Ecor Pro Dehumidifiers

ecor pro dehumidifier Ecor Pro designs and built some of the most common dehumidifiers      sold across Europe & the USA but you may not have heard of the brand.

Their design centre in Bishop Auckland, County Durham has a design team that has probably designed most of the units sold in the UK over the past 30 years.  High volume lines are now produced in China with own tooling in factories partnered by Ecor Pro specifically for some customers, while lower volume commercial dehumidifiers are built in the UK.  Their China office oversees production and quality standards.  Their range also includes air conditioners, fly killers & heaters.

Martin Gray, Ecor Pro’s Sales Director said, “These days you have to have a tight team to survive in this market we are just designing and building the best units we can.  The management team have been involved in primarily dehumidification for at least 20 years so we have the experience.  We sell our domestic units mostly to ODM customers (Own Branded units) while commercial units we sell under our own Brand, Ecor Pro & make for others.  However, we know that we are better placed with a portfolio of products so have partnered with JaEcor Pro Dehumidifierpanese company Toyotomi.  We are now collaborating in distributing the brand and sharing development technology.  Japanese quality techniques take us to another level as well as sharing a range that compliments both companies”

Toyotomi are the Japanese company more known for paraffin heaters sold under the Zibro brand across the world.

“Even though we have done this for some time, these are exciting times.  Paraffin heaters are nothing like 30 years ago.  They are clean and don’t smell so have a lot of applications even in the UK which have added to our portfolio and actually fit well with dehumidifiers.”   Martin went on to say. “Together with Toyotomi we have also just launched our TDZ110, the most powerful domestic desiccant dehumidifier in the market, unique to us, a maximum performance of 12.5 litres per day.”

Ecor Pro produces desiccant & compressor dehumidifiers for boats, warehouses & even swimming pools that can extract up to 46 litres for desiccants and up to 200 litres for compressor units.  Many people try to use domestic units for what really is a commercial situation which can be totally wrong.  If you are using a unit 24/7 the commercial dehumidifiers should be considered.

Ecor Pro ZD110  Ecor Pro are forward thinking.  They have realised something that may be the answer to the  whole issue of why people use dehumidifiers in the home.  In winter people close their  windows to keep the heat in and seal their houses.  Moisture is trapped inside. A home can  produce huge amounts of water internally and have the ingress of water from outside.  This  then leads to condensation, dampness & mould.  The problem is if you heat the home and  open the window, keep the house draughty or use Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) loft fans to solve humidity problems the heat is of course lost.

The other issue is introducing fresh air into the home.  Ecor Pro will launch this year the DIY loft heat pump that is over 225% efficient using dehumidifier technology.  Allowing fresh air into the home and actually put more heat energy back into the home than was used in the system from electricity and dries the air as well.  The product launching this year is the Ecor Pro LD800 perhaps the next generation of dehumidification.

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