Toyotomi TDC100 Portable Dehumidifier 10 Litre Review

Toyotomi TDC100 compressor dehumidifier review mould damp room landing boat caravan home mobile compact bestA new brand of dehumidifier available on Amazon is the Toyotomi range. Provided by UK dehumidifier specialists Ecor Pro the Toyotomi dehumidifiers should be popular sellers due to their range of features and superb quality.

The Toyotomi TDC100 Dehumidifier is a compact home dehumidifer measuring just 38.6 x 23 x 23cm.

Therefore it is ideal for those seeking a small compact home dehumidifier.

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Extraction Rate

The Toyotomi TDC100 is a compressor unit featuring rotary compressor technology and has an extraction rate of 10 litres.

It is important to note that the 10 litre extraction rate was measured at a relative humidity of 60% and a temperature of 27°C.

Typically dehumidifier extraction rates are tested at higher levels with 80% humidity and a temperature of over 30°C being common.

The Toyotomi TDC100 Dehumidifier should therefore be compared to competitor dehumidifers with extraction rates of 12 litres.

Filter and Tank

The filter is an anti-bacterial filter which is a great feature for a dehumidifier at this price level.

The anti-splash water tank holds 2.2 litres of water. When the water tank is full the dehumidifier will sound an alarm to notify you plus the dehumidifier will stop working to ensure that there is no overflow of water onto the appliance.

Once the water has been emptied the unit will once again operate normally.

The unit also contains a water indicator so that you know how full the water tank is. This way you can empty the tank before the unit turns itself off.

Continuous Drainage Facility

The TDC100 also features a permanent drainage facility option which is ideal for caravan, boat and mobile home owners.

Simply run the dehumidifier and the collected water will drain away itself.

Control Panel

The control panel of the Toyotomi TDC100 Dehumidifier features soft touch buttons.

The ‘on’/’off’ button is located on the right of the control panel and the ‘setting’ button is located on the left of the control panel.

From the left next to the setting button are the ‘continuous’ button which allows the unit to function continuously as well as the humidity setting buttons which read 40%, 50% and 60%.

Continuing to the right we find the ‘full’ indicator light and the ‘defrost’ indicator light.

As mentioned previously the full light switches on when the water tank is full however it also alights if the water container has been inserted incorrectly.

The defrost indicator alights when the refrigeration rods in the unit become too cold. The machine warms the rods before resuming normal operation.

Overall the control panel is nicely presented and can be operated very easily.

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Suitable For

The Toyotomi TDC100 dehumidifier is suitable for single rooms, 2 bed flats, boats, caravans, mobile homes, motor homes and other smaller indoor areas where a compact dehumidifier is needed.

Other FeaturesToyotomi TDC100 Dehumidifier Compact Home Ecor Pro

  • Internal Carrying Handle Grips
  • Sits on Four Feet
  • Weighs 9kg
  • 2 Year Guarantee


  • Compact in Size
  • More Efficient than Competitor 10 Litre models
  • Continuous Drainage Option
  • Probably Lowest Price Dehumidifier to Feature an Anti-Bacterial Filter
  • Great Buy at Current Price


  • At 9kg the unit is a little heavy


Toyotomi dehumidifiers are only just available on Amazon so there are no reviews as yet.

However I have been in touch with Ecor Pro staff since the inception of ByeMould and I am convinced that Toyotomi dehumidifiers are a quality product.

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