Meaco Airvax 33X2 Air Purifier Review

Meaco Airvax 33X2 air purifier review

The beautiful Airvax 33X2 Air Purifier

Ideal For Hay Fever Sufferers!

In our opinion Meaco sets a very high standard when it comes to dehumidifiers and air purifiers. If you have read our review of the excellent Meaco DD8L desiccant dehumidifier, which I personally own, then you know that you can only expect satisfaction when you purchase a Meaco product.

Meaco has also branched out into air purifiers and with the Meaco Airvax 33X2 Air Purifier Meaco are onto another winner. The Airvax 33X2 comes in either black or white colours.

Air purifiers are ideal for those who suffer from allergies and as asthma as well as those who want to get rid of second hand cigarette and tobacco smoke.

Meaco Airvax 33×2 Air Purifier Features

  • SEFF Filter
  • Remote Control
  • For Rooms Up To 25m²
  • Easy Operation
  • Filter Lasts 3 Years
  • Available in Black or White
  • No CFCs
  • Very Quiet Operation

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Best Filter

The best filter for air purifiers is a HEPA filter which catches really small particles such as dust, dirt, pollen, fungi and mould spores. These particles are typically 2-3 microns in size.

However Meaco has gone one better and installed an internationally patented Airvax Static Electricity Film Filter (SEFF) which can remove particles smaller than 2.5 microns, and down to 1 micron, in size. HEPA filters can typically only remove particles around 2 microns in size.

Armed with the SEFF the Airvax 33X2 can remove virus, carbon monoxide, odours, car exhaust fumes, allergens and even MRSA the hospital superbug! In fact the list of items that the SEFF can capture is much longer and as such makes the Airvax 33X2 a great purchase at this price range.

Note that the SEFF can remove both particles and chemicals from the air. Usually air purifiers have different stages of filtration such as 3 stage, 5 stage or 7 stage filteration. The SEFF is so good that it does the job of these different filtration stages with just the one filter.

The problem with most purifiers is that when they capture particles such as mould spores or dust they can’t hold onto to them if the filter is even a little dirty. The SEFF has shown in independent testing that it holds onto all particles and chemicals that it takes in.

The Airvax features a viewfinder through which the user can see when the filter needs to be cleaned. A simple light hoover cleans the filter most effectively. Users will be delighted that the filter will last around 3 years with regular cleaning. Replacement filters can easily be bought on Amazon.

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The Airvax 33X2 can cover rooms up to 25 square meters. For best efficiency  the doors and windows of the room should be closed to avoid different air from entering the room and the Airvax should be placed at around waist high on a locker or table etc.


The Airvax 33X2 is very easy to operate.

By pressing the button on the air purifier once the Airvax goes into normal mode which places the fan on a medium speed.

Press the button twice to go into high mode which places the fan into a high speed (surprise, surprise).

Press the button three times and the Airvax 33X2 goes into silent mode with the fan running at a low speed.

Press the button four times and the Airvax gets turned off.

Operation is also possible via the remote control unit which is also included when you purchase the Airvax 33X2.

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Ozone Friendly

Unlike compressor dehumidifiers the Airvax 33X2 does not produce any chloroflouridecarbons (CFC) so is environmentally safe. At its most basic level air purfiers are a fan which draws the air through a filter.


The Airvax 33X2 Air Purifier comes with a standard one year warranty.


Managing Director of Meaco, Chris Michael explains just how good the Airvax 33X2 Air Purifier is. Chris’ daughter suffers from hay fever and couldn’t sleep until she tried the Airvax 33X2 (fast forward to 3:45 for the story of Chris’ daughter).


Here are what verified purchasers of the Airvax 33×2 are saying on Amazon:

  • ” it really works”
  • “I can actually breath through my nose for the first time in weeks”
  • “the asthmatics in the house seem to be doing much better”


Airvax 33X2 air purifier review

Meaco Airvax 33×2 Air Purifier Video

Also feel free to share our own Meaco Airvax 33×2 air purifier video with those who you think may be interested. The video basically summarises the above air purifier review.