Homedics Professional Hepa Oscillating Tower Air Purifier Review

homedics oscillating tower air purifier review byemould pollen bacteria dust mites pet danderIf you are looking for an excellent brand name to provide you with clean air for relaxation and health benefits then Homedics ticks the box. This Homedics oscillating tower air purifier is a quality product which can transform your poor quality air into filtered breaths of delight (well healthier air anyway!).

The benefits of this  Homedics air purifier are many and include lower stress and anxiety levels, reduced allergy symptoms from airborne allergens, greater relaxation for peace of mind while practising yoga, meditation or just while having a cup of tea.

The Homedics air purifier contains several cool features so let’s have a closer look.

Homedics Hepa Oscillating Tower Air Purifier Features and Specs

  • UV-C Light
  • Remote Control
  • Cleanable Hepa Filter and Pre-Filter
  • Timer (up to 12 hours)
  • Power 60w
  • Voltage 220-240v
  • Noise <60 decibels
  • Room Size Cleaned: 85m² p/h
  • Airflow Rate: 210m³ p/h
  • Weight 5.67kg
  • Height 71.12cm


Pre-Filter And HEPA Filter

The pre-filter helps the main HEPA filter by catching particles larger than 20 microns in size (0.002mm). This leaves the HEPA filter clear to catch 99.7% of particles 0.3 microns large as true HEPA filters must do.

The filter are washable.

Control Panelhomedics oscillating tower air purifier byemould review appliances home kitchen bedroom

The control panel is situated on top of this Homedics air purifier. The soft touch control buttons are formed in a nice circular shape that makes negotiating the control panel very easy.

‘On’/’Off’ Button

The ‘On’/Off’ button is located at the bottom of the control panel. Upon turning the air purifier on the unit will start to operate in its low setting. Press the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ button (at 8 o’clock on the control panel) to change the fan speed.

UV-C Bulb

To the right of the ‘On’/’Off’ button is the UV-C Bulb control.  The UV-C light kills bacteria, germs and viruses. Simply press the UV-C button once to turn the light on and again to turn the light off.

The UV-C light ensures that the air is cleaner and healthier than air purifiers without a UV-C light or ioniser.


The Homedics air purifier contains a 4 setting auto timer with 2, 4, 8 and 12 hour settings.

Electronic Filter Reset

This Homedics tower air purifier comes with an electronic filter reset as well as UVC reset. If any of the two items need attention then the control panel will tell you.

3 Speed Settings

The Homedics oscillating tower air purifier features 3 air cleaning speed settings which is typical of the appliance. The settings are low, medium and high.


CADR Figures

CADR figures are a basic way of comparing different air purifiers. Those with the higher figures are regarded as being better. Note that not all air purifiers have been awarded CADR figures.

CADR rating air purifier byemould reviews mould pollen bacteria dust








The Homedics Oscillating Tower Air Purifier CADR figures are:

  • Smoke 122
  • Pollen 172
  • Dust 155

The pollen rating is quite high so if you suffer from hay fever or other allergies such as rhinitis the Homedics Tower Air Purifier may well be worth buying.

UVC Light

Top of the range air purifiers would normally contain an ioniser, which helps to eliminate positive ions in the air making breathing easier, or a multi-stage filtration system which may feature UVC elements which kill additional bacteria, germs and viruses.

Homedics have ditched the ioniser and have installed a UVC light as a seperate component from the filter.

The light may be controlled from the control panel on the actual air purifier or from the remote control.

The benefit of using a UVC light over an ioniser is that no ozone is produced.

Remote Controlhomedics air purifier byemould remote control hepa filter review

The remote control is such a handy feature which allows you to change the air purifiers setting either from your bed or sofa without having to get up!

The Homedics remote control is laid out logically and you won’t even have to consult the manual to understand how it works.

The controls are clearly laid out and from top to bottom they are:

  • Power
  • Timer
  • Fan Speed
  • Oscillation
  • UV-C Light

One CR2025 3V battery is included with the Homedics remote control.



The typical guarantee or warranty in the air purifier sector is 2 years however Homedics must be proud of the quality of their air purifiers as they have given this oscillating tower air purifier a guarantee of 3 years!

Box Contains

  • 1 x HoMedics HEPA Tower Air purfier 85m²
  • Remote control
  • Instructions for Use
  • 3 year guarantee


Several reviewers have noted that if you place the air purifier facing directly towards you the air actually gets pushed out of the sides of the units. This is just how the blowers have been positioned and does not mean your unit is faulty. You can simply use the oscillating feature to keep the air moving around. you could also slightly angle the tower air purifier as well.

You can also use this air purifier as a fan but it would obviously be weaker than using a direct fan.

homedics oscillating tower air purifier review byemould uvc light HEPA filter mould dust danderFinal Thoughts

We like this Homedics Oscillating Tower Air Purifier as it has some cool features.

Due to the high CADR figure for pollen we feel that this air purifier is suitable for those suffering from airborne allergies rather than those who life near busy roads and are trying to keep exhaust gases down etc.

With the 3 year guarantee you can purchase the Homedics air purifier with confidence.


Don’t just take our word for it though. Here is what purchasers of the Homedics Oscillating Tower Air Purifier are saying:

  • “My husband can now sleep without having to wake up to use his reliever inhaler”
  • “Allergy & asthma under control and the need to take anti histamines every day has gone!”
  • “I’m over the moon with this. The tower unit is solid and well made. The controls are easy to understand”
  • “This does a very good job of keeping the air in my living room feeling fresh and pure”
  • “This works really well. Saw the difference the first night that it was used”
  • “Cant recommend it highly enough, saved me an awful amount of pain and misery”
  • “After using it only for a few hours during the night my kids cough is gone”




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