chemicals cigarette smokeFilter and Water Tank

Like the PM420 the PureMate PM412 has an excellent filtration system which is composed of two parts. First the air has to pass through a pre-filter before it passes through an active carbon filter.

An active carbon filtration system uses a bed of activated carbon to remove impurities such as VOC’s (cigarette smoke, exhaust smoke, perfumes, chemicals etc) via chemical absorption. Such a filtration system is perfect for people who have a weak respiratory system including those with hay fever, asthma and other airborne allergies.

The pre-filter and carbon filters are complemented perfectly by the ioniser. Sometimes people who suffer from airborne allergies find it difficult to breathe due to an excess amount of positive ions in the air. An ioniser releases negative ions into the air and these ions pull down the positive ions. The result is less positive ions in the air which enables easier breathing.

The filter is located on the rear of the unit and is easy to remove and insert for cleaning.

Water Tank

The water tank is a nice 1.5 litres in size and complements the stated 12 litre extraction rate well.

The tank is situated on the bottom rear of the unit and slides in and out smoothly. You can grip the water tank easily by the inserted grip provided and at 1.5 litres the tank is not too heavy when it is full.

As with all dehumidifiers the unit stops operating once the water tank is full and won’t operate again until the water tank has been emptied and is reinserted correctly.

Continuous Drainage Option

The PureMate PM 412 also provides a continuous drainage option which allows you to use this dehumidifier in less visited places such as garages, sheds, boats and caravans etc.

You simply connect the a hose to the rear of the unit and place the dehumidifier above a drain or sink and gravity will pull any collected water down through the hose and into the drain.

Top Tip: If you need a longer hose than the supplied hose you could try a length of UK garden hose.

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Control Panel PureMate PM 412 dehumidifier byemould control panel laundry mode fan speed ioniser water tank full timer humidity setting

The PureMate PM 412 control panel is neatly laid out and features nice soft touch buttons. If you have used a dehumidifier before you will instantly know what all the controls are for but if you are new to dehumidifiers here is a brief summary of the control panel.

LED Display Screen: Since we are dehumidifier nerds we love to see a LED display screen on dehumidifiers as these screens make it super easy to see the current temperature and humidity level. After all you don’t want to spend money on a dehumidifier and then have to buy a separate moisture detector as well.

Fan Setting: There are two fan settings and these are low and high. Simply press the button to set to the appropriate setting.

Timer: Most timers on dehumidifiers range up to 8 hours. Puremate however has gone one better (or should that be three times better?) and set a range on its timer for up to 24 hours. This is great if you want to use the PM 412 on boats or in caravans etc.

Ioniser: The function of the ioniser is described above in the ‘filter’ section. Simply press this button to turn the ioniser ‘on’ or ‘off’.

Humidity Range: Use this feature to set the desired humidity level from a range of between 40% – 80%.

Laundry Mode: Laundry mode sets the dehumidifier to run continuously on maximum power and as the name implies this setting is very useful for drying washing indoors. There are actual two laundry mode options:

  1. Turbo mode: Sets the dehumidifier to run continuously on maximum power
  2. Dry Mode: Sets the dehumidifier to run continuously on slightly less power and is suitable for drying smaller amounts of washing

Power Button: As the name implies this button simply turns the dehumidifier ‘on’ or ‘off’.

Full indicator: Once the water tank is full the full indicator light will come on to alert you that the water tank needs to be changed. The dehumidifier will stop working until the water tank has been emptied and reinserted correctly.

Note: The water tank must be reinserted correctly for the unit to work. We have read some negative reviews that say the unit won’t work because the warning light is on. Our bet is that the warning light is on due to an incorrectly inserted water container.

PureMate PM 412 dehumidifier byemould review operating volume power consumption warranty reviewsOperating Volume

The PureMate PM 412 has a stated operating volume of between 43 db(A) and 46 db(A). This volume level is perfectly in-line for compressor dehumidifiers. Due to their compressor parts compressor dehumidifiers are a touch louder than desiccant dehumidifiers.

The operating volume of a dehumidifier is entirely subjective of course as some people state that they can sleep with the dehumidifier operating while other people say that they can’t sleep with the unit on.

Our advice is to look at the available features compared to the price and on this basis the PureMate PM 412 scores really well.

Power Consumption

Power consumption for the PureMate PM 412 is stated at 245 watts. This makes the unit very energy-efficient.


PureMate products come with a standard 2 year manufacturers warranty.

Box Contains

1 x PureMate 12 Litre Dehumidifier
1 x English User Manual

Final Thoughts

We are very impressed with the PureMate PM 412 dehumidifier. The filtration system is one of the best you can get plus features such as laundry mode, the 24 hour timer and the ioniser make the PM412 a must have dehumidifier.

The only addition that we would like to see to this unit is an adjustable louvre with which you can direct airflow better. However this is only knitpicking and we think that the unit should rate 5/5 stars.

Being the fine piece of kit it is the PureMate PM412 could be beyond some people’s budget but you could always wait for it to come on sale. Amazon often has sales so it’s worth keeping an eye out there.


We were surprised to see that the PureMate PM 412 rates at 4.5/5 stars on Amazon as we were expecting a rating of around 4.7 or 4.8. However after reading some reviews we see that some users had not inserted the water tank correctly and so they though that their unit was faulty. 4.5/5 is still a very high rating so you can expect to receive a quality machine.

Here is what purchasers on Amazon are saying:

  • “not a drop of condensation on the window in the morning”
  • ” In my smaller room it brings the humidity level down from 55% to 40% in like an hour”
  • “Important to mention is the low noise level”
  • “I do like this product as it ionises the air and displays the humidity”
  • “Wow! I love this it really does what it claims to do”
  • “my son’s asthma symptoms have all but disapeared”
  • “Excellent, exceeded expectation”

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