Ecor Pro D850E Swimming Pool Dehumidifier Review

Ecor Pro swimming pool dehumidifier d850e hotel florist commercial office warehouseBeing an avid swimmer I know just how important it is for swimming pools to create a healthy environment for members and the public.

Problems at swimming pools include unhealthy bacteria levels resulting in verucas or plantar warts, consistent damp floors, wood rot, metal corrosion, mould, musty smells and foggy windows to name a few.

The The D850E Swimming Pool Dehumidifier solves the above problems plus many more.

This review will start with a bullet point summary of the main features and specifications of the D850E. A price comparison and exteded review will follow the bullet points.

Features of the Ecor Pro D850E Dehumidifier

  • 65 Litre Capacity
  • Perfect for swimming pools
  • Four different drainage points
  • Air filter
  • Two fan speeds
  • Electronic controls
  • Solid and attractive design

Specifications of the Ecor Pro D850E Dehumidifer

  • Power Supply (Ph/V/Hz):  1-220~240V/50Hz
  • Moisture Removal: 65 L/Day
  • Noise Level: 50-52 dB(A)
  • No Tank
  • Operating Temp: 7°C to 35°C
  • Refrigerant: R407c
  • Net Dimension (W*H*D) 750 x 660 x 345mm
  • Weight (kg) 39

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Uses of the Ecor Pro D850E Dehumidifier

Apart from use in swimming pools the D850E is also suitable for other commercial applications such as office, warehouse, florist, hairdresser, funeral parlour, gym, museum, and changing room use.

In fact the D850E is suitable for all public spaces where humidity control is needed.

The D850E was originally designed 20 years ago but was redesigned by Ecor Pro engineers to modernise the unit.

Features of the D850E

  • 65 Litre Extraction
  • Rotary Compressor
  • Metal Epoxy Coated Cabinet
  • Gravity Drained
  • 4 Rubber Feet and/or Wall Mounted
  • Integral Humidistat
  • Easy to Clean Filters
  • Can Run Continuously (Disregarding Humidity Level)
  • Automatic Defrost Mode

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ecor pro dehumidifier filter removal pool hotel mould damp warehouse florist

Suitable For

The D850 is suitable for;

  • Swimming pools up to 50m2
  • Commercial areas up to 130m2

For wet industrial processes lower the commercial area by up to 20% and by up to 50% for very wet areas.

Reduce by up to 30% for high warehouse applications.


The D850E Swimming Pool Dehumidifier features an anti-chlorine epoxy coating to prevent hydrochloric acid damage.

The D850E is also coated on the inside for further protection and durability.

These features set the D850E apart from many of its competitors.


The unit is gravity drained  through a plastic tub. Users can drain from three points on the unit; left, right and underneath.

In case gravity drainage is impossible for your situation it is also possible to drain the D850E with an external pump.

Control PanelD850E-control-panel-dehumidifier swimming pool

As can be seen on the right the touch pad control panel is cleanly laid out.

The red button on the bottom right is the ‘on’/’off’ button.

The bottom blue button sets the humidity level. Press the button repeatedly to set the required RH which shows up in the corresponding lights at the top of the control panel.

When the dehumidifier is set to run continuously, disregarding the humidity level, the CNT light situated above, left of the LED screen lights up.

The blue button on the bottom left sets the ventilator speed. There are two settings; high and low.

The COMP button, situated above the ‘on’/’off’ button will alight when the compressor is working.

There will be a five minute time delay before the compressor starts working either when turned on automatically or from defrost mode. This is just a safe-guard against damage.

Auto Defrost Mode

The D850E Dehumidifier should only be operated in temperatures between 7°C and 35°C.

When the temperature becomes too low the refrigeration coil may become to cold to function effectively. In this case the D850E will switch into Auto Defrost Mode in order to obtain functionality of the coil.

In this mode the compressor is switches off while the ventilator continues to run.


The D850E works on gravity drainage and there are 4 drainage points on the unit.

To change the drainage point simply remove the back panel of the dehumidifier and reallocate your drainage point.

If using in cold environment it would be wise to lag the drainage pipe to prevent the water from freezing.


As with all dehumidifiers it is imperative that the filter remains clean for optimum functionality.

The filter in the Ecor Pro D850E Dehumidifier is accessible very easily.

To clean the filter simply slide the filter out from the back, rinse it with water, and slide the filter back in.


The D850E Swimming Pool dehumidifier weighs around 40kg and measures 66cm x 34.5cm x 75cm (wide, deep and height).


Having liased with Ecor Pro staff since the establishment of ByeMould we are confident that the Ecor Pro team delivers quality problems.

The D850E features radical rust and corrosion proof protection which prolongs the durability of the appliance.

The unit comes at a very attractive price point so if you are looking for a swimming pool or commercial dehumidifer then you should really consider the Ecor Pro D850E dehumidifier.

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