EcoAir ECO8P 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Unit Review

Ecoair eco8p air conditioner conditioning review cool hot summerEcoAir is most famous for making the most popular dehumidifiers on the market however they also make other exceptional products including the EcoAir ECO8P 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioning Unit.

If future UK summers are anything like the summer of 2015 then it would certainly be a good idea to keep an air conditioner handy.

This is especially true for those that suffer from hay fever and rhinitis as prevention of symptoms is the first step (this can be achieved by closing the windows and running an air conditioner).

The EcoAir ECO8P contains a lot of awesome features so let’s take a look.

EcoAir ECO8P Features

  • Wireless remote control
  • Build-in timer and memory function
  • Electronic LED display
  • Auto fan mode
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Washable mesh filter
  • Sleep function
  • Self diagnosis
  • Dehumidifies and cools
  • Long outlet hose
  • Cooling capacity 8,000 BTU/hr
  • Gross weight 28kg
  • Caster Wheels for easy transport
  • Measures 85 x 35.5 x 30cm (net)
  • Power Consumption max 900w


  • Air conditioner and dehumidifier in one
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • LED display screen
  • Multi fan speeds / modes
  • Caster wheels
  • Good cooling capacity
  • Good value for money


  • Heavy at +- 25kg (but comes with caster wheels)
  • Some say it’s loud but others say it isn’t loud at all (bottom line: don’t sit next to it)

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ECO8P Control Panel 

The ECO8P control panel is made up of two rows of soft touch buttons.

On/Off Button

Starting on the bottom right we find the ‘on’/’off’ button.

Change Temp Button

Moving to the left we have two  ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons. You can press these buttons when the unit is operating in cooling mode and each press will change the set temperature by 1°c. The set temperature range is from 16°c to 30°c.

When the ECO8P is on auto, drying or fan mode these buttons are invalid.

4 Modes

The mode button is situated on the lower control panel row on the left hand side.

There are 4 modes on the ECO8P and these are:

  • Cool
  • Dry
  • Fan
  • Auto

Fan and Cool Mode

In Fan or Cool mode you can select up to 3 speeds using the remote control. The speeds are Low, Medium and High.The initial setting will be High after which you can choose the most suitable setting.

In Cool mode the EcoAir ECO8P acts like an air conditioner in that it cools the air in a room. Also in Cool mode the cooling mode indicator will light up and the temperature setting range is from 16c up to 30c (use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttins to set the required temperature).

The unit is best placed next to a window when operating in cool mode so that the warm exhaust fumes can be directed outside.

Dry Mode

In Dry mode the ECO8P acts like a dehumidifier and candecrease the humidity of a room. In Dry mode the unit operates in its Low setting. You don’t need to direct any fumes outside while the unit is operating in Dry mode.

Compressor Delay Protection

The EcoAir ECO8P features compressor delay protection which is to protect the compressor from overheating.

Upon changing between modes the compressor turns off and you will need to wait 3 minutes before the compressor starts operating again. During this time the fan will keep on running.

ecoair eco8p wireless remote control amazon byemould air conditioner cool 2016 bestWireless Remote Control

The EcoAir ECO8P wireless remote control is a pretty fancy looking gadget which features a LED display panel at the top with two columns of controls underneath the LED screen.

The controls mirror those on the actual unit but we will quickly review each control button on the wireless remote control so that you have a complete understanding of the unit before buying it.

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Working from top to bottom in the left column before moving to the right column we have:

‘On’/’Off’ Button

As you have laready deducted this turns the unit ‘on’ and ‘off’.

‘+’ Button

This button allows you to increase the temperature in Cool mode. To change the temperature faster you can hold the button down for 2 seconds and the unit will change the temperature faster. Uon release a beep will be heard and your temperature will be set in place.

The ‘+’ button is also used to set the timer.

‘-‘ Button

This button is the same as the ‘+’ button except that it allows you to decrease the temperature. For both buttons the temperature range is 16c to 30c.

Note that you can not set the temperature in Auto mode.

Fan Button

The fan button allows you to set the fan speed for the unit. You can choose from Auto, Fan 1, Fan 2 or Fan 3 (basically low to high).

Sleep Button

By pressing the sleep button you can put the unit to sleep. When you want to reactive the unit simply press the sleep button again. This is a great energy-saving feature.

Mode Button

The mode button as the name implies allows you to select the mode in which you want the unit to operate.

Swing Button

The swing button allows you to set the swing (air direction) of the unit.

Timer Button

This button is used to schedule the timer or to turn the timer off.

Wireless Remote Batteries

The wireless remote uses 2 x AAA 1.5v dry batteries.ecoair eco8p air conditioning review best uk 2016 byemould

Water Tank Full Indicator

When the water tank is full an alarm will beep 8 times, the water tank full indication light will light up, an H8 warning will show on the LED display screen and the unit will stop working.

The unit will resume working once the water has been drained away (see below).

EcoAir ECO8P Drainage

The internal coil will get rid of most of the water that may build up in the unit however excess water may build up in very humid or moist environments. For this purpose EcoAir have included a drainage hose with this unit.

The drainage hose must be installed before using the ECO8P as otherwise a blockage may occur.

The EcoAir ECO8P contains:

  • Drainage hose
  • Clamp
  • Pipe hoop
  • Rubber plug
  • Screw

Installation of Drainage Hose

The installation of the drainage hose is a very simple procedure that is detailed in the EcoAir ECO8P instruction manual. Even i you are hopeless at DIY you will find this task very easy.

Heat Exhaust Hose

Like dehumidifiers air conditioners can build up warm air however having a machine that blows warm air into a room while also blowing cool air into a room defeats the purpose of the machine.

For this reason EcoAir have included a heat exhaust hose with the ECO8P.

The following parts are included:

  • Exhaust adapter
  • Flexible exhaust hose
  • Window exhaust adapter

Again installation of the heat exhaust hose is very simple and will only take a minute or two.

Caster Wheels

For convenient transportation from room to room this EcoAir air conditioner features caster wheels.

Caster wheels are ideal for the elderly, infirm or those with back problems especially since this unit has a net weight of 24kg and a gross weight of 28kg.

A good tip is that if you want to place the air conditioner on carpet but are afraid that the caster wheels will mark the carpet then simply put a mat or carpet off-cut underneath the unit so that the casters won’t mark the underlying carpet.


EcoAir have placed a 1 year parts only warranty on this air conditioner.


As is usual for EcoAir products the ECO8P rates well on Amazon with an average rating of 4.3 / 5 from around 50 reviews. Here is what verified purchasers are saying

  • “I much prefer this as it is smaller and you can push the air vents up and down to direct the cold air”
  • “Easy and fast setup, took about 30 minutes to kill of the oppressive heat in our bedroom”
  • “We mare really very pleased. For the money circa £290/£300 it is in our opinion good value”
  • “Would highly recommend it”
  • “brilliant portable air conditioner. Cools down the whole office quickly and is not noisy”
  • “A great product and a very efficient”
  • “Happy with product. Does as it says. Nice compact size fits in small areas perfectly”

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