Honeywell HHV180E Pro Series Power Fan 135 W Review

honeywell hhv180e pro floor fan review byemould
As we’ve mentioned many times on ByeMould Honeywell is one of the, if not THE, best fan brand around. The Honeywell HHV180E Pro Series Power Fan is a prime example of a Honeywell fan with almost all of the ratings on Amazon being 4/5 or 5/5.

Honeywell fans not only look great but the are robustly constructed and as a result of this many Honeywell units carry longer warranty periods than their competitors. This does depend on the model though so be sure to check out the warranty conditions before purchasing any appliance.

Honeywell is an American multinational with facilities in Bracknell, Berkshire so after sales support and service is not a problem. Now let’s look at a very serious piece of kit the Honeywell HHV180E Pro Power Fan.


  • Large and sturdy
  • Excellent brand and quality
  • Heavy (difficult to knock over)
  • 3 fan settings
  • Not loud in lower settings
  • Ideal for large house, office, gym etc


  • Maybe too large for a small apartment/flat
  • A floor fan might not be suitable with toddlers around

The Honeywell HHV180E is moderately expensive however this is a quality, robust fan so you get what you pay for.

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Features Of the HoneyWell HHV180E Pro Power Fan

3 Fan Settings

The Honeywell HHV180E features 3 fan speeds which gives greater air flow control than fans with less fan settings.

The settings are low, medium and high.

90° Tilt Feature

For optimum directional airflow the HHV 180E comes with a 90° tilt feature which means that you can angle the fan to circulate air within a 90° angle. Obviously this is very handy for directing air flow if you are in a stationary position for a while or if you want to push air upstairs from the ground floor hall for example.

Note that this fan does not swing or oscillate however you can point the air flow upwards, downwards or straight ahead.

Front Mounted Control Panel

The control panel is located on the front of the HHV180E for easy access. The control panel is self-explanatory however a small manual is included in your purchase.


By all reports the HHV 180E is as quiet, if not more so, than other fans in its lowest speed setting. Volume is moderate in the second setting and fairly loud in the highest setting.

Note that the HHV 180E is more powerful than an ordinary cheaper fan so the extra noise in the top speed setting is just a reflection of the extra power.

Other Features

  • Convenient carrying handle on top back of wire cage
  • Heavy duty black nickel construction
  • Reinforced steel grille for safety
  • Comes fully assembled

Specifications Of The HoneyWell HHV180Ehoneywell hhv180e power fan review byemould

  • Measures 58.2 x 55.6 x 23 cm
  • Weight 8kg
  • 2.3m power cord

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As usual for Honeywell fans the HHV180E comes with a longer warranty term than its competitors.

In this case the HHV 180E comes with a 3 year warranty which is stated both on the box and a leaflet inside the box.

Box Contains

1 x HV-180E1 Fan
1 x Manual

Honeywell HHV180E Pro Series Power Fan Video

Here is our video for the Honeywell HHV180E Pro Series Power Fan. It’s a short video which features the basic points found in this written review.


Honeywell products are all high quality especially fans and heaters as such there are many happy purchasers of Honeywell fans and rightly so. Honeywell products perform well and live long due to their strong construction. Here are what buyers of the Honeywell HHV 180E are saying:

  • “On opening the box I found that the fan was already fully assembled”
  • “Even on the lowest setting there is an excellent airflow. It is easily angled”
  • “This is a very powerful and reasonably compact fan that certainly works well”
  • “Build quality really is on an industrial scale too – it is as solid as a rock”
  • “This is a very effective fan. It’s size and power mean that it can cool a large room with ease”
  • “stands sturdy and stable on the floor, and has a smooth mechanism to tilt it at whichever angle you need”
  • “There’s three speed settings with the maximum setting 3 achieving a ‘strong air flow of 2700 m3/h'”

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